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    If you want your suggestion to be noticed then please submit it here. Note that you're going to have better luck by writing/improving the article yourself. Don't be fucking lazy.

    Read this guide

    Note: Don't suggest and/or make articles on any shitty artist, tracer or otherwise that you find on dA. These should be people who actually consistently make lulz, such as Snapesnogger, Chasethehedgehog and DisneyFan01. ED IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY and unless you've got significant drama and other such fucktardery to document, expect your article to be shot down faster than a furry is chased out of /b/.

    Add a link to the Tartlet's page in question to the description.

    Instructions for EDitors: If you start an article on the list, REMOVE IT, and say so (and link) in the edit summary. Also, sign your posts with four tildes (~).

    Needed Articles

    This section is for individual tartlets that DO NOT currently have an article. Groups below.


    Carol-Das-Estrelas (AKA Ranay or Caroline) is the deviantart equivalent of Uwe Boll, who faps frequently to her self-proclaimed boyfriend Top Man and refuses to believe that her stories are anything less than godly. Highlights include telling someone that their mother deserved to die because they didn’t like her works, comparing Mega Man getting in Super Smash Bros to the riots in Brazil, harassing and spamming users repeatedly, and just good old fashioned bullshit. She’s so bad, she even has a tumblr dedicated to archiving her stupidity.

    Her Deviantart page


    Harry-Topper (A.K.A. billybottles & HoraceBackside), is a hell-spawn piece of Eurotrash & a neat-freak furfag who has, despite being a member for only a year, been annoyingly making endless requests of humanized Thomas the Tank Engine characters & women taking shits "with their pants and panties pulled down to their ankles" to every single person he meets. On top of that, his appalling MSPaint artwork makes any sane person want to gouge his/her own eyeballs out with a 2x4.

    His devianTART page

    Further proof of his furfaggotry


    Laprasking: [1], is said to be the king of sickfucks, a quadruple threat carrying the fetishes of an inflationist, diaperfag, furfag, pokefag, and sonicfag. He also writes fanfictions which always involve sex between a human and a pokemon, disregarding the facts that he watches professional wrestling, thinks that it is real, and that he is British, it is very likely that he will grow old and die alone, as a masturbating loser.

    His DevianTART page

    His fanfictions


    Jacobyel: (Jacob Yelnosky) [2], has been a member of Deviantart for 5 years, he has racked up over 12000 deviations and his artwork has not improved. At all. In his first journal entry (one of very few entries he does not bring up ideas for “parodies” (the reason for using inverted commas is because these are not genuine parodies, these are nothing more than replacing names in a story.)) Jacob claims that he can teach us how to draw. Jacob, however, has no right to make this claim. Why? Because he fails at drawing. In his drawings, there is little to differentiate one character from another because their faces all look the same. His fetishes include bondage, swimsuit(WTF?), and transforming people into Cthulhu. He also draws pictures of women eating worms, another one featuring some girls from Kingdom Hearts tied up, gagged and being drowned (despite what his artist comments may claim that the girls were enjoying it), he also claims to have autism, while he steals pictures, recolors them (not changing the hue) and puts them in Photobucket.

    During the !CardcaptorNekoChan drama he and !CardcaptorNekoChan got a lot of attention. I think they were friends and jacobyel possibly whiteknighted her(?). This was about 2010 when the stuff with her was bigger. He has gotten attention for his shitty art from time to time. He also does shitty crossover ideas a lot. On top of all of that from what I have noticed he seems to have a seemingly negative attitude about "trolls" which really says a lot.

    His DevianTART page

    His "fanfictions"


    A DevianTART with hopes of anything and everything to go his way, he'll get a little bitchy if that doesn't happen. All of these links are pretty self-explanatory:

    Thread that started a massive shit storm


    Makeup and kisses

    New arm of faggotry

    LOL, he now knows he's on the needed page and is raging at the moment, even if he's trying to ignore it, it would seem impossible after how many break downs this faggot has went through, he deactivate his account several times and leaving his old account for dead.


    AbandonLonliness: (Alexandra “Rita” Spanton ) AbandonLonliness has been a DeviantArt user for the last three years, starting with her first account KrazyKacophony (deactivated).

