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    Public Access

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    Public Access is the visual form of Chlamydia. Before Youtube this was the primary way for attention whores and people who suffer from USI to get noticed. In spite of the fact that this medium is obsolete there are still plenty of people who still think this is viable including hipsters, the elderly and people who are oblivious to the fact that teh interwebz exists.

    History of teh Public Access

    While public access was originally designed as a sophisticated town hall it quickly devolved in to shows with low production values hosted by lolcows that usually get bombarded with prank calls. Here is the most obvious fucking example:

    List of "Famous" Public Access Shows

    Stairway To Stardom

    Stairway To Stardom was a public access show where up-and-coming talent showed their talent in front of tens of people who watched it. The "talent" that appeared on the showed ranged from Spastic to the mentally deranged. Frank Masi loled behind all of these peoples backs as they performed.

    A couple ladies from the Special Olympics introduce this show FTW


    Fugly bitch sings "Operator"

    This lady currently gives happy endings for meth

    Best puppet show evar. Totally can't see the puppeteer's head

    ...and you too can be on Stairway To Stardom.

    Anyone could be on the show so long as you paid teh fee.

    Stairway To Stardom Youtube Page

    Gorgeous George

    The Gorgeous George Show is far less talented than Stairway Too Stardom. Featuring a beached whale that has been rotting on Richmond's shore for moar than 20 years. Don't tell that to GG though because according to him he is a multimillionaire who weighs 110 and has the voice of Barry Manilow.

    The Gorgeous George Website. According to GG it's still 2009

    Public Access Trolls

    Jesus in a Dumptruck (AKA JIAD)

    JIAD trolled several public access shows back in the early 2000's for teh lulz. Currently he does a weekly prank call show for Madhouse as well as Brad Crater on occasion for the Phone Losers of America.

    Diev' The Retarded Psychic

    JIAD who lived in the midwest noticed the most atrocious show on a two buck public access station. Diev' claimed to be a expert psychic. So JIAD challenged him by getting a bunch of friends and pranking the show constantly. Of Course Diev' failed and thus eventually lost his show as result bringing the whole tri-city area lulz.

    The Ignorant Jim Show

    Jim is the oldest living right wing living in the old west. He likes everything except those faggots. Faggots should be sent to concentration camps and feed a steady diet of Zyklon B. Jim protests a little to much because in one call he admits he knows where there is a men's truckstop bathroom that has a gloryhole.

    JIAD's Public Access Fail

    JIAD recently tried to prank some public access show in Chicago with Brad Carter to less than desirable effects. Since most public access stations these days have no sense of humor they rarely take calls and when they do they screen the hell out of it thus making success a genuine pain in the ass.

    Testing the waters

    Getting Reverse Trolled

    reversed reverse trolling

    Random JIAD Clips

    JIAD's Youtube page

    Pig Skin Junkies (AKA Primetime Pranks)

    Pigskin Junkies was a guy that trolled multiple shows on a Dallas public access show during the '90s because the people who ran the station were too stupid enough to know what Call Screeners were.

    Primetime Pranks Youtube Channel

    Random Clips

    The most talented Jew Evar

    If these ladies were anymore low energy they'd be in a coma

    This music video was the inspiration for Gay Niggers in Outer Space

    John "The Mumbler" Dekar

    All the gancha in Jamaica couldn't save these crackers from failing

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