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    Oi!150pxThis guy is semi-nonexistent!
    You can help by making shit up.
    The only known picture of him with a girl

    Princeshadow13 is some retard who has been using the same screen name since he was thirteen-years old. No one knows much about him, except that he is an asshole, who epically fails at trolling people, and has since been permanently kicked off of many forums for doing things most wouldn't, such as not act like a complete idiot, talking non-stop about Galaxy Express 999 on anime forums when everyone else is going on about things like Naruto, Inuyasha, and Bleach, and has been known to blatantly judge people's fan-fics harshly even though he is a self-proclaimed hack (and rightly so, I mean, have you read this guy's crap???). Also thinks that he can act British to hide the fact that he lives in a small coastal agricultural town in America, has been reported to drop the "h"es off of words, and speak in a cockney accent when aggravated.

    Warning: This guy has actually been diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD), something on the Autism spectrum. Strangely enough, he's ashamed of it, and only mentioned it once, claiming that he honestly did not know what the hell it meant. Unlike other Autistics on the internet, he doesn't act like a complete fucktard, he just acts like a bastard. No one understands how he managed to fight the retardation that comes from his disorder, but kudos for him for making people hate him for who he is, not for hiding behind his mental disorder on the internet.

    His Place on the Internet

    Dear lord, look at his deformed thumb...
    His fingers, they just creep me out.

    He has plenty of enemies, a few actually acknowledge him and make failed attempts at flames, but most just ignore him like the insignificant speed-bump that he is. A good deal of his enemies were made from him commenting on the writings of others, mostly pointing out their insurmountable amount of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but he has been known to have a complete and utter hatred for Mary Sues/Gary Stus(despite making one or two in the past). Despite his utter lack of imagination, he is quick to leap onto people who just use a pre-existing character and change one or two little details, only to call them "Original Characters", he strikes fast and venomously, too bad his venom wouldn't kill even the tiniest muskrat. He has openly flamed Zaedrin Sednami, Double L(AKA TomPendragon), and more recently, Two-ton-neko(technically he didn't flame, he just revealed the fact that it was a guy, which led into taunting ZS3 about being gay for him, which isn't that much of a stretch), some to hilarious extents, but most end up just being disappointing attempts at humor.


    Most people of his calibre have at least one series that he defends with the utmost zeal, in his case it's a couple of series. One is a mediocre science-fiction cartoon called "Galaxy Express 999", which deals with some future street-urchin and his quest to get a robotic body to live forever, because of the robots who killed his mother(Lol, irony). Another is Mana Khemia, which is a JRPG dealing with alchemy and magic, not to mention catgirls, ghosts, and a girl with a bag that contains anything and everything. Finally, is the game Legend of Mana, which is pretty much a choose-your-own-adventure game, where you play a mute protagonist with a large blond almost-afro, it's a very artistic game(meaning, it looks like it's a painting) where you beat the shit out of random animals, demons, people, dragons, and robots, that's right, Robots in a fantasy game. He also claims that he's a fan of the Final Fantasy games, but only the ones on the SNES (4, 5, and 6, for those who don't know), and the ninth game (which had a monkey as the main protagonist), claiming that they didn't "Emo it up", and that "Kefka is by far the best villain, he's almost the RPG equivalent to the Joker", further proving that he's an idiot and should STFU.

