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    Info non-talk.png
    File:Psychweasel irl.jpg
    Psychweasel IRL in all his redneck poser glory. I think it's just the camera that makes him look fat.

    Psychweasel is just your typical pretentious 18-year-old furfag attention whore who enjoys nothing more than starting shit with others in hopes that people will think he's cool and edgy. He does DRUGS because drugs make you ttly HARDXCORE. He has a fursona of a hermaphrodite opossum. He's best friends with Zeriara and kisses her ass for art constantly. He's extremely overweight and pretends he's anorexic because admires this other pretentious skinny fag and wishes nothing more to be just like him. He has a serious fetish for the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and loves drawing himself fucking other people in various bizarre ways. He also seems to have a fetish for starting drama with others and thinks everything he says is right.

    Haters wanna beat me.


    —Psychweasel trying to be cool.


    Don't hate him. He's just unloved!

    In the aftermath of this, Psychweasel ran crying under his bed and began cutting his wrists and pissing himself out of rejection. Then he did what any furry would do. He ran around on various internet communities such as Livejournal, DeviantART, and even the Mecca of all furry scum, FurAffinity, pissing and moaning about his hurt feelings. But since he was a direct rip-off of some other loser by the name of NinjaWeasel, nobody took him seriously and Psychweasel in turn decided to turn himself into a sob story and tried getting everyone to pity him. Unfortunately this didn't work due to his incessant lying.

    Psychweasel is so pathetic that he even makes alternate accounts to troll himself to see what others said about him, and if they said anything negative, he'd quickly go on his regular account and respond in the most butthurt way possible.

    You're ugly


    —Psychweasel to someone who doesn't like him

    Considering he's best friends with Zer, he tends to carry some of her disgustingly pretentious mannerisms, such as regurgitating common internet phrases such as "haters gonna hate" to appear cool. Hell, I'll bet you anything his reaction to this article is gonna involve something like "HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS" or some shit.

    Assorted Douchebaggery About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    His Fursona

    What Psychweasel does on a typical day. Wait.. is that OIL coming out of the other guy's dick?

    Psychweasel's fursona, Harley, was once an emaciated weasel, but after he realized weasels weren't cool anymore, he decided that his fursona was now a hermaphrodite opossum with spots in pointless places. Back when he was a weasel (and even now) his fursona looked like a hideously gay rip off of the Toon Patrol, which is ironic because now he claims to hate them baleeted, apparently. He frequently ran around sucking NinjaWeasels dick, trying to be his friend. He thought they would have been the best of friends since they were both weasels who liked to shoot heroin and get everyone on the internets to pat their ass. Sadly, NinjaWeasel got upset (as he does at everything else because he's a whiny bitch) and rejected him.

    Harley is a herm, and his creator claims he is on the inside as well, which is an insult to trannies everywhere. He claims he wants to save up for a sex change operation to become a hermaphrodite, what he claims he truly is. No, seriously. Unfortunately for us he's deleted the post but Harley once claimed actually wanting a FUCKING UTERUS.

    i got known as a tracer because of him (Whinge)


    —Psychweasel on his failin.gs page talking about NinjaWeasel.

    Have you noticed all his characters look exactly the fucking same?
    Gallery of Ass About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Psychweasel loves commissioning people for art of his shitty fursona Harley and various other characters that look the same. He especially enjoys it if you draw an "edgy" character fucking him in the ass or testicle/vagina hybrid. He also, in spite of having a boyfriend, does trades with other guys of his fagsona buttfucking them in the ass.

    Art for Psychweasel About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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