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    Project Freeweb

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    This has nothing to do with Freewebs. I think.

    Project Freeweb is Anon's grassroots, global protest movement which aims to draw attention to and protest any government, corporation or person that would attempt to censor the Internets and/or meddle with the free flow of information it delivers through a series of tubes.

    Last Thursday, Project Freeweb launched Operation Titstorm as its opening salvo in response to ACMA (the Australian Communications and Media Authority), the Australian government's proposed state-sponsored Internet 'firewall' ostensively to protect the Ausfag public from the lulz, the INTERNET HATE MACHINE and kittens.

    On February 20th 2010, Anonymous Australia will leave their basements en masse and take to the streets of the nation's capitol to descend on Australian Parliament House to peacefully protest, picket and petition along with every other major Australian city.

    UPDATE: Protests were held by Anonymous all over Australia on Saturday, 20th Feburary 2010 in a global movement to end Internet censorship. Nobody showed up and those that did fucked off to the pub within the first hour. TAKE THAT RUDDKIPZ!!!

    About ACMA

    The government's plan is to massively filter and censor Australia's Internets tubes by blocking access to thousands of sites like 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Something Awful they deem offensive under the guise of protecting the citizenry from 'undesirable content' that 'may be harmful to the 'national interest' and 'decency standards' vis-a-vis 'societal norms'. However, behavioral science experts warn that this plan is not only a complete waste of time and tax payer money it's also unrealistic, unenforceable and dangerous: by taking away their Internets, the government will essentially be releasing 'wild animals' onto the street.

    The full blacklist of targeted sites was leaked to Wikileaks last year. It became apparent that Australia's beauracracy was full of people who spent their time scouring the globe for the most varied types of porn imaginable. The list was not well received -to say the least. Apart from some genuinely lulzy 'mistakes' (like dentists!) it included many of Anon's favourite haunts so Anons' rankles were already hackled when Australia's Communications Minister (and Git in Chief) Stephen Conroy announced that his Internet filtering efforts would now include bans on asinine crap like pictures of drawn pr0n, small breasted women and female ejaculation (this is so sexist it's surprising that Australian women's groups haven't chimed in on this!).

    The projected costs of this folly is upwards of $50 million Australian taxpayer dongs and it will slow Australia's Internets by 50%-70%. More importantly though, the Great eBarrier Reef will be a huge black eye for Australia's reputation internationally and put the country in the same corner with the likes of Iran, China and North Korea when it comes to discussing freedom of speech, censorship and net neutrality.

    The Tits Hit The Fan

    Operation Titstorm's opening salvos were in the form of denial of service tactics (note to nubs: DDoS =/=hacking) aimed at disrupting Australian government websites related to Conroy's little project in order to get the media and general publics' attention. This has been very effective tactic for Anon in the past and has once again paid off big-time for the mission, garnering hundreds of additional troops for Project Freeweb and generating an abundance of news stories in national and international media along with mostly unanimous support from citizen journalists in the blogosphere.

    With the world's ears and eyes open, Operation Titstorm's civil disobedience tactics are no longer necessary and so these web-based virtual 'sit-ins' are gradually tapering off and petering out as Anon masses ranks to move the agenda forward out from the basement and into the streets and proceed onto the next phase: Project Freeweb protests IRL which will focus on the Australian Parliament House in Canberra and other key government buildings across the country.

    To support Anonymous Down Under, Anonymous Worldwide are providing /b/lackup and logistics support for their Australian /b/rothers and /s/isters by staging small protest at Australian embassies, diplomatic missions and consuls around the world.

    This isn't just a local issue; this has dire implications for everyone since -if PM Rudd and his lackey Conroy have their way- the authorities will be sending a message to other world leaders that Big Brother policing the Internets is not only do-able on a government level, but that it's the government's job. And don't mistake this for some annoying but toothless regulatory body like the US Federal Communications Commission or Environmental Protection Agency; no, this will be as much a part of Australian's version of Homeland Security as Echelon was.

    ACMA goes way beyond its inherent threat to free speech and thought, but -like Bush's Patriot Act- it's also a major threat to any reasonable expectations of privacy.

    With China already pwning their citizens' Internets and Australia looking like it's about to head down that same slippery slope too, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine a world where the Internets as we know it today -a vibrant, evolving global community of free-thinkers -does not exist. Anon's clarion call is for all Netizens to put petty differences aside and raise up together in protest with their collective weight behind Project Freeweb and make the Internets' voice be heard:

    I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!



    Mr Rudd: Tear down this firewall!



    Project Freeweb's goal is to garner as much (hopefully) sympathetic old media publicity as possible in an attempt to get Anonymous' message across to Australia's clueless NORP masses, many of whom are in favour of Stephen Conroy's arbitrary, capricious plans to censor their Internets with his retarded Great eBarrier Reef of Australia.

    According to Project Freeweb spokesman David Mudkips, "(the public) needs to know what Conroy and co are really planning to do with this 'filter'. The government's lame attempt to sell ACMA as some sort of benevolent government-run parental control is just them playing to the genpop's basic fears of a technology the don't really understand. This latest ban on pictures of women with small breasts, drawn porn and female ejaculation is just a lame attempt at trying to sell ACMA as a preventative measure for rubbish concepts like Pedobear molestering their kids after he crawls through their computer monitors in the middle of the night and that the country is in danger from non-native degenerates who would like nothing moar than to destroy the moral fibre of a country and culture that defines 'class' and is deeply rooted in the moral high ground."

    Mudkips went on to say that Project Freeweb is all about education. "People need to read about Conroy's proposed filter and what it's really about before they embrace it as a quick fix for what is essentially a parent's responsibility: monitoring and staying on top of their precious kids' Internets use."

    For sure, the plan banning images of small breasted women, cartoon pr0n, and female ejaculation sounds fairly innocuous (despite being completely sexist) now but what's next...animals humping on The National Geographic Channel? South Park's depiction of cripples? Cockodile Dundee as a metaphor for man/croc love (the Australian Croc on Man Association)?

    First they came for small boobs, and you did not speak out—because you like them fairly big;
    Then they came for the female orgasm, and you did not speak out—mostly bitches just squirting water anyways;
    Then they came for the cartoon porn and you did not speak out... because you can't fap to that.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to twitter @me.

    Mudkips continued: "the Internets is one of the few areas left in our lives where we can be ourselves and speak freely. It's somewhere we can still have fun and a place we're mostly free to do as we please without a bunch of asinine laws dating back to the 18th century cockblocking our lulz. So it really comes as no surprise that the powers that be fear and hate the kind of unfettered personal freedom our Internets provides us with and -of course- they'd like nothing more than to tame the wild beast in order to keep us all in line and maintain the status quo.

    Look at what's been going on in Iran...it's the perfect example of how 'dangerous' the Internets can be to those in positions of power when the natives start getting restless. It doesn't matter what flavour they come in, politics/politicians are all the same when it comes to power and control and the series of tubes is a direct threat to their traditional monopoly on how/what information is disseminated.

    They can dress it up any way they want but -at the end of the day- this isn't about small titties and cartoon dongs...this is all about controlling the flow of information and that's why we have to go to war with them and fight this thinly veiled 'land grab'. And since our land is something you can't put a wall around and stick a flag in, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our Aussie /b/rethren whether we're standing under the Aussie flag at Parliament House in Canberra or the Aussie flag at the nearest embassy."

    Beyond this, Anonymous hopes to find some common ground with other ACMA opponents like the EFF affiliated Electronic Frontiers Australia and No Clean Feed to form a broad coalition with ISPs and business leaders and lobby the opposition Green and Liberal parties to deny Kevin Rudd's Labor Party the votes it needs to make ACMA mandatory.

    Breaking News

    For a full list of media from around the world to contact regarding the protests, see the Project Freeweb/Media page.

    Video Message

    <video type="vimeo" id="9543705" width="540" height="406" desc="Conroy did 9/11!" frame="true" position="center"/>

    It is Reported that Paula Benson his Cock hungry aids carrying wife, Caught Stephen (the Jew) Conroy wanking over this intimate video of 2 hungry young ladies. Its also reported that Stephen (the jew) got his wife Paula to take a Dump on his chest to which Stephen rubbed into his belly so he could then slither around like a snake

    <video type="slutload" id="wMfFtNmWz2" width="450" height="337" desc="2 Girls 1 Cup" frame="true" position="center"/>

    Message to Anon: Methods Harming the Cause?

    A video by Youtuber Blunty3000 attempts to become the Wise Beard Man of Project Freeweb by claiming that governments are reasonable and will bend when faced with common sense.


    Protest Details

    See main article at: Cool Story Bro

    Calling all Ausfag Anons!

    Join the Project Freeweb facebook group!

    You are cordially invited to join an Anonymous protest IRL, coming soon to a city near you in support of Project Freeweb.

    Although we're aiming for a fun, non-violent protest that's respectful towards the politicians and non-believers of all stripes, the kind of retarded moralfags that ruined Project Chanology by running around in EFG masks spouting memes will not be tolerated and need not apply. In fact, wearing a V mask may put you at risk of getting facefagged and mocked by your 'fellow' Anons as WEARING A FUCKING V MASK DOES NOT MAKE YOU 'COOL' OR ANON (see the Boston Fail Party). tl;dr: NO WANKERS!

    WHERE: Every major Australian city and Australian embassies, diplomatic missions and consuls around the world. A full list of Emperor Stephen Conroy's outposts can be found here on the Ausfalian government's own site and/or here if the government still can't get its act together and keep a few websites online for longer than a couple of hours a day.

    Protest Drama

    On or around February 16th, moralfags from Block The Filter attempted to hijack the planned 20th Feb Adelaide protest to use it as free labour for handing out leaflets promoting their faggot March 6th picnics, while at the same time condemning the actions of Anonymous in the meeja and on Facebook.

    The person resposible is Phil Brown, who told itnews that he had merely contacted Anon with advice on protesting IRL. Comments on his Facebook page, however, indicated another agenda.

    We are using February 20th to promote March 6th, so signs or whatever you want to bring and wander round getting people to sign the petition and hand out flyers, and most likely they will be Block-the-Filter flyers, if we get the flyer finished soon.


    Phil Brown

    The protest went ahead as planned, despite Phil Brown's attempts to divide and conquer by setting up a third Facebook event for the 20th with conflicting information. If you disapprove of Mr. Brown's attempts to criticise Anonymous while attempting to harness it's awesome power, you can let him know on 0417 036 293. He works as an usher at Wallis Cinema so you could probably get a free movie if you're nice to him.

    You can also find him on Facebook here.

    Footage of the Great Uprising


    Stay tuned to this page and irc.anonnet.org #titstorm for all breaking general news. Planning for IRL raids is being done at #projectfreeweb

    Mibbit (click if you have no IRC client): #projectfreeweb


    See printable flyers at Project Freeweb/Propaganda

    See Also

    External Links

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