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    This will hurt your eyes a lot more than it will hurt her pussy.

    God. Fuck it. If your hope in humanity wasn't nonexistant enough by now, Pregfurs are yet another fucked up furry fetish. As the name indicates, pregfur deals with furfags who have been knocked up in some way. Of course, since most furs fuck so much that they make rabbits look like amateurs, all female furries have been preggo at some point.


    Large and in charge!


    —Their motto, presumably refering to their egos.

    Pregfurs are unusual as they are one of the few fetishes that involve females. Fags will substitute a female for either a hermaphrodite or Mpreg.

    Most pregfurs share similar traits - both partners will always be beautiful (or as beautiful as furries get), her endless preggo bullshit will be tolerated by the father who finds it ever so amusing and nothing will ever change after the birth of the brats themselves. There are, however, a few variations:

    • Both partners will be all snuggles and kissy-poos. They will have a perfect family with lots of kiddies who never cause trouble and when they do, they will all laugh about it. The male will love her forever and ever and be present at the birth giving her endless reassurance, as though pregnant furries were not nauseating enough.
    • The pregnancy is the result of an endless tribal orgy dedicated to the worship of the Sex God. All females will bear at least seven pups who will in turn be ritually impregnated by their half-siblings. This includes the males.

    For some reason, mothers and daughters are usually pregnant at the same time.


    Perhaps even more sick than a pregnant fur is a pregnant fur with a belly full of eggs. Exactly how a mammal would end up laying eggs (unless, of course, they were a platypus or echidna) is unknown, but it's believed that if a scalie knocks up a fur, that will lead to a "clutch" of eggs being formed inside the mommy's (or, in extremely sicko cases, the daddy's) womb. A female laying eggs is really strange enough, but the thought of a guy shitting out eggs as if they were white, round turds is nearly as disgusting as goatse. At the very least, an egg shell would prevent the pup from coming out covered in shit and old cum.

    Birth Art

    As though the concept of a pregnant hermaphrodite fox wasn't awful enough, several furry artists like to draw their fursonas giving birth.

    These pictures are usually drawn as graphically as possible - with intimate views of the furry's sticky blood-covered poon and the egg or cub's head poking out. The mothers themselves will be drawn exhausted but as always pretty and unruffled with their darling mates at their sides. The genetically-retarded lump of flesh they eventually shit out will also always be beautiful, not covered in blood and splatter and bawling its head off. When the mother isn't drawn screaming and surrounded by perverted onlookers, she's drawn with a look of orgasmic ecstasy on her face from squeezing out her squealing spawn of fur. The fathers are usually absent in these pics as they have been made redundant.


    Yes, it gets so much worse. Of course, there's nothing wrong with the mama fur feeding her baby some mother's milk (unless it's coming out of shitting dick nipples, in which case it's probably no longer milk). Even humans have been doing that for ages. But to feed a full grown adult your own milk? That just ain't right.

    This act involves the fantasy of suckling on the milk from a (most often) female furry character's teats. This fetish has some overlap with pregnophilia.


    —Wait, most often female…?

    Mpreg Furs

    It's pregnant. It's a furry. It's male. The desire to become an hero at this point is considered normal.

    Seriously, WTF?

    For more on this fucked-up phenomenon, please see mpreg. Or don't, if you value your sanity.


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