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YouTube Favicon.png JonTron (Powerword: Jon Jafari) is a fat, ugly and unfunny JewTube gamer that makes shitty review videos once every blue moon. He has somehow amassed over two millions retards to subscribe, in order to see him do his best Family Guy imitation skits interspersed with a lot of loud screaming and endless jump cuts in between. The only reason he is famous that makes him stand out of the four trillion other YouTube reviewers is because he was in Game Grumps and for some reaction gifs posted over and over on /v/. He also somehow thinks that stealing video content from one of our own users is somehow a smart idea.



This page sorts through the barrage of internet-produced garbage you know as Memes. Feel free to add anything you think is needed. Articles you'd like to feature go here, the rest go here, and videos/pictures here.

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A Cat Is Fine TooA challenger appears Abbey RoadActual Advice MallardAdmiral AckbarAdvice AeralikAdvice BitchAdvice BoyAdvice BrahAdvice CardinalAdvice ChihuahuaAdvice ChinkAdvice Colin MochrieAdvice CripplesAdvice DawgAdvice DogAdvice Dog/VariationsAdvice FaggotAdvice FawkesAdvice GeezerAdvice JapanAdvice KaminaAdvice PsychoAdvice QuranAdvice RetardAdvice RickAdvice RorschachAdvice RybakAdvice Steve JobsAdvice TrollAfro NinjaAfroduckA FUCKING POKEMONAgent SmithAh fuck, I can't believe you've done thisAinsley HarriottAir Man ga TaosenaiAlexander RybakAlexander-samaAlice MargatroidAlignmentAll The Niggers Are DeadAll Your Base Are Belong To UsA Master Is OutAMVAn HerpoAn heroAngry German KidAnimutationAntoine DodsonAnvil GodApathy DogAppleApples BearApproval GuyAre You Fucking Kidding MeArtycatAsianfaceAsinine AmericanAt first I was like X, but then I was like YAt least 100Ate my ballsAttackAttendance BotAudioAutism macrosAutobblAutobbqAwesomeA winner is youAwwrightBabies for breakfast babies for dinnerBaby FuckBaby JesusBabypasteBachelorette FrogBadBad AppleBad MothersBadficBadger Badger BadgerBale OutBalkiBananaphoneBaneBannedBarrel RollBart the GeneralBasement CatBayeux TapestryBear CavalryBecause of Parkinson'sBecause of my syndromeBECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUDBeecockBefore the internetsBel-AirBelomeBen VoddenBenny LavaBeowulfBernie SandersBestiality BoyBig DogBig Rigs: Over the Road RacingBikeBIKECATBill KaulitzBILLY MAYSNO BINARIESBioshockBird is the wordBitch I look like GokuBitches Don't KnowBitches and whoresBix NoodBlack People Love Us!Black TwitterBLARGH IS NOW A MEMEBlindmute LoliBling blingBlockatielBob RossBob SagerBonsai KittenBorschtBowchanBrb, compromisedBRBFBIBrb, soupBreadBreaking Bad ComicsBrian PeppersBridgetBRILLIANT!BRING BACK SNACKSBrinks Home SecurityBroccoli DogBrofistBrokeTheInterwebBrushie BatBucketBumpBunny PancakeBurger KingBus UncleBusiness CatBut Data does not weightBut What Are Your Thoughts On Yaoi?But you are died!Buy A DogBuzzkillingВИD