    Although she began her internet career innocently enough by dabbling in traced Creepypasta, Sonic and Portal fanart as well as Gmod, she quickly went from a regular Deviant Tracer, to a full-time fan-bigot.

    '--- About Alexandra "Rita Spanton/AbandonLonliness" M.---'

    Alexandra “Rita Spanton” M. , is an 18 year old furry and Sonic fan who lives in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and claims to have Asperger Syndrome (Autism). She has her own website including pictures of herself, as well as fanrelated activities. She is a trace artist who complains about everything in her life, from her childhood, to her “rich parents”, and her mental disability which she also uses ad a crutch for being aggressive and violent to others on the internet.]

    She is a member of DeviantArt, Steam, Furaffinty, Skype, Youtube, Yahoo, SonicFanonWiki, Paheal.net (where she uploads her furry porn of Sally), e21 (also where she uploads furry porn), MobiusRP, ZeroChan, Creepypasta, gifsoup, Myspace, goanimate.com, 9cloud.us , Tumblr, and Twitter. Her internet lifestyle is like that of a common over-obsessed to the point of crazy fan. Who is AbandonLonliness? Who is AbandonLonliness? 2

    '---The Dramatic Internet-Career of AbandonLonliness ---'

    AbandonLonliness, then named Krazykacophony [DeviantArt, Furaffinty, Youtube, and more] was first known for her traced fanart of the Creepypasta that is her namesake, Sonic, and Portal. Even in the beginning of her DA career her tracing of artwork was not appreciated, and she was constantly called out for such. It was proven that she was indeed a trace-artist when she both admitted to it on her Furaffinty profile, and in several video submissions to Youtube. Admitting to tracing Video of her tracingMore recoloring in video

    AbandonLonliness began her decent into fan-warring with her constant, obsessive, and copious amounts of hatred towards the already over-rated Sonic character Amy Rose. Spiked by popular hatred to her favorite Sonic character, Sally Acorn, in favor of the more popular Amy Rose her many uploads of angry get rid of Amy Rose!! petitions, Amy Rose is an Asshole videos, gruesome death art aimed at the character, and then violent and hateful commentary to other users for their preferences caught the attention of the vast of Sonic and Amy Rose fans around DeviantArt. The angry, over-protective, and over the top fans of the character backlashed because of the hatred towards the character, which in turn make Abandonlonliness even bitterer to both the character and the fans.

    Resentful for the whooping she received due to hating a fictional character over-much, she thus began to continue her revenge on the Amy Rose, and “Sonamy” shipping fanbase by attacking other fans for either their hatred to Sally Acorn, or their love of Amy Rose and ever since she has been attacking other DeviantArt users, battling over fan-related opinions, and becoming more and more over-board to the point of harassment.

    --- Fan war, and harassment of SallyAcornHater4Life ---

    The most notable contender to AbandonLonliness, as caused by a difference of opinion on the Mary-sue status of Sally Acorn is the DeviantArt user SallyAcornHater4Life; another Sonic fan who has shown a considerable dislike for the character but has never shown to be over-strung with her hatred, especially when compared to AbandonLonliness.

    This war is considered the biggest part of her history, as it has taken so much of her time, art, DeviantArt ban-evading, and general internet drama.

    The original commentary by SallyAcornHater4Life sparked both violent, and over-excessiveresponses from AbandonLonliness for the character hater’s opinion and approach to denouncing the fictional chipmunk. In the days after the commentary towards SallyAcornHater4Life, AbandonLonliness began to submit several hypocritical journals to defame the Sally hater for her opinions on the character: such as her calling the character a Mary-sue, to preferring the Sonamy couple(Sonic and Amy Rose) the couple of Sonic and Sally. AbandonLonlinessalso created an alternate parody-turned-hate account, dubbed Anti-AmyRose4Life, which sparked massive outrage from Amy Fans, and casued AbandonLonliness’s obsession with SallyAcornHater4Life to grow. The hate account was filled with violent anti-Amy Rose art, as well as deviations telling SAH4L to shut up and die. A few days later the account was deactivated.

    On August 29th, 4 days after the fight initiated, AbandonLonliness was presumed to have given up the fan-war, saying in a journal that she would leave DeviantArt for good due to the hate; however AbandonLonliness would come back two days later to accuse SallyAcornHater4Life incorrectly of deleting her Wiki page. Days later AbandonLonliness deactivated once more.

