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Check your privilege at the door!
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Michael Fitzhywel, also known as pantmonger on the interwebs, is an Australian 40 year old artist and proud feminist in the Warhammer 40,000 community of Tumblr. He is well known for being unable to take any forms of criticism. He is “known” for his female space marine artwork and shitty Lovecraftian webcomic series nobody really cares about. The only reason tumblr likes his artwork is because they need more lesbian muscular femdykes to fap/schlick to. Like a typical tumblr feminist, he is bound to doxing and using the block button to fight the grimdark patriarchy and show those mean old neckbeards who is boss. Michael Fitzhywel and [Andrew Dobson] have numerous things in common which can indicate that they could be brothers from another mother. Both are bald and share levels of douchebag facial hair, draw unappealing looking art, are male middle aged feminists who will bend over backwards for their Amazonian overlords, proclaimed professional artists, nerds, and take any form of criticism as trolling or harassment.

The one thing that sets this male feminist overlord apart from his American counterpart is that he refuses to put his minions on a leash, and will have the tendency to sic his rabid Warhammer social justice tumblrina minions on you. If you even FUCKING DARE OPPRESS HIS EMPOWERING LESBIAN FEMINIST ARTWORK!! YOU SHITLORD NECKBEARD MALE GO BACK TO 4CHAN IT IS LITERALLY THE CURRENT YEAR!!


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