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    Princessdimaond = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    Lady looks like a dude! Srsly.

    Princessdimaond (that's not a spelling error, according to her), otherwise known as Lexi Dotter is a illiterate 18 year old redneck ponyfag from deviantART's pile of puke. She first caught everyone's eye when she decided to upload an OC called "Princess Diamond", a Mary-Sue whore clone of the My Little Pony character Princess Luna with almost 30 children (as a result of her pregnancy and inflation fetishes). All criticism of her or her OC results in butthurt, and she has even lied about having Ebola.

    She cannot take criticism, and her grammar is so bad it'd make a Grammar Nazi cry all night.

    Lying about having Ebola

    Unfortunately, EDiots at large have yet to gather screenshots of her journal stating that she was all better from having Ebola. What has been obtained, however, is a shitstorm in screencaps of one of those damn, dirty trolls fighting with her BOYFRIEND. This shit stain not only claimed to have autism as he was defending her, but he even claimed to fake wanting to an hero just to get her back. This shit is already crazy!

    He apparently didn't catch a word of that.


    Bawww! I have Aspergers and I'm sooooo sensitive!!11

    'I'LL REPORT U!!!1' Says the furfag.

    After all this, he then tried to score some of that sweet, sweet pity.

    File:The horror.png

    Man, shame you didn't actually become a an hero then

    But that's not all! Afterwards, he decided to make two journals. One that had him crying and upset, and the other DEMANDING that they defend him!


    And yeah...he just went there and called himself a real living dragon.

    She Admits it's a Lie!


    And nobody believed her. Except for her BOIFRAN.

    And after that was said, HE STILL WANTS TO DEFEND HER! Shit, it's like talking to a brick wall.

    Eugh by lampaya-d8gcwuf.jpg

    Even after making those journals, he says he'll stop ONLY if she says sorry.

    But we know that furfags never stop, and are easily the most butthurt creatures in the world.

    Her Mary Sue OC

    Moving away from the Ebola madness, lets now talk about her OC.

    During the Ebola bullshit, she decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and so troll anthropologists managed to dig up this picture someone did of her OC. Does this look like Princess Luna to you? You have one minute.

    Did you figure it out? It's Princess Luna, isn't it? Yeah, we thought so! Rexi here likes to see her filled with babies, and jacks off to any pregnancy gift art people give her. She claims her pony has at least over 9000 babies, and she could still make more! Talk about being uneducated about how many babies a mammal can make. Anywho, when confronted about it, she came up with the excuse that she only altered her:


    And yes....she has even made a fiction about her Sue.


    Just an Example of Her Weird Pregnancy Fetish in Roleplay


    good god help what the fuck did I just witness

    Her Art

    She draws like Chris-Chan. Most of her gallery is of her pregnancy fetish anyway.

    I don't even need to gives these a description. They speak for themselves.

    White Knights

    Not sure if Bitchy here has an E-Peen, but I'm sure all these faggots wanna lick her Blue Waffle.

    Hey faggot. You deserved the honor of being featured on this lovely site!


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