    --- New Account Satam-Junkie ---

    The fight between SallyAcornHater4Life and AbandonLonliness was only paused and not ended however; In the days following her flee from her AbandonLonliness account, her new account Satam-Junkie was created. Despite it being obvious that the two were the same user, as called out by DeviantArt users, and shown by both the art submitted to the account and commentary made, AbandonLonliness first denied both her being the well-known drama-starter, and her hatred for the character that sparked her initial fighting. It was unsuccessful.

    While in her Satam-Junkie account, AbandonLonliness showed the most amount of her obsessiveness, violence, and harassment. While she needlessly attacked other DeviantArt users for the character preferences, her hatred and harassment for SallyAcornHater4life returned and became worse than before; on more than one account and for several weeks at a time Satam-Junkie began to post disturbingly violent and threatening journals towards the Sally hater, due to her opinion on the character. Many of her journals held death-threats towards the DA user, other violence, and more about the other user attacking or bullying her. AbandonLonliness in her rage also created journals and an entire website, dedicated to essays on how SallyAcornHater4Life was Hitler. Also during this time she created a hate account deemed [Kill-Amy-Rose.deviantart.com Kill-Amy-Rose], and what would have been an alternate account if not for being found out early, [PikPikCarrot.deviantart.com PikPikCarrot]. SallyAcornHater4Life took over the internet. Being called out by another user Claims not to hate SAH4L for Sally Called out for lying about SAH4L Another user connecting the accounts

    The war between SallyAcornHater4Life also included a fanwar with the DeviantArt user, and 3D artist Zartic, who created a Sally Acorn 3D base commission for AbandonLonliness, before using the model for her own hate art, sparking rage and violence from AbandonLonliness as well.

    In the days following up several deactivation, Satam-Junkie aside from her hate journals would add sympathy journals in between. Many times she threated to leave DA for good, to do physical harm to herself, talk about her family and how her father tries to rape her, denounce other users as trolls and bullies, deny her involvement in harassment or hatred, and complain of losing her watchers her supporters and being called out by other users observing the fight.

    At the point of highest amounts of psychotic, suicidal,and violent behavior following up to Christmas, AbandonLonliness’s boyfriend went to SallyAcornHater4Life to ask her to make up with his girlfriend, as Abandon moved to a new account named Terrarita. As it was Christmas, SallyAcornHater4Life complied and expressed her want to end the fight; the fanwar was paused once more, and Satam-Junkie moved to a new account, deactivating and reactivating her Satam-Junkie account, only for it to be suspended for 3 months by DA for her harassment. She also went to a new Furaffinity account to defame SAH4L once more, before the content was reported and removed, the finally suspended for art theft.

    --- Moving to [Terrarita.deviantart.com Terrarita] ---

    The war however, had not completely ended. While in her new account named Terrarita, AbandonLonliness again began to startmore fan-wars over the character Amy Rose and Sally Acorn, by attacking other users for their views on her favorite character. She also began to defame SallyAcornHater4Life once more in journals and comments, claiming to be innocent while the hater “harassed” her, creating journals showing her being jealous of SAH4L’s popularity and support, and claims of the hater taking over the internet and brainwashing people. The fight with SallyAcornHater4Life was also brought back therefore, when the hater uploaded a demotivational poster, and AbandonLonliness responded. SAH4L responded again, gaining one more response from Terrarita about SallyAcornHater4Life “betraying” her. This now led up to miniature spats, including parody art of AbandonLonliness’s charater Edwina, which sparked an over-emotional response of “My character is dead!and “SallyAcornHater4Life is a bully!” in journals. She also created journals about SAH4L and another user she attacked on both websites, defaming them both. These lies in her journals, and on her un-suspended Furaffinty sparked responding activity from SallyAcornHater4Life, displayed in all the activity of AbandonLonliness harassing her and others for the last 5 months.

