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    This is FoxxFire, a trap fox. PurpleDrank must like him, as he likes trap foxes.

    PurpleDrank is faggot who plagues 7chan's IRC. He's been zlined about a dozen times, but he still doesn't get that he really is annoying as Hell.

    Online Names

    • PurpleDrank
    • TheFury
    • ConductorCat

    PurpleDrank likes trap foxes.

    This is allegedly PurpleDrank. While unconfirmed, note the homosexual hair and drawing skillz, yo.

    Proof of trap fox love; SEE BEYOND

    Rossyfox: Who likes trap foxes?
    PurpleDrank: i mean i know what ruby is
    PurpleDrank: also i do
    Rossyfox: You like trap foxes?
    ajt: then why are you asking
    PurpleDrank: nevermind 
    PurpleDrank: i forgot
    ajt: i weep for this channel
    Sabator left the room (quit: Quit: BAM!).
    PurpleDrank: i just remember the "lol ajt will give you 500 bux" and i came on mysel
    PurpleDrank: *self
    weev: > The site is intentionally set up to be as offensive as possible. It
    weev: > has race attack pages, pages mocking the columbine school
    weev: > shootings, people who have committed suicide (to the point of
    weev: > people calling up the deceased's parents, leaving hateful messages
    weev: > on their answering machines, then posting them on the
    weev: > site) There are pages mocking 9/11,
    weev: > the World Trade Center, the Columbine school shootings. It has
    weev: > pages accusing people of being paedophiles, homosexuals and such,
    weev: > crass comments about the Jews being responsible for 9/11.
    Rossyfox: Do you like FoxxFire, PurpleDrank?
    PurpleDrank: who?
    Rossyfox: http://www.foxxfire.com/
    PurpleDrank:  let me check that shit out
    Homicide: lol columbine, suicide, niggers, 9/11, pedos, fags
    weev: ...
    weev: Rossyfox: why are you linking us to furry porn?
    PurpleDrank: oh shit
    PurpleDrank: do not want
    Homicide: haha
    Homicide: you dumb fuck
    PurpleDrank: i thought you meant traps with fucking fox ears on or some shit
    Rossyfox: But you said you liked trap foxes :(
    PurpleDrank: fuck you rossy
    Rossyfox: :3

    Why this article exists

    PurpleDrank: why don't i have an article niggers
    PurpleDrank: why don't i have an article niggers

    Also because PurpleDrank is a grape soda-drinking nigger.

    See also

    Fur series.jpg

    PurpleDrank is part of a series on


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