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Purelily is an antisemitic white supremacist; this insane woman is apparently on a mission to get herself banned from as many communities as possible. She mainly contributes to communities, and her posts usually consist of lengthy pseudo-scholarly rants on irrelevant topics. In some of her greater fits of retard she compares her "suffering" to that of the old Jew Bible prophets, as well as Job, from the Book of Job, who lost all his Jewgolds, all his children, and was afflicted with a terrible case of boils. So basically, she thinks God is making her life miserable and testing her faith because he has nothing better to do (srsly, that's the story of Job; God made his life hell for the lulz).

She also moderates a community known as hood_of_israel in which she rants against "mongrels" and Jews to anyone who cares to hear about it. She is against all of humanity turning into big brown blobs - famous examples of which include academy award winning and ultra hot actress Halle Berry, rockstar Lenny Kravitz and Gun's N Roses Guitarist Slash. She is convinced that Jews are the spawn of Satan and that Anglo-Saxon whites are the true Israelites, among other batshit insane theories. Also, she is sad that Abraham Lincoln got elected.

Detailed Analysis

While she vehemently claims not to be a racist, she publicly admits, in fact, evangelizes endlessly, to being a member of the Christian Identity church. She also posts at the forums of the Stormfront White Nationalist Community.

"Christian Identity" is a label applied to pseudo-religious groups primarily concerned with race hatred. Most of them promote a militant white supremacist and Nazi version of Christianity. Christian Identity groups assert that the white people are God's chosen race (not Jews, as it so clearly says in the Bible) and that whites comprise the ten lost tribes of Israel.

Purelily regularly uses circular logic to argue her points. Purelily is a Christian Identity revisionist, and as with most Christian Identity revisionists, her arguments revolve around interpretations from the Bible that are looser than her twat. This system of loose interpretations allows her to encapsulate her own prejudices, conspiracy theories, and an apocalyptic view of the "Word" with religious ideology.

It should be noted, however, that it is possible to reach several other conclusions from such loose interpretations as that adopted by the Christian Identity movement- such as, for example:

Circular logic, logical fallacy and base rate fallacy are just some of the many basic logic mistakes Purelily makes in many of her "discussions".

The term "discussion" is used loosely in this case - in that any exchange Purelily is involved in is not so much a conversation between two individuals, but rather an opportunity for her to spout huge lengthy lists of babble and Scripture that, for the most part, have little or nothing to do with whatever topic is being discussed. If she was any sort of intelligent, she could use this in her favor and call it a "polemic", but she's not that smart.

The standard for her judgments are as such:

  1. Does the source support or deny my ideas
  2. If (support) then source = reliable
  3. If (deny) then source = part of the worldwide Masonic conspiracy

Any opposing point of views are considered to be under category 3, and therefore a part of the Socialist Liberal Homosexual Agenda.

Asides from constantly proving herself to be a racist (while simultaneously denying to be as such), she also believes in giants. One of her arguments for the existence of giants is that ancient artifacts such as the Stonehenge and the statues on Easter Island are "on a large scale" and were therefore built by giants. Her arguments, therefore, support the fact that American leaders of old - such as the ones depicted on Mount Rushmore - were, in fact, giants as well.

Some Classic Quotes

An artistic depiction of Purelily. Note the lifelike representation of the piggy eyes and badly streaked hair.
i'm not a racist...comprende?


haha I'm racial as is God. He created the races exactly the way He wanted them and found them to be good. We are not supposed to mix however...not even with other races much less nephilim.


i'm not the one who started the ridicule and attacks here. You on the other hand would make a good cult leader, for your talents excell in the area of prisoner of war tactics.


and i think you're an illuminati cult mind programmer and naked moon dancer.


then YHVH help your sorry soul. YOU are the murderer with YOUR murdering spirit.


i'm not a preacher but more of a teacher"


— You keep telling yourself that.

"i'm giving you facts, not boasting. I am a very humble person actually."


And i'm spiritually blessed as well with understanding of the mysteries of God. Therefore, how exactly insane can i be and have it so together? I doubt seriously that you even come close to half of this. I'm not boasting but just showing you that you are talking out of your @SS.


I am not full of pride becuase i don't consider myself better, just blessed, and i show you my success becuase you and evil and others are trying sooooo hard to ridicule, berate and revile me.


Am I a jew? Heavens no. The jews are not Abraham's seed!


— So that whole Book of Genesis, "Father of the Jews" thing, right out the window?

I am a chosen one! Chosen by YHVH to bring in the kingdom and rule and reign in the first resurrection. Sorry but you non Israelites will just have to wait for the second resurrection on Judgment Day (if you don't die the second death)."


The holocaust was a big fabrication as well. you can find articles that say the people that were gassed were christians whose names were written down as jews, who happened to be wandering around in latin america and the US shortly after the war. and if 6 million jews were killed, how come there were more jews after the war than before?


How is babby formed?

please don't call me antisemetic because i am of the House of Judah, and a true anglo-saxon white Israelite.


Liberalism is by nature agaisnt God's law.


Ann Coulter - My Heroine!



Other Random Facts About Purelily

  • She likes to keep the great American tradition by suing people for petty reasons, for example, she initiated a lawsuit against her former boyfriend regarding some of her "art work".
  • She considers any pictures of her face as "art".
  • She "created" this user icon for a fellow LJer where she speaks on behalf of Jesus and His love for the LJer:


  • She sometimes posts as Cherylite, often as a co-defender of her arguments by referring to herself in third person:


  • Yoniggs may be a 3rd sockpuppet
  • She diminishes any chance of an intelligent exchange or intellectual conversation by her mere presence in a community.
  • Has likely managed to get several members banned from LJ. Note the deleted journal of gensferraria
  • It is impossible to "win" any argument with Purelily because she claims she is always right whether or not her arguments been utterly demolished. Her main evidence is the "Word"- but only from a Christian Identity revisionist point of view.
  • According to theswede, "her fallacies are so basic it's almost painful to read her entries".
  • Despite claims of humility and modesty, this middle-aged woman has numerous pics of herself posted on her journal, which, fortunately for the rest of us, are filtered from the public eye.
  • She is almost universally mistaken for a troll.
  • Her "worst nightmare from hell" is the obviously brown poster min_baro.
  • Purelily manages this small Identity Christian forum from her compound. The forum currently has three members. All are encouraged to sign her guest book and join the message board.
  • Thanks to ED, she believes that she is (in)famous and that what is said of her on this page are lies.

Purelily Expands Her Campaign


Christians wake up. It's high time to stop the influx of illegal immigration into this country that is designed to bring the U.S. down. It's time for Jew to rise up to the calling and stop illegal immigration. If the illegals continue to bombard this country, there will be mass chaos resulting in marshall[sic] law implemented by the Zionists. WE CAN inflict that deadly wound to the Zionist one world communist system by stopping illegal immigration!

There is a rally in washingon DC this very day by some Mexican advocacy group that wants the Govt to stop rounding up illegals and give them more rights. This has to stop!!!

Get the word out to everyone you know that it's time to stop this taking over of our land. It's time to act and take back this country.

In this entry, Purelily has revealed that she does not know how to spell "martial" in the correct context, or does not wish to as the word martial is often linked to the far east, land of the non-white, yellow peoples- often in the form of "kung-fu" movies, which are popular world wide. What ever the case, her implications of "marshall law" do not make sense.

Or she's a Tekken fan with OCD.


Purelily is apparently moving forward with a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and current Lj-favicon.png lilmisother utility dick, Seth. While they are hush hush on the details they did contact Lj-favicon.png Evil_Genius for a copy of the epic 666 comment moron-a-thon. LJ has since demanded he delete said conversation or be deleted himself. Did Evil Genius have a backup of said conversation in his dramafiles??? You bet your sweet ass he did.

With any luck when the court case is over we here at ED will receive some kind of an update.

Synthetikmisery's planned exposé and public humiliation of her never came to fruition. Thanks Synthetik.... You suck as a mole.

Good News for the Happy Little Racist

Purelily and Synthetikmisery recently

Friends only.gif {{{1}}} This link is currently friends only.

Bad News for the Happy Little Racist

Thanks to the efforts of one of Assmustard's friends, purelily seems to have been banhammered from MySpace!

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