    She took over the internet Actual convo with SAH4L

    --- Current Account [Aaaaa-Rucklo.deviantart.com Aaaaa-Rucklo]---

    AbandonLonliness now resides once more in an alt account named Aaaaa-Rucklo, where she is creating a project to redo Chris-Chan’s Sonicchu comic into a pro-Sally/Sonally one. She has denied before being AbandonLonliness, before then admitting it to another member. Also in this account she has already showed signs of continuing her fanwar, with commentary both about SallyAcornHater4Life, who is tobe made into a villain character in her Sallychu comic, and to other users expressing hatred.

    ---Recently--- Despite her new [Aaaaa-Rucklo.deviantart.com Aaaaa-Rucklo] account, AbandonLonliness still continues to use her Terrarita Account for her drama, including some new blowout at none other than SallyAcornHater4Life, for uploading screenshot to Photobucket. Baw!!! Because of her new discovery, Terrarita has began to upload more and more silliness accusing SallyAcornHater for backstabbing her. She's a backstabber Stamp She's a Liar Stamp Baww She spreading hate! What makes this particular story funny however, is the fact that AbandonLonliness has spread copious amounts of content to many sites herself: Including Webs.com where she created a SallyAcornHater is Hitler page, Her Furaffinty Account where she's made plenty of Journals calling her out Youtube And other Forums.

    ---Finale--- As of May 18th 2012, Terrarita [ Changed to TerraCybercop] was banned permenemtly from DeviantArt due to her constant harassment of other Sonic fans. Bannned She is currenrlty complaining about this development on Furaffinty, where she claims she was banned for changing her username Something about "The only account I have were dead" (for pity from other users), and on her personal blog via her website, where she claims a close friend reported her "falsely" http://ritas.webs.com/apps/blog/show/15269911-banned-from-deviantart. In reality, it has been found that another user (Whose name will stay anonymous for safety) was the one to have reported her successfully, as she received a report receipt afterwards.


    A tartlet with an attitude that places her in the same rank as deviants such as Whitedog1. She's completely unable to take even the most helpful advice or anything that might even remotely sound like a critique of her perfect art skills. Her favourite tools are the block and baawlete buttons, which unfortunately makes it very difficult to track the lulz. Don't even think about complimenting her art, either. That's grounds for blocking, too! Watch out for her floozie, Shi676, who will bombard you with questions about why you are even daring to view or comment on someone's public webpage (even if it isn't her own) in the first place. It's obviously against their rules. You have to be on their watch lists, or they get "suspicious."

    Obsessed with animu, she will not draw you any pairings if they interfere with "her men," even if you pay her. Easily trollable, especially when it comes to her look-alike OCs, but unfortunately the block button tends to cut the fun times short. She's obviously on a higher plane of existence that those with logical minds could just never understand.

    If you find ANYTHING lulzy, be sure to SCREENCAP THE SHIT OUT OF IT, because it will be hidden/deleted within seconds!!

    Her devianTART page Her floozie's devianTART page


    An autistic sick fuck deviant who goes among pages of TF artists and perfrom RPs of faggotry to the max, he looked to ruin one user, Teh-Manipist1, for his own personal gain, he's also been fapping to some Thomas train shit yet he can't even hold on to a model [3]. He also happens to be friends with that other sick fuck whose name has been going around the forums Longseet, Note he's a hypocritical manchild to anyone who calls out on his bullshit. Also a homophobe, lol.

    He also made a fake account that poses as his parents, lolwut???, Proof of his fraud [4] Lol, shitty acting skills are shitty

    Deviantard's page

    also told this guy [5] to get cancer

    classy hate art [6]

    Currently he is hacked by Sp!dy3r , lets hope it stays that way for the good of the internet! he's back again faggots.

    [7] [8] [9] lolalts


    A fucking retarded Japanese wolfaboo in his 20's who bitches and BAAWWS whenever someone leaves a critique. derpShite draws nothing but shitty pictures of wolves that look like they're on steroids and blocks anyone whom he believes to be a troll. He also hides any comments that doesn't kiss his ass, insults people who have autism, and has a fuckload of retarded white knights.

    His devianTART page

    A blog on AB about him being a dick about commissions.