    His Stories

    His fan-character, and how he justifies it
    • Planet Roxx - His first attempt at an actual story, destroyed by sudden appearance of god, and of course the long struggling battle against it's two main components, Fail and Aids. The story follows a mercenary who had lost his memories(though, without the flamboyant hairdo these sort usually have), who lands on a planet inhabited by furries(The menfolk of the planet were full, and the girls mostly just had the ears and tails). His only reason for going along with the quest of saving this world, was for one wish he could get from the people, which he was going to use to make a catgirl harem. Note: Cannot be found, because it was so full of fail, he only posted it up on PAWG, back when he was allowed there.
    • Multiverse Dating Service - His second attempt at an actual story, actually got finished, started off as a failed attempt at a fattie-fetish story for a friend, moved on to have an actual cast, that were ultimately one-dimensional and bland. Spoiler: In the end the next-to-blind guy marries a cat-girl, GASP ORIGINAL! An archive of this series, with some pictures.
    • Magi-tek Scars - Yet another attempt at a story, this time a purely fantasy setting. He claimed that it was an attempt at "Harry Potter-esque story done right", Spoiler alert: He ended it with the main character and some elf-chick getting eaten by Leviathan. The story started off with the main character(Another character named Shadow, yet this time he had an actual last name, was changed to the much more interesting name of Gunther in a shortly-lived remake) getting an acceptance letter from a magic academy, being the adopted son of a blacksmith, he saw no harm in becoming a mage. When he got there, he learned that the only spell he could actually do was this big magical ball of light, which usually burnt him to a crisp after using it(Supposedly smelled like Burnt Monkey afterwords). Note: It has been deleted, for good reason, it sucked.
    • Daughter of Requiem - A sequel to his series, Multiverse Dating Service, deals more with his new family. Spoiler: It has a cliff-hanger ending that somefag is trying to fix, but the fact remains that the male lead got shot in the face. An archive of this series, with some pictures.
    • Modern Monster Hunter - A slightly better attempt at a story, but still rather piss-poor. Currently on hiatus, due to lack of real story planning, and the fact that he sucks at working with a harem scenario. He claims that it was inspired by the "Life with monsters" comics, should have been stopped as a one-shot. He claims that he's trying to turn the main character into a character like Greggory House, so far he's only gotten to the busted leg part, everything else about him is dull, bland, and uninteresting. The only interesting bits about him, is that for a change he isn't a fattie-lover like the author, but he does have a thing for BDSM[though, not on the receiving side apparently], and used his fetish to capture a succubus Dream demoness, who sucks the life out of people with a kiss. When approached about this concept, he says that he's going to work this into the final chapter, as showing how it's not all that smart to get into a relationship with a being who can literally suck the life out of you. He plans to call this chapter "Sucks to be you", which he claims to be the alternate title of the series, since he enjoys torturing the male lead. The first chapter of this series, not all that great
    • Gunther, Dragon Savage - A mediocre story at best, stars some idiot with the powers of a "Dragoon", yet he doesn't wear dragon-inspired armor, or uses a spear, so obviously he fails at being a dragoon. When asked about this phenomenon, princeshadow13 claimed that "Oh, I'm going to include it later on, but Gunther is actually terrified of spears, haven't really thought out why, just thought that it'd be funny", he has proved that he puts little to no thought into character designs. Gunther is actually portrayed as near-anorexic because "He has the hunger of a black dragon", or as some who follow the anime scene would call it "The Protagonist's hunger"(For examples, look at Lina Inverse from Slayers), because of this situation of his, he is constantly starving and will more than likely keel over during some important scene while his stomach cries out for sustenance. When Shadow(as he told me to call him, since it was shorter than his full screen name) was reached on the actual idea behind this story, he said "Oh, well, I was thinking of that old saying, Be careful those who hunt monsters, for you shall become that which you hunt, for when you stare into the abyss, it stares back, basically, I wanted to try to make Gunther end up in all of these heroic situations, and then get chased out for being a worst monster than the one he just killed, I think it's spelled schadenfreude". The only chapter so far.
    • Rants - He writes rants every now and then, some are amusing, some are retarded. No one knows why he thinks people actually cares about his views on things. the latest of his rants
    • His random fattie-fics - Let's face it, even in the world of fattie-lovers, his stories are mediocre at best. Of course, there are a lot out there, whom he is better, but it's still crap. the only have decent fattie-fic of his.

    As you can see from these examples of his works, he couldn't write his way out of a paper bag, yet he constantly tries to better his writing style, only to have it end with utter failure, but it has been proven that even if it does no one would care. Mainly because no one ever looks at his stories, or his deviantart page. It's rumored that he has become the invisible man of the internet hack-writer world, and as of such, he is slowly starting to lose his grip upon reality.


    His so called art About missing Pics
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