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Ppl like this are the reason I never leave my house…

Originally a condescending term used to mean "people." it is now used in a positive or neutral way by 16 year old girls. Faced by the constantly scrolling text of colorful doom, the average 16 year old girl will respond by shortening their text as much as possible, substituting "people" with "ppl". This may become extremely annoying, as the average 16 year old girl's banter is comprised primarily of how "ppl" did her wrong in some way, or how some "ppl" grabbed her ass, or how "ppl" are gossiping about her fat, preggy ass. Anyone who uses "ppl" IRL should be immediately punched in the cunt, or castrated and punched in their newly-created cunt if they are male.

For a list of people, please see Category: People.

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