    A whiny, bitchy attention whore in her 20's but cries (and talks) like a little baby. Her gallery is choked with shitty rip offs of Bleedman and Sonic, with absolutely no sign of originality. She loves it when people kiss her ass and make fanart of her stupid fan characters. But if you say otherwise, she'll make a BAAWW journal and send forth her white knights to spam your page. If she happens to get into trouble, she'll delete the journal and act as though it never happened. Jemyfantard thinks that the entire universe revolves around her and even has the guts to openly claim to be even more "superior" to Bleedfag himself (when pigs fly bitch!).

    Her deviantTART page

    Some BAAWW journals [10] [11] (note how she and her "friends" act as though the world is about to end).

    [12] trollz say false stuff about people,they are trollz,i know this because i saw some planning to troll me on a public blog,and what the trollz said about me on that website is also false,i bet that those trollz cant draw worth for shit,they are just jealous and have no lives


    Unoriginal yaoi artist who is constantly gathering up her white knight army any time someone accuses her of anything. For example, here she baws about how she got accused of wrongly selling a pillow- [13] Note how she uses the forum instead of noting or notifying staff. She also constantly polls her watchers about her unoriginality [14][15] just so she can get some asspatting about how original and amazing she is. [16] Is another place where she sent some white knights, but this time, she actually advised the commenter on how to report her art. Lots of lulz potential, I've got a feeling she may bloom into lulcow soon. She also has assburger's, which she baws about in many deviations.

    Her devianTART page


    A artist who believes she will get into college to study animation with her badly drawn, badly scripted and completely unoriginal furry and animu animatiuns. While she hasn't caused any drama, she can't take even the most constructive of criticism about her work. Her fans insist on Youtube that OMG HER WRK IS SO AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3333!!!1111 and if you don't like it you're just 'jealous of her talent". She's currently in a contest on a site full of hipster yiff faggotry known as KingofWeb (KOW) where she is spamming her followers with furryboo crap to up her votes to win money and become a virtual king of fame and cosplay on the website. Even when told her work is full of fail and she'll need all the luck in the world to get into college which includes advice on anatomy, originality etc, she insists you are trolling and have no life, her white knights are exactly the same and defend their hero till the death.

    The greatest animator evar!!!1111 Example of white knights raging over constructive criticism on KOW if u dont vote for these amazing animations ur just stupid! :3


    Probably on her 4th or 5th Deviantart by now, this tartlet has a habit of hopping from desperate boyfriend to desperate boyfriend and whoring attention from the Sonic community. She barely draws but sluts about her Eevee recolor like it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    Well known for begging for donations, art gifts and trading shitty art in return.

    Recently been "robbed" and thereafter whined about it for days on end on her deviantArt, LiveJournal and Twitter. She claimed poverty by declaring that she had but £25 to her name and that all her games consoles and associated games were stolen, which would not be replaced for free because she is a moron and didn't have insurance. That is, until her incessant whinging caused her adoring fans (read: social retards) to donate $300 to her, which she promptly spent on vidyagames rather than say, food or rent like non-retards would.

    Her devianTART page

    File:HBalthamos the Heffer.jpg
    The landwhale itself

    Spending your donations on shit she doesn't need


    He complains about EVERYTHING, and posts BAWWWW journals about it. He's always trying to start shit with people. He thinks that it's never okay for his friends to be on line and to never even say "Hello" to him. If you are online while he is, you better say hi to him, or else he'll post a journal bitching about it. Oh, and if he doesn't feel like talking to you, he'll use his "dA glitched on me again" excuse.

    His dA page

    BAWWW journal over something dumb

    His dA girlfriend, who's another story

    Another fine example of a BAWWW journal

    NOTE: He tends to delete most of his journals after a while, so it's best to get screenshots of them while they're fresh.


    Finished. Please see Longseet. --File:Cstory.gif 17:41, 6 November 2011 (CET)


    Walter Ratley is the horniest retarded retard that can't talk normal about his sick fantasies. You can find his DeviantART page here, just follow his comments. He uses his alt account to be mad if you get him butthurt. Ivo Robotnik: SnooPING AS usual I see! 00:26, 13 September 2011 (CEST)

    Humon is currently one of the most popular tartlets under the shining sun of DeviantArt. Famous for a Hetalia knock-off comic with a serious case of unfunny, 14 year old girls love everything she touches and hump her leg whenever she's within proximity. She is extremely careful with conducting herself, so unfortunately any lulz posts are few and far between. However, everything she draws is utterly terrible, and it's painfully obvious that she doesn't a good joke from her own pubic hair. But if you don't understand, don't worry! There are plenty of sex jokes, racism, more sex jokes, and tentacle rape for a general audience. And that's not even getting to how AIDs her style is.


    An overrated 18-year-old tartlet residing in the shithole of New York, who specializes in making fan art of series like SpongeBob SquarePants, Adventure Time, Fish Hooks, Portal (she even went as far as dressing up like one character off the game at the 2011 New York Comic-Con), and a plethora of others, thus garnering a mess of watchers day by day (who happen to be fantards of the series she makes fan art of). Besides making fan art of her precious series, however, she makes original art, too!


    If you were to know a worser veriosn of Tom Preston, This pathetic faggot maches the him just well. BrokenTeapot started out as any other sick fuck fetish fag on DA. His Obsessions with mind control fetish, bondage, and many types of sick fuckery use to haunt his gallery. He is a pathetic 18 year old loser who has no friends at all who also wreeks of virginity. His art work is generic anime fan bullshit, and extremely unfunny Nintendo comics due to the fact he's a Nintendo fag. Most of his work is over done unfunny jokes and sexualises characters, forcing sane people to to vomit and gouge out theirs eyes. People are actually stupid enough to commission the faggot even though he can't make a quality work for anything, even though it gets faved and sky rocketed to the front page where everyone can fangasm due to the fact they don't know real quality.

    The faggot's DA page. [17]

    • Oh, I used to maek a dummy page on him but it kinda died cause other than his bad art, he has no lulz or drama. He's pretty unresponsive to trolling. I'd go after LordDragonMaster, now that's a lolcow Ge5undhe17 03:12, 30 November 2011 (CET)

    Neocasko and Ultrabountyhunter

    Fuck buddies who bitch and whine about how much of a heartless bitch angelishi is and blame all their problems on her (and who they see as her "fans"). Both of them have shitty galleries and fanfics (surprise, surprise) with one having a gallery of mostly badly colored versions of other people's works while the other has poorly written Transformer fanfics that will make you not be able to understand what the story is about (you'd probably stop reading after the first two stories).

    Neocasko claims to be a victim of her bitchy attitude and her "bawwwwwlocking" when in reality, he's just a creepy stalker who just wants to get into her pants. Ultrabountyhunter is just a butthurt grudge holder who dedicates his life to crusading against her and who couldn't handle the harsh cold reality of the interwebs. He makes a sockpuppet account only to be called out by DragonQuestWes for giving himself away, thus resulting in Ultrabountyhunter making a BAWWWWWWW journal disguised as a "LOLOLOL LOOK AT THIS WHYET NAET I PWNED LOLOLOL" journal in which he uses a bunch of words he doesn't even know. And he continues to bitch about "white knights" while at the same time hiding comments from angelishi and eventually blocking her.

    Ultrabountyhunter's dA page as well as possibly his sockpuppet account which is riddled with SO many similar butthurt insults towards angelishi that you would hear from UBH (it's ridiculously easy to compare if you lurk) Neocasko's dA page

    Thread on Complaints Forum where he pretty much gives himself away (note that Ultrabountyhunter made the first reply at around the same time as the OP)

    TheTrollingExpert 09:45, 2 December 2011 (CET)


    Preston's white knight, and furry porn artist. Came to the forums to battle trolls and left after half an hour of shitposting after his call out journals failed to satisfy the attention whore.

    Oddly enough, Hayakain draws gay porn when the rest of his gallery is dominated by furry sluts with big tits.

    His list of fetishes include yaoi, balloon tits, furries, vore, bondage, feet, and tickling.

    Dirt on the white knight here

    Torture-Device rapes Hayakain

    shitty webcomic

    e621 porn gallery

    totally not a furry gais!

    His DA page


    Fat girl who takes shitty cellphone pictures of her fat rolls and posts them for attention. The comments are as funny as her poor quality pictures.

    BigBellyArt's deviantart

    Oh Snap!


    A bitch who draws anthropomorphic airplanes with huge tits, and claims to use herself as a reference for poses. She is also a furry (possibly Nazi fur). Recently, her parents trolled her in an attempt to get her to stop drawing retarded shit. The event caused a surprisingly short BAAAAWWW.

    Seriously, take a look at this shit.

    Yea, she really used herself as reference.

    Not sure who she's tracing from now but they suck at anatomy. Whoever it is.


    BleedingFireWolf's article has been created. LoveTheLulz 8:35, 15 October 2012 (UTC)


    This guy was horror stricken when he walked in on Sam having a reptile orgy.
    LeatherHead knows trash when it's left on his door step.

    Originating from the sewers of New York, this 27 (born August 16,1985) yr old Sailor Mary, real name Samantha Pabon, Suethor that likes to get fucked by every male reptile character out there. How many croc cocks can that bitch take? The world may never know. It's safe to assume this deviantartlet is a 13 yr old and not a grown woman because holy christ for the sake of all things decent, she couldn't be any more original then angelic-catalyst. Like most Mary-Sues she'll stick her poorly drawn, and designed, character into every fucking fandom she can get her stubby little fingers on. Should it also be known that her digital arts are nothing but ms paint traces of original clip arts, it would explain the good anatomy on some of the works and the poor anatomy on the others.

    DaFuq is this shit? About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    So the only things you'll find in this sad cunt's gallery are rips from the official artworks, rips of the official artworks, and thousands among thousands of mary-sue self-inserts into as many fucking fandoms as possible. Seriously, go have yourself a good laugh at this pathetic lady. It's safe to believe that the reason for fucking so many fictional reptiles is because no man in the real world would touch her fugly ass with a 20ft rod.



    An eighteen year old fucktard who crawled out of the darkest depths of Canada that spends his time creating shit masterpieces with terrible anatomy, stolen backgrounds and rips the fuck out of the original arts he no longer admires.

    Our lulzy story begins when he called out File:Deviantart-favicon.png icepuppyheart for using the same facial markings from his character Taffie. Legit. Right after he starting watching Mary to see if she would steal from him again. Alas, she stole some colors that resembled his character Sorianna-Lyn. All too soon, he made a journal bawwwing about how this discovery was such a tragedy although people started being mean to him saying he was just paranoid. One person went as far as making a comparison showing all the differences between Sorianna-Lyn and Selena. When this occurred all the furfag could do to respond was "TL;dr" because that shows everyone how mature and smart he really is. So the drama between Mary and File:Deviantart-favicon.png Mayeskii died down until it was discovered that one of his latest shit masterpieces had a stolen lava photograph as a background by a Mr. Leigh Hilbert whom was never rightfully credited or asked. Even after that he still claims that File:Deviantart-favicon.png icepuppyheart is still stealing his precious rip offs.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Of course when reading about this lulz cow that was only the beginning as File:Deviantart-favicon.png Mayeskii is well-known for going through, the more popular, female artists like Mary is for ripping artists. With an extreme case of USI he'll use them to gain e-fame and e-fortune by pretending he wants something more than a typical friendly relationship. As a one File:Deviantart-favicon.png tofu93 will tell you he used her and her art but in the end she told him to piss off but of course the psycho claims she was mean to him. Ms. Tofu though isn't his only victim.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]



    A 13-year-old crazed fantard of the Disgaea fandom that thinks she's a fucking special snowflake. She shoots mary-sues and self-inserts out of her vagina every other week and her drawing skills are as shitty as her personality. She pairs herself up with Loki from Marvel, Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians, Grell from Kuroshitsuji, the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, Jareth from The Labyrinth, and Valvatorez from Disgaea 4. Her very first picture is of her middle school agenda which as ALL of her personal information; even her physical address. Nobody has even told her to remove it because it risks her own fucking safety. That, or nobody gives a shit. She even joined Tumblr at the age of 12.9 years old and was fully aware that she wasn't supposed to register until she was 13, but did it anyways. Recently, her mother threatened that if she didn't get her grades up, she would find a way to delete all of her accounts on every site she went on. She managed to keep her mom from doing so; she most likely had to suck a couple hundred dicks to finally get her mom off her ass. She submits shitty self-insert fanfictions manually by uploading the entire fucking .doc file, and then uses stolen artwork as a cover for her stories. Her response when being told that they would be deleted for art theft? "Meh".

