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    Protocols of the Elders of Zion

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    File:Protocols mexican.jpg
    Even Mexicans love the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

    At least 100 years ago, when chicks all wore frills and head to toe clothing (despite all being whores), a discovery was made that the Jews would learn to regret.

    A pamphlet emerged which basically detailed the evil Jew plan to achieve World Domination. Most of the antisemitism in the world can probably be traced back to this one document. Now, they won't teach you about it in school, and some professors will tell you that it is all a lie. HOWEVER, that is just a Jew conspiracy. It is only in the dark alleyways of the internet where you will find the REAL truth. Don't go looking it up in Wikipedia, for they've already been infiltrated by The Wikipedia Jews.

    Also, it has probably been translated into more languages than the Bible. Just saying.


    Over the years, Jews have tried to discredit this pamphlet and pass it off as made up. However, it has been proven time and time again that the Protocols are unadulterated truth. If Hitler believed it, then why shouldn't you?

    Why would it be fake? You don't need fake reasons to hate kikes. As the heroic Mel Gibson once said, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." and Mel Gibson, like Hitler, is famous. Therefore, he can't be insane.

    How to achieve world domination

    The Protocols are organized into (duh) Protocols. Each of these outline a separate prong of the Jewish world domination plan. To save you the trouble of reading them, we have summarized them here, FOR YOU!

    Protocol Theme
    1 Invent alcohol, annihilation of the privileges of the non-Jewish aristocracy.
    2, 9, 12 Undermine the established forms of order by creating communists, liberals, anarchists, furries and poor people
    4-5 tl;dr
    7 Create world wars. Yes, Hitler was a puppet of Zion
    10 Pretend to be butthurt about the holocaust so you get your own country
    11 Let women and nigras vote
    11, 12, 17 Remove civil liberties with the excuse of defeating terrorists
    13 Create the impression of the existence of freedom of press, freedom of speech, democracy and human rights by creating 4chan
    14, 17 Create camwhores to distract Anonymous
    16 Delete fucking everything, except Judaism
    20 Brainwashing
    24 Prohibition of hookers and blow, unleashing forces of violence under the mask of principles of freedom, only to have the 'King of the Jews' demolish those very forces to make him appear an hero
    25 ???????
    26 PROFIT!!
    27 Blame everything on the Nigras so whitey is safe

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