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    Protesters are known for their well-informed and logical beliefs.
    I want an hour of my life back.
    No matter how important you think your cause is, no body is going to read a damn book on a sign.

    Protests are lame riots that never get off the ground. Things to do at a protest:

    Protests are exclusively attended by the people least likely to have any fucking clue what they're talking about. For instance, a protest against the exploitation of foreign peoples will be attended exclusively by white psychology whose parents are paying for everything.

    Women go to protests because they are momentarily filled with concern about whatever bullshit non-issue is en vogue. Men go to get laid.

    How to Deal With Protesters

    Follow the lead of the Chinese government and dispense swift justice. If anyone looks mildly threatening or foreign then gang up on them and mash their simple peasant faces into the curb. After shooting them in the head a few times, check their wallet, locate their family kill their family to teach them a lesson. Also then cut off the internet for the entire country to prevent anybody finding out what you have done. If that doesn't work then simply walk into the nearest village and get viking on their ass! Rape, pillage, kill, burn everything in site (in that order). Repeat this step by moving from village to village until you run out of villages.

    Famous Protests

    The most famous protest in US history is probably Kent State. On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard staged a protest against George McGovern at Kent State University. While peacefully protesting, they were attacked by a group of foul-smelling hippies. The assailants were so unwashed that the National Guardsmen naturally assumed they were brain-eating zombies and opened fire.

    People now realize that protests are pointless. As such, protests have declined dramatically over the last generation as can be seen in these comparative photos:



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