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    Clearly, this man's fursona is a splitting image of his real self.

    Pounced.org is a personal ad site for furries. More often than not, its users do not put up real pictures, but instead a picture of their crappily-drawn fursona. When a real picture is posted, however, one can assume that said furry will be a fat fucking male cracker, or female bulldyke.

    Unlike most other personals sites on the Internet, there are several interesting phenomena surrounding Pounced.org in particular. One such phenomena is that a small portion of the users are straight women, implying that the website is one gigantic sausage fest. One would think that the few females using this site would have to deal with hundreds of messages from porn-crazed weirdos, but this assumption is clearly wrong, seeing as how all of the guys on this site are flaming homosexuals. Another point of interest is that from time to time, one will cross paths with the elusive Black Furry. This is indeed a conundrum, seeing as how the common furry stereotype is out of shape, ugly honkies.

    Underage B&

    Bad hair day? Are you sure?

    Pounced.org has recently decided that the site is full of too many fucking pedophiles. However, rather than remove the loli-addicts from the site, they took the easy way out instead and gave all users under 18 the boot. This caused a general uprising from Basement-dwellers who rely on the internet for sex.

    That's just horrible. You're depriving a lot of people from the opportunity to make good friends and find happiness. I love this site. I found the love of my life on Pounced.



    Though it may seem horrible that pounced is not letting minors on the site anymore, its not all bad. I personally would like to know that the person whom I am talking to or rp-ing with is over 18. There are lots of human laws out there that could get us in trouble if we started to make any type of "advance" on a minor. I don't know about other furs, but I sure as heck am not going to human jail for being a "sexual predator." No way! This foxxie would never survive in jail. (whimpers)



    Typical Ads

    File:Pounced scrnshot .jpg
    Fake age, gender, and pix.

    Many people use Pounced.org for the sole purpose of finding random people to have hot AIM roleplays with. Users also give out their email addresses, and will sometimes include their home phone numbers — needless to say, calling said numbers can result in massive amounts of lulz. Since furries are socially retarded, many fail to realize that Pounced.org is supposed to be a dating service and not a LiveJournal substitute, oftentimes giving too much information about themselves.

    Gay, Bipedal black and hyper yiffy werewolf looks for online intercourse only. I just want to be contacted by VERY YIFFY top gay male furs who strictly want online sex and specially those who love to mount wolves over and over, several times a day. I highly prefer lions (!!!!!), foxes (!!!), other wolves (!!!), coyotes, and tigers. Other species are welcome as long as they're not avians and scallies. Just Furry critters and Ah! BI furs do not need to apply...sorry! They turn me off as much as females do!



    I’m a very open-minded person, and also very random at times. Weather its stealing someone's shoe or boot (I like boots more) and parading around with it in my mouth.



    My fursona is a Lynx/Fox because I happened to have cyber sex with a 21 year old furry and I fell in love with him for a while...I am against circumcision totally. It is a horrible practice that robbed me of my completeness. My outer foreskin, ridged band, and all nerve endings that were apart of them were removed, all of them irreplaceable. I am trying to stop in the future from this happening to anyone else. In the future, probably in 10 to 20 years at most, stem cell research will be at the least partially complete and we can clone at least things that we have lost, like arms and legs. And for those of us who miss our completeness that was taken from us at birth, our foreskin.



    By the way, in one of my pics, with me in the catboy outfit, I am also wearing a skirt, and pink hello kitty panties, and also, that's an older pic. My hair is longer now, I can get it in my mouth.



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