CabinetCactuarCactusCakerollCameltoeCan't let you do that, StarFox!Captain ObviousCaptionsCaramelldansenCard CrusherCarltonCarnegie CrowCasual FridayCat on a keyboard in spaceCatnarokCaturdayCAW CAWCeiling CatCentipede filled vaginaCereal GuyChameleonCHARIOT OF THE GODS!Charlie Bit Me - Again!Che GuevaraCheckMiiOutCheer Up Keanu DayCheeseburger JoshChild AbductionChin-chanChoice TapirChris ForcandChris HansenChris-chan/thecrazypacerChrono TriggerChuck NorrisChuck TestaChurch signsCigarsexCillit BangCindy CrosbyClare WerbeloffClippitClock guyCock boatCock goes where?CockmonglerColonel Quaritch does not give a fuckColorbarCombining Cyrillic Millions Sign (Firefox)COMBO BREAKERCommon knowledgeCondom SnortingCongratulationsCookiesCool GuyCool story broCool your jetsCooldudeCoolguy2CopypastaCopypasta/Archive 1Copypasta/Archive 2Copypasta/Archive 3Copypasta/Archive 4Copypasta/Archive 5Copypasta/Archive 6Copypasta/Archive 7Copypasta/Archive 8Copypasta/Archive 9Copypasta/Archive 10Copypasta/Archive 11Copypasta/Archive 12Copypaste of VovanCornCorneliaCourage WolfCovercatCovini C6WCowman109Собака Бэ бэ бэээCrab Nicholson: Extreme SleepoverCrazy DadCreepy ChanCreepy SeanCreepy WoodyCreepypastaCreepypasta/Awesome CreepypastaCreepypasta/Lengthy CreepypastaCreepypasta/Lost EpisodesCreepypasta/Mediocre CreepypastaCreepypasta/Mirrors and CreepypastaCreepypasta/Paranormal CreepypastaCreepypasta/Retarded CreepypastaCreepypasta/Survival GuideCreepypasta/The HoldersCreepypasta/Video Games and CreepypastaCSICupcake DogCyberrapeCyrillic Millions SignСибирской говорDancing BabyDancing OwenDancing Prince CharlesDancing SandwichDaney21DanzyboyDark Age of CamelotDarksidered992DAS TROLLPARADIESDat AssDavid After DentistDavid CarradineDavid FirthDEAL WITH ITDeanDear HasbroDear SisterDeath of a MemeDeath to all JuiceDeathdrake 3000DecanteringDelicious CakeDemi LovatoDemotivatorsDenial BibleDental PlanDepression DogDerogatory DuckDerpDesuDEUUEAUGHDNS ComicDiabeetusDiamondsDick AntsDick ButtDick NeckDicks EverywhereDid he die?Dildo ChickenDilton DoileyDinosaurDinosexx0rDisruptive DurdenDittoDivide by zeroDo i have potentialDO IT FAGGOTDodge CatDoes anyone have any questions?Doge %bull; Domo-kunDO NOT WANTDon't worry, I'm from the InternetDOUBLE NIGGERDouble RainbowDoublesDougDownfallDr. HaxDr. OctogonapusDrama LlamaDrama Prairie DogDrawhoreDrawn-chanDrinking GameDSFARGEGDuckrollDUN DUNDynamic Entry

EasterEbola-chanEcce MonoEcstasy AKA DarksEduard KhilElectric BoogalooEli KozinEmodadENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK ITEpic Beard ManEpic Fail GuyEpic Fail Guy 2Epic Fail KidEpic Sax GuyEpic ThreadsEpic WinEpic meal timeEpinEquality Profile PicturesEVERYDAY I'M HUSTLINEvery time you masturbate...God kills a kittenExcitardExploding VanExploding WhaleEXTREME ADVERTISINGEXTREME ANIMALSFacebombFacepalmFailFail to WinFalcon PunchFan signFap DogFat sonFate/stay nightFeels bad manFeels GuyFeltchoFendippitous EggmenFergie OlverFGSFDSFifty Hitler postFight ClubFilename threadFinal Boss of the InternetFinger BoxFirefox-koFirst AmendmentFishing CatFixedFlea Market MontgomeryFLOATERCATFlood detectedFoetus soupFoflFood PyramidFor great justiceForce PushForced MemeForced Meme FlamingoForced Memes (Television)Foresight FOBForever AloneFortuneFoul Bachelor FrogFrank GarrettFrosted buttsFSJALFuck Her Right In The PussyFuck That GuyFuck The PoliceFucking MagnetsFucking internetFUCK YEAFUCK YEAH SEAKINGFukken savedFully sickFunnelgirlFursecution FoxFurseisekiF40PH