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Imagine if a Star Wars fan and a Bible-thumper fucked atop a nuclear reactor, and produced an 19 year old manchild that somehow gained a love of bad movies and a fetish for giant deformed asses, which he thinks God gave him the ability to draw. If you just imagined that, then you'd only be in the borderlands of the ballpark of what Sonicclone is.

    It should be known that almost everything relevant to this christfag's interests is marketed towards children, some examples being Veggie Tales, that terrible live action Cat In The Hat movie, Treasure Planet, that terrible live action Super Mario Bros movie, and Thomas the Tank Engine. In typical Tarlet fashion, he has a tendency to whine and cry about being "attacked" by "haters" via his DeviantArt journal despite advice against it from friends and spectators alike and will BAWWWWLOCK you if you are of a different faith, sexual orientation, weight class than himself, or for even thinking of giving him a critique on his God-blessed art.

    He also thinks Jar Jar Binks is a brilliant character, a woman's place is in the kitchen and he will call you sexist for saying otherwise, Barack Obama is a Muslim, and all non-Christians are going to Hell.


    JFK was also a catholic, and possibly was a Christian.


    —Ouch, someone give the Pope a burn heal for that slick insult.

    Out of his assignation, rose multiple conspiracy theories. A lot of fiction & articles center around government deception or terrorism. However, there is no proof or confirmation about any superstition.


    —I wouldn't be surprised if he were a truther but I guess even he hasn't gone full retard yet.

    I drew this because nobody else would!


    —On why he drew a picture for the 10th anniversary of the shitty live action "Cat in the Hat" movie.

    Originally, I wasn’t planning on drawing something for today because “Doctor Who” really isn’t special to me: And not just because it holds no Nostalgia for me, I also am picky when it comes to it. However, since a lot of angry DeviantART people would most likely put a bounty on my head for not doing it, I decided to draw it.


    —There's probably even more of a bounty on his head now for drawing that.


    This is sure one internet tough guy. He's yet another uneducated redneck who hates liberal, gay, atheist, and niggers. His biggest dream is to get into a gay orgy with Jesus and his whole gallery is full of right-wing propaganda, yet complains constantly about propaganda. He also makes claims that he's taking a break from DevianTART, only to return 5 minutes later because he pissed off some butthurt leftard.

    Trolling him is recommended, he always leaves his comments open, and only abuses the block button when he loses arguments. Guaranteed lulz from him.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Zane1193

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png FriendsofZane1193 His shitty group he runs with his ALT accounts.



    BuddyBoy600 (Jonathan Lhota) wants you to know about Disney's adaptation of the Belgian comic, Marsupilami! It was cancelled after 13 episodes and the creators sued Disney over money. But in the Disney version he talks and has a friend named Maurice who's a gorilla, in the original comics he just says "Houba" which is stupid, just like Warner Music Group! So are Marsupilami's wife and kids and all the other characters who appear in the original comic and the more faithful animated adaptation created by the French company Marathon and the live-action 2012 movie, because France sucks, just like Warner Music Group and Japan. In the Disney show he's voiced by Scott Mackell! There's also a poacher named Norman and an elephant named Stewie! Did you know it originally started as a segment on Raw Toonage! which aired on NBC in 1992.

    NBC used to have the best Saturday morning cartoon line-up ever because of Raw Toonage and Camp Candy and all the other great shows!

    Did we mention he's only likes the Disney version of Marsupilami, and treats the Belgian comic like a creationist treats science and common sense. [18]

    According to BuddyBoy600, Marsupilami was a best Disney character ever (even though Disney did not create him or even own him), and he doesn't say "Houba" or have a wife and kids. He and his buddy Maurice who didn't appear in the original comics are the best. Marsupilami's wife and kids suck!

    Also, Sesame Street was better before Elmo became a main character and Warner Brothers sucks because they took down his videos on YouTube.

    Disagree with him about Disney's Marsupilami or "Classic" Sesame Street and he goes into Bawwwwwwwww-mode faster than you can say "Houba"! Worse, he will try report other users, but for BAD reasons.

    He's also friends with the infamous KessieLou, even though she thinks Marsupilami's kids are adorable and does not deny their existence.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png BuddyBoy600 Houba!


    HouseOfFrancis (also known as HouseOfHell, HouseOfHatred, and HