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    Profane Existence

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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Self-important cunts ahead.

    Profane Existence is a laughable group of faggots trying to make anarchy and punk cool again. They are comprised of Profane Existence Records, Distribution and both paper and electronic distribution mediums. Having been founded in 1989, these miserable faggots seem to have missed the punk express by quite a few years. Although with the popularity of Green Day and Blink 182 at the time it is understandable why they got into this line of work. The slogan they operate under is, "Making Punk a Threat Again!". It's been twenty years.

    Someone should tell them it's time to move on.

    A Brief History

    The Profane Existence Collective came together in 1989, formed by a group of people that wanted to build a more politically active punk movement. They are a small group of individuals who has joined forces to work against the overall tyranny of The Man and his oppressive bourgeousie. To clarify, the anarchist punks organized into a lawful group to push their own agenda. They appear to have forgotten one of the cardinal rules of the punk movement and that is not whore yourself to society. What else can you expect from an organized collective of posers? If these faggots would turn off the Blink 182 they might figure this shit out.

    The Epitome of Hardcore

    Nothing quite says hardcore punk rockers like veganism and crusading for the rights of animals, women, and minorities everywhere. They do fail to mention what their goals are in relation to these groups however. P.E. seems to have lost track exactly what they are rebelling against.

    • If animals didn't want to be eaten they shouldn't be so tasty.
    • If women wanted equal rights they should've shut up and got her man's god damn beer.
    • If black persons didn't want to be lynched then they shouldn't have been born with necks.

    These things will eventually all change, it's called evolution.

    • Animals will cease to be tasty.
    • Women will be born with a mini-keg and tap.
    • black persons will stop having necks.
    • ????
    • Profit!

    Be sure to visit their main page for a hardcore x-treme to the max Vegan recipe.

    The Morons that Contribute

    The average P.E. contributor.

    Good news! Some slut has finally figured out that the Patriot Act isn't necessarily a good thing! Did you know they can use the liberal descriptions of it to basically label anyone a terrorist? No fucking shit. You know who would have known that? Anyone that had bothered to read the mother fucker.

    The Quakers are wanting to get back to a base society where people can just trade their goods rather than buying and selling is what's going on in her example. But wait! Here comes a half dozen FBI agents busting down the door to bust them all for being terrorists. My god, one of the members of the group was an informant, handing over a tape recorder to the agents right there in front of everyone!

    What? Quakers labeled as terrorists? That makes no sense.


    —Neither does only six FBI agents raiding a terrorist cell and the informant handing over the evidence for them all to see and know who it was..

    We better all stand up and fight the man by following some ill-informed cunt that has no idea how this shit actually works. That should end well and certainly not end in everyone locked up in Gitmo where all those pesky minorities will be showing us why they're being oppressed.

    It seems that none of these worthless hippies seem to grasp the fact that money came about as a need to no longer trade goods and services. It was started so that if you didn't need the sheaf of wheat someone was trying to trade you for your chicken they could instead give you a few bits of a coin for it. In turn you could use that coin to buy something you needed and 'lo and behold, you wouldn't fucking starve to death because you didn't have something to trade. The problem of money came about when it stopped being backed by anything valuable, not the fact that it exists. Tell that to a heroined up poser though. It requires a second grade education which Blink-punks typically have a hard time attaining.

    ...as important to the punks of the 90's as The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks was to the punks of the late '70's..


    —John Griffin setting the bar out of reach for some shit band on the P.E. label


    And while you're fucking the establishment, please buy our shit. We've got books, patches, records, magzines, cassettes, posters, beer cozies, and day planners. Definitely buy a day planner so that way you don't miss your brunch appointment to get sodomized by your boss so you can continue to be a corporate wage-slave. And be sure to have him wrap it up with an authorized Profane Existence condom. It's got our insignia right there on the side! But really, we don't want to make money off the punk scene. That's why we're peddling all this useless shit.

    These cunts tout being all about the Anarcho-Punk movement but don't appear to be doing shit except hawking their shitty merchandise and trying to push some crap bands onto the world to make more money. Viewing their letters section is mostly people bitching about nothing and "Do It Yourself" punks whining that they can't make enough to survive. Welcome to capitalism shit-bags. We all know our place at the feet of our Jew overlords and that's why we can afford to eat periodically. You ain't fucking special.

    Little do these faggots realize there already is an anarchists' heaven. Some place where the government has virtually no control over the masses, media, healthcare, or food sector! It's called Haiti. Book a flight now.

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