Gabe NewellGAF'DGaijin 4KomaGAME OVER YEAHHHHGang of FourGanja YodaGARGarbage DayGardevoirGarfieldGary OakGary Oak/CopypastaGas Mask GirlGastonGazaroosterGee BillGendo PoseGentlemenGeorge Bush doesn't care about black peopleGeorge ZimmerGermano MosconiGETGet into the LoopGet On My HorseGET OUTGiant Enemy CrabsGiga PuddingGimme PizzaGirugameshGlenn BeckGoatseGodJesusGodhand EditGodwin's LawGogglesGonads and StrifeGondolaGood Advice DogGood Guy GregGoodnight Sweet PrinceGoofy TimeGoogle SeppukuGoosh GooshGorilla WarfareGordon the Pringles GiraffeGoron ProverbsGreat MotherGreen Lex LuthorGrey AreaGrieving JewGrin ReaperGrinfaceGrueGrumpy CatGuatemala DayGuess The MemeGullibleGyo EditHA! HA! GuyHAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKSHA HA HA, OH WOWHabbo /B/lockadeHabbo HotelHACKERS ON STEROIDSHai guyHaitiguyHal WilkersonHammer (4chan Meme)Hampster DanceHank HillHappy MerchantHappy NegroHappy SnakeHappycatHarder, Better, Faster, StrongerHarlem ShakeHarlequin Ichthyosis FetusHarrumph!Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?Haters gonna hateHaunted Majora's Mask CartridgeHaving A Wonderful TimeHawaiian DickingHeadOnHeadswapHeateningsHeavy RainHeidi CrowterHello My Future GirlfriendHepdayHerb SmithHi-Tech Military SoftwareHide, Ignore, Do Not ReplyHigh Five HarrisonHipster KittyHNNNNNNGGGGGHoleguyHoly GrailHoney BadgerHookers and BlowHopkins Green FrogHorny PugHorsecockHow About A Nice Big Cup Of Shut The Fuck UpHOW CAN SHE SLAP?!?How Do I Shot Web?How are you feeling today /b/?How is babby formed?HugboxHugh Jackman Can Ride AnythingHyphyHypnocakeHypnotoad

I Am In Your Base Killing Your D00dsI Am LegendI CameI DIDN'T EAT THAT FUCKIN SANDWICH OR THE TOILET THING EITHER!I Drink Your MilkshakeI Dunno LOLI FUCKIN' LOVE COLORING!!!!!!I GOT NORTON!I Has a BucketI Hope Nobody Has Hacked The StreamI Like TurtlesI Like to WatchI See What You Did ThereI TOUCHED HIS PENIS!! OMGI Took an Arrow in the KneeI WOULD HAVE SEX WITH ALL THIS WHITE GIRLSI Will Beat A Rod Till... A Tank EmptiesI accidentally XI am disappointI don't roll that wayI don't think you have an X. Enjoy your Y.I go chop your dollarI has a shuvelI have 2 girlfriends and a truck fuck youI need a price check ...I resurrected this pearl from page 10I seriously hope you guys don't do thisI'D HIT IT!I'll just leave this hereI'm 12 years old and what is this?I'm Dying SquirtleI'm ok with thisI'm on my beeI, for one, welcome our new X overlordsIDK, my BFF Jill?If it fits I sitsIM PRESSIN CHARGESIMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZERINTERNET HATE MACHINEIQ TestIRL memeIS IT CAN BE HUGS TIEM NOW PLEES?ITTY BITTY BABY ITTY BITTY BOATIkissyou.orgImma Let You FinishImplying implicationsIn Soviet Russia...In before XInception CatIncomplete GuyIncontinent Student BodiesInsanity WolfIntellectual CheckmateInterior Crocodile AlligatorInternet Kill SwitchInternet Mascot HeavenInterrobangInto the Trash It Goes!Introduction to EnglishInvisible XIs This BattletoadsIsn't Dallas in California?It is a mysteryIt's a FakeIt's slowly coming this way!Jack SparrowJack SpicerJaiden AnimationsJam It InJedJeffJennifer Lynn PetkovJessi SlaughterJesus With You AlwaysJESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!JEWS DID WTCJissousekiJohn HageeJohn LockeJohn PikeJohn TerryJon SudanoJosef FritzlJosef HeiterJoseph DucreuxJxcelDolghmQ

