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    150px WATCH OUT!
    PunkyHusky is a very pretentious and talented artist that no one will understand!
    You can help by mocking their furry art, and then uploading over it.
    BE WARNED! Their art may make you go blind

    PunkyHusky is a furfag who joined DeviantART at least 100 years ago.He wants to smoke weed but noone will share it with him. He wants to have sex with some girl named Kelly. He thinks he is the most punk/rocker of all time! BECUZ LIEKING SHITTY GAY EMO BANDS AND DIAPERS AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU PUNK amirite?

    Typical response from PunkyHusky

    Proof of Faggotry File:Chris.png

    The Discovery Of the TARTlet

    PunkyHusky was discovered last thursday by some DeviantART named Abfc. Since then PunkyHusky' page has the source of many lulz and epic fails.Lulz were generated almost instantly. The original journal can be found here.


    One look at PunkyHusky's TARTlet page and you might start considering becoming an hero by just looking at his shitty art. If you look at his journals you'll see close resemblance to the MySpace blogs of whiny 16-year-old emos. He has a sick obsession with nappies. Roughly translated from Furfag to English nappies are some sort of diaper. His journals would take at least 100 years to figure out their meaning. PunkyHusky clearly has a diaper fetish which he professionally illustrates by drawing him raping a dog who is on the menstrual cycle.Truly amazing artwork. He gets butthurt fast so be gentle you guys!

    If you can get past the typos you can see how much he fails


    His freewebs page is even gayer than his DevianTART page. Some argue that this is impossible since the gaydar went over the limit on his devianTART page. One look at it is enough to make some asian kids go into seizures.

    As of May 2009, FuckyHusky is still posting lulzy attempts at comebacks on his page. You should go there now and laugh at him.


    i nevr sed i wos any gud but im bettr then mots peple on DA


    —PunkyHusky, http://comments.deviantart.com/4/4881126/719419818

    Another Chasethehedgehog?

    This is clearly a joke account. No one could be this retarded.


    —cg23, http://comments.deviantart.com/4/4881126/718932360

    Be a troll.

    For the love of god, please just be a troll.


    —xFR0Gx, http://comments.deviantart.com/4/4881126/718765726

    Typical response from someone who has seen PunkyHusky's DeviantART page

    Reaction To His ED Article

    encludpedia damratica is my favurit wedsit on the intremet but sum 1 has put a pag up abot me lol non of it is tru cept 4 tht thy say im talumted at the top of the pag.


    —PunkyHusky, http://punkyhusky.deviantart.com/journal/18177784/

    And that roughly translated from Furfag to English says

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is my favorite website on the internet but someone has put a page about me lol None of it is true except for that they say I'm talented at the top of the page.


    —Punky Husky, http://punkyhusky.deviantart.com/journal/18177784/

    Gay. Needs moar drama!

    i furgive encylupid drematica for having n article on about my b cause i stil like 2 read it cos it is funny n it speks the truths about everythin lol 1 day i am going to edit the pages on emos though cos its not gud enouh emos r hoirible lol my stepdad done nots like encludpedia dramartica he tinks its horible n not funny n seys any one with taste wud think so n i said i have tast n he said you like wearing nappie angie no you dont so i throw a book at him



    I forgive Encyclopedia Dramatica for having an article about me because I still like to read it, because it is funny, and because it speaks the truth about everything. Lol. One day I am going to edit the pages on emos though, because it's not good enough. Emos are horrible, lol. My stepdad does not like Encyclopedia Dramatica. He thinks it's horrible and not funny and says that anyone with taste would think so. I said "I have taste", and he said "You like wearing diapers, Angie, so no you don't", so I threw a book at him".



    Troll Controversity

    Some argue that this is nothing but a troll account. Sources indicate that this is highly unlikely since troll accounts don't last long in DeviantART. And according to his userpage he's been a member for almost a year. So it's unlikley he's a troll. Upon hearing this news you just might become an hero.


    Last thursday the account was banned, for being an obvious failtroll. Any thoughts otherwise are delusions of grandeur in thinking you have found/trolled the new snapesnogger.

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    External links

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png PunkyHusky's DA

    His Freewebs

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png His new DeviantART

    His Facebook account

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