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    Raisedbymedia.jpg Welcome to the Media portal!

    Samurai Jack is the Holy Grail of cartoons and was created by Genndy Tartakovsky. Originally a show from a month before 9/11, it made an unexpected return in 2017 where it single-handedly BTFO every liberal tumblr cartoon on TV, including reddit's favourite shitty shows, like Rick and Morty, Steven Universe and The Loud House, garnering more ratings than all of these pretentious fuckshows combined.

    Mister Tartakovsky. For that alone, we at Encyclopedia Dramatica welcome you as our lord and saviour of lulz.


    People enjoy watching pure concentrated shit. Since the invention of shit, people have needed to make the shit appear before them without the pesky odor. Various media were created, but (until the internet) the greatest deliverer of shit to the largest number of people was television and cinema.

    Live Action ShowsAnimated ShowsMoviesPeopleMemesMisc.

    American IdolBarney and FriendsBig BrotherBreaking BadBritain's Got No Fucking TalentBuffy the Vampire SlayerCSIDexterDoctor WhoDuck DynastyGame of ThronesGleeHouseJersey ShoreLazyTownLostMad TVMonty PythonMuppetsMystery Science Theater 3000Power RangersSherlockStar Trek‎TeletubbiesThe Big Bang TheoryThe Colbert ReportThe Daily ShowThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirThe OCThe Walking DeadThe X-FilesTo Catch A PredatorTosh.0Trailer Park BoysiCarly

    Adventure TimeAnimaniacsAqua Teen Hunger ForceArcherBeavis and Butt-headBlack ButlerBravestarrCaillouCartoon All-Stars to the RescueClarenceD.Gray-ManDance In The Vampire BundDora the ExplorerDougDuckTalesFamily GuyFuturamaGravity FallsHank HillHappy Tree FriendsInvader ZimKim PossibleLittlest Pet ShopLoonatics Unleashed!Making FiendsMy Life MeMy Little PonyPeppa PigPhineas and FerbRegular ShowRick and MortyScrub Me Mama With A Boogie BeatSheZowSouth ParkSpongeBob SquarepantsStar vs. the Forces of EvilSteven UniverseTeen TitansTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThe Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusThe Amazing World of GumballThe BoondocksThe Fairly OddParentsThe Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyThe Loud HouseThe Magic School BusThe NutshackThe Powerpuff GirlsThe SimpsonsTom and JerryTotal DramaTotally SpiesTransformersUncle GrandpaVictor And Valentino

    30033 TeethA Clockwork OrangeAir BudAlita: Battle Angel (Movie)Bumblebee (Movie)AvatarBlack ChristmasBrokeback MountainCannibal HolocaustCloverfieldDuneE.T.Expelled: No Intelligence AllowedFight ClubFoodfight!Gayniggers from Outer SpaceGuinea PigHard CandyHarry PotterI Am LegendInceptionInnocence of MuslimsJackassJoker (Movie)Lord of the RingsMegan is MissingMy Little Pony: Equestria GirlsOpen Water 2RIKI-OHRoboCopSawScott Pilgrim vs. the WorldSnakes on a PlaneStar WarsThe Human CentipedeThe Hunger GamesThe InterviewThe Lion KingThe MatrixThe MissionThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe RingThe RoomThe ShiningThe WarriorsThe WizardThey LiveToxic AvengerTroll 2TwilightV For VendettaWatchmenWhere The Dead Go To DieWOLFABOO: The MovieZOO: The MovieZootopia

    BatmanBear GryllsBill O'ReillyBilly MaysBob RossBrittany MurphyBruce CampbellCharlie SheenChris HansenChristopher ReeveChristopher WalkenDakota FanningDennis HopperDoctor PhilElmoGary BuseyGary ColemanGlenn BeckHeath LedgerHeroHulk HoganJared FogleJerry SpringerJimmy SavileJodie FosterJoe BlackburnJohn TravoltaJonathan Kendrick LewisJoss WhedonJustin DabrowKathy GriffinKevin SmithKramerLauren FaustLeah ReminiLindsay LohanLouis CKMark WahlbergMax HeadroomMel GibsonMichael MooreMr. TNeil Patrick HarrisOlsen TwinsOprah WinfreyOrson WellesPatrick StewartPaul FeigPaul WalkerPaulie CalafiorePennywiseQuentin TarantinoR. Lee ErmeyRick SanchezRicky GervaisRobin WilliamsRoger EbertRoman PolanskiRoseanne BarrRosie O'DonnellSacha Baron CohenSeth MacFarlaneStephen FrySteve BuscemiSupermanTara StrongThe KingTom CruiseTom GreenToshiro MifuneUwe BollWendy BurchWill SmithWoah VickyWonder Woman

    60's Spider-ManAgent SmithArcherBaneBart the GeneralBel-AirCandlejackCarltonDownfallENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK ITEpic Red Ranger ManoeuvreFonzieForce PushGarbage DayGary OakGendo PoseHank HillI Drink Your MilkshakeInception CatJack SparrowJohn LockeKhaaan!Needs more cowbellOH MAN OH GODOver 9000RobotnikRoyco Cup of SoupSad KeanuShamwowStrutting LeoStu makes chocolate pudding at 4 in the morningSup DawgThe JuggernautThe Ugly BarnacleTony StarkWhy So Exploitable?Why So Serious?Your mother sucks cocks in Hell

    4KidsAdult SwimATHF Terrorist AttackAvatar Gay DramaAurora Theatre ShootingChekhov's GunComedy CentralDead Nigger StorageDerpy HoovesDeus Ex MachinaDisneyFox NewsFrosty the SnowmanIMDbJumped the sharkLostpediaMPAAMTVNeil Gaiman's SandmanNetflix & chillOld mediaOperation YewtreePixarPublic AccessRider KickRotten TomatoesSoap operaShrekChanTake the meat bridgeTelevisionThe AsylumThe Dark Knight IMDb Board/tv/TV.comTV TropesVideo BrinquedoWilkins CoffeeWomble rape


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