Kate's PartyKeep Calm and Carry OnKekKelly Martin BroderickKeyboard CatKeyboard WhoreKhaaan!KILL IT WITH FIREKirbyraegKlik-BOMFKnife GameKNIGHTRIDAHKrystal Can't Enjoy Her SandwichKung Fu GuyKurt CobainKäpt'n Balu Und Seine Tollkühne CrewK-On! memesLaddergoatLanturnLarge Hadron ColliderLasercatLast MeasureLaw 4 KidsLeave Bond to meLeekspin.comLeeroy JenkinsLegoLelLemmingsLe Monkey FaceLenincatLeprechaunLe pig shigLet me show youL-L-LUNAJACK!LimecatLimit breakLisa is a VeganLithursdayLittle FattyLINK MAH BOIIIIILiving On A PrayerLiving the dreamLmao ZedongLmaonaiseLmaowlLogical PuppyLOLcat Translator ProjectLOLCHAIRLOLDONGSLold ManLoli Haet PizzaLolicatgirls.swfLollercaustLollercoasterLollerskatesLolrusLols-RoyceLols-royceLOL WUTLongcatLonghorseLongmintLook what I foundLoose ChangeLoud NigraLoud noisesLoveLove You ForeverLugiaLuigi's Death StareLulz: A Corruption of LOLLurkerLURK MOAR

Machine CodeMagMyPicMagicMagical TrevorMaguaMake me a sandwichMammyMan The HarpoonsManly TearsMarcab ConfederacyMass CarrierMASSIVE DAMAGEMaster CoonMavica SpriteMax DayMax HeadroomMe GustaMeanwhileMecha-HitlerMemeMeme CombiningMeme DetectionMemefagsMeme RapMershed PerderderMetapodMexi-chanMeximootMichael PhelpsMickyy MooMidnight BBQMilhouse is not a memeMilk BagsMini memeMitchell HendersonMoarMonster Musume no Iru NichijouMoon ManMoonbase AlphaMONGOMONGO/FactualMoot is OlevMorbid KrabsMorgan Geyser & Anissa WeierMosh GirlMoshzillaMouseboyMoving to CanadaMr. GoodlifeMSPaint Relationship ThreadMuguMulti-Track DriftingMusically Oblivious 8th GraderMuteba KidiabaMy Little PonyMY NAME IS X AND I WILL HAVE MY Y!MySpace BoyMySpace KidMySpace SuicideNaked bananaMämmiNancy PelosiNannerpusNathanielNavidNEDMNeeds more cowbellNeon Genesis EvangelionNeutral Milk HotelNevada-tanNever forgetNew Zealand Fail GuyNIGGER MANUALNigger pigNiggerjackNigglypuffNigraNinjas can't catch youNipples removed to save bandwidthNod FlendersNokoNope.aviNO UNostalgia ThreadNot be confused withNOT THE BEESNullfaceNuma numaNyan CatNyoro~n

O Noes Her Nanomachines!11!!O rlyOG LocOM NOM NOM NOMOBEYOMGWTFOTLObjectionOctocatOctopus GirlOffendedOh No You Didn'tOh exploitableOh god how did this get here I am not good with computerOh god what have I done?Oh shit i'm sorry i meantOld /b/ would have XOld Advice DogOld GreggOld Spice GuyOld memeOldest CopypastaOlngactOndoreOne does not simply X into MordorOnline quizOnly 2 percentOperation AwesomeOperation Falcon PunchOperation LIONCASHOptimized Gif DudeOrgasmOver 9000PTSD Clarinet BoyPants on the groundParanoid ParrotParty CatParty HardPatriotic EaglePaul the Psychic OctopusPaula Benson Is Now A MemePeanut Butter Jelly TimePedobearPedofoxPedopalsPenis-Nosed FoxPENIS PENIS PENISPepePerfection GirlPeterPettan, pettan, tsurupettanPhilosoraptorPhotobombPic RelatedPic Related PuppyPic UnrelatedPiccolo DickPicklesPikamanPink grill/This is nice XPlankingPLEASE RESPONDPloxPogsPoker FacePokédads, Poképarents or PokésiblingsPoképunsPolandballPolitically Neutral DogPomf =3Pool's ClosedPool's Closed/ASCIIPorn ClownPortalPost-Avant JazzcorePost ending in (x)Post in this thread if (x)Posting in an epic threadPretty cool guyPrevedProfitPromotionProve me wrongPube MuppetPulling a LynndiePun RaccoonPush ButanPut Shoe On Head

QuizillaRAGERAPE APEREV UP THOSE FRYERSROFLCOPTERROFLConROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAHRacist DogRagequitRainbow StalinRalph PootawnRandom Album ArtRandom HeroRape ClockRape RodentRape dollarsRaping Little SuzyRaptardRaptor JesusRax GrissmanReaction FaceReaction StripReaction guyReaction.jpgRed LeaderReggie Fils-AimeRelevant to my interestsRemorse DogRenamon's PhilosophyRetroReverend XRichard DawkinsRickrollRickroll: Variations and assorted crapRiddle TimeRider KickRiding DirtyRitaRob's LawRobbenballRobert HawkinsRobot Unicorn AttackRobot in a suitRobotnikRocky LockridgeRoflcraftRoll CallRorRosa HelikopterRoyco Cup of soupRule 34Rule 63Rules 1 and 2Rules of the InternetRun ChubbyRussian PhotoExtreme

SageSakujoSammichSauceScared kittySchmuckyTheCatScumbag SteveSean ConnerySean MatuszakSecondSecret NaziSecret crush memeSee you in heelSeems LegitSerious CatSex Ed SueSFW PornShamwowShiny PidgeyShit BricksSHIT IT OFFShitting Dick NipplesSheeeit NiggerShocked and Appalled CatShon TerryShoobyShoopbillShortcatShotacatSingle Asian FemaleSittin On Tha ToiletSGT FOLEYSkittletouchSkubSlander, Slander SalamanderSlendermanSlowpokeSmugleafSnakes on a PlaneSnifferSo I moved to the YukonSo cashSo cash/TranslationsSo cash/variationsSo cash/variations/Celebrity CashSo i herd u liek mudkipSocial Justice SallySocially Awkward PenguinSolid Snake's AssSolidaritySomething is on fireSoviet SundaySpaghetti CatSpaghetti in my SouthbridgeSpecial Poetry SlamSpeed NiggerSpeedycatSpengbabSperginSpiderbroSpoiler DogSquid GirlSquidbilliesStar Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars KidStarecatStaredadStaredogStay safeSteel HeartsSteve IrwinSteve the Super VillianStick It In Her PooperStile RaidStingrayStoner DogStop PostingSTOP THE PRESSES!Strange GirlStrutting LeoStu makes chocolate pudding at 4 in the morningSuccess KidSugar We're Going DownSungle JungleSup DawgSuperdickerySurgeonSwagSweet BrownSwirl FaceSwitch police onSWTFSystem32TacgnolTails DollTanasinnTAP LADEDANS FISTON!Tay ZondayTeam Fortress 2Techno VikingTechnologically Impaired DuckTeksoqpTensoTeoingTHAN HOW DID AVATAR DO IT?Thanks ObamaThat Fucking CatThat LJ thing that Adcott wrote that displays the last 50 images postedThat Really Rustled My JimmiesThat's not funny, my brother died that wayThe An Heroes of BridgendThe Annoying OrangeThe Bawls KidTHE BESTThe Cancer That Is Killing /b/The Carr-Benkler WagerThe CaseyThe Dot.Com BubbleThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion/Stop right there, criminal scum!The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThe FuryThe GameThe GeteratorThe GiverThe Great Black Dick HoaxThe Great Dumbledore Dies Meme of 2005The Great Habbo Raid of July 2007The Great Meme Furbomination of 2010The GrifterThe Hand of ClodThe Hand of DiosThe Incredible Flying Broomstick GuyThe Internet Is For PornThe Internet is serious businessThe JuggernautThe Most Interesting Man In The WorldThe Not-So-Great Frinkle MemeThe Not-So-Great Syringe Meme of 2005The NutshackThe Rent Is Too Damn HighThe Rock DrivingThe Sandwich ChefThe Singing SharkThe StigThe Ugly BarnacleThe Vagina MonologuesThen A Skeleton Popped OutThen who was XThere are starving children in chinaThese CuffsThey LiveThey see me rollin'Things With FacesThis is BobThis Looks ShoppedThis is Nice XThis is why we can't have nice thingsThree Wolf MoonThurman ThomasTidusTime paradoxTinaecmusicTITTY MONSTERTom DelayTony EvereadyTony StarkToo old; DO NOT WANT!Tookie WilliamsTop lelTopkekTosh's LawTourist guyTrap-kunTreemanTricky the ClownTriforceTripcodeTrollTroll 2TrollcatsTroll ScienceTrollfaceTrololoTsimFuckisTubcatTulipTumblr panelsTunakTurtle PunchTurtleguyTwo of my friends diedTyler DumstorfTyrannoSatanTyrannosaurus Reich

UboaUltimate Muscle Roller LegendULTRANIGGERUltrosU MADUnc drama coming up on EyetoyUncle DolanUnfunny GerrardUninformed LisaUNITIИUUSB lineU WOT M8VVTEC Just Kicked In YoValleywagVandalize Every EquationVerbose ThreadVespene gasVicious Dog ManVileplumeVuvuzela

WahawalruseWarren G. HardingWat doWayhne El PorchWe bought bread togetherWeathercatWeeblWeegeeWesley!!!Wew ladWHARRGARBLWhat 4chan crys out during sexWHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?What is Love?What is a man?What is airWhere do you want to go today?WE'RE GOING BACK TO POTATOS TO GET MY FUCKING POWER WRISTWhere is your X now?WHEN I WASWhen You're Chill With EveryoneWhistles go whooWhy So ExploitableWhy So Serious?Why do you hate America?Why is there a huge cock on the top left corner?Why.jpgWickerpediaWikipedeseWill SmithWinrarWisdom CatWoah VickyWoll SmothWomen do not their showerWooden tableWoomWorld AIDS Day RaidWorst picture everWrong Location NiggerWRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYX Doesn't Change Facial ExpressionsX EverywhereX Y is XX in my pantsX intensifiesX is not your personal armyX is now a memeX of dicksX people YX? In My Y?Xynta

YahwehY'all niggasYaranaikaYattaYOLOYou Are BanYOU ARE DOING IT WRONGYou Bawww, You LoseYou Forgot PolandYou Gonna Get RapedYou Know FrogYou Laugh, You LoseYou Win the PrizeYou must have been abused as a childYour a fucking idiotYour argument is invalidYou'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke CrackYOU'RE A BIRD!Your mother sucks cocks in hellYour resistance only makes my penis harder!Youth Mentor BearYTMNDZa WarudoZach Braff QuotesZinedine Zidane

*chan memes09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C016118-11guy1jar2/10 Would Not Bang220435527300360 Kid404 Girl4245° Celsius4chan Battlecards4chan Ergonomics4chan Gaming4chan Gold Account4chan Stencils4chan bans4chan.js6 BONG60's Spider-Man7 Proxies????@horse ebooks^ಠ_ಠ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Cockmongler, from old meme to "vintage meme"...
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