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    Ryan Postlethwaite

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    If you are looking for the handsome guy from fleshlight, see Ryan (fleshlight)

    Oh exploitable, a TOW administrator at work. Indeed, this is the guy with a stranglehold on the world's primary source of information!

    Ryan Postlethwaite is a full-time chav and part-time Wikipedia admin. He's earned "most hated status" from the Wikipedia Review, not for outrageous acts of admin abuse, but for daring to prove that you can edit TOW and still have a life. Sadly as Wikipedia is a forsaken land ruled by aspies and bitter retirees, being anything remotely close to an alpha male makes you a celebrity. Thus a uniquely unqualified twenty-something alcoholic became an admin with ease.

    To this day, Ryan still has groupies such as Sceptre fawning on his talk page and bitches like Phaedriel and Persian Poet Gal begging for a barnstar. It is also rumored that he is the on-again, off-again boytoy of the notorious cougar and fellow mod Alison.

    Although he is quick to deny editing under the influence, Ryan is actually Wikipedia's equivalent of the drunken live-in boyfriend your mom had when you were growing up. As a result Ryan's incessant (only when he's pissed) abuse towards other Wikipedians, his user page has been vandalized innumerable times.

    Typical barnstars Ryan has received

    These are FOR REAL!

    The Bitch Barnstar
    Just for being a bitch about it, heres a gold BITCH STAR

    The Big Schlong Barnnstar
    130px In recognition of your giant PENIS, I award you the big schlong barnstar. Congratulations you sexy beast. --Rebbiv NOIRB (talk) 07:30, 5 January 2008 (UTC)

    Recognition of his award-winning schlong has sparked criticism from Jayen, a fellow editor.


    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    Oh jesus, I had to reply to this one. I haven't once suggested that I'm a mature adult who displays mature judgement. Quite the opposite actually - I like going out, getting smashed and ending up in some random place because I don't know what's going on. I'm bloody 22 and a student, this is what most students do! Maybe when I'm 30, I'll calm down and be sensible, but I'll always look back and be pleased with the times that I've had. I don't try and impress anyone with what I do, especially not on WP - it's just a hobby and I've got plenty of people to gain respect off in RL to not give a damn what people think of me on a bloody website, so if you think I say things to get respect or climb the Wiki-ladder then you're wrong, very wrong indeed.

    Now, that doesn't mean that I'm off my face all the time - I've only edited a couple of times whilst under the influence, not a big fan really because I've got other things to do when I'm pissed! Maybe some people sit in, have a bottle of whiskey and edit the pedia - not me, I go out with the boys when I want to have it large!


    —Ryan, denying that Wikipedia and drinking is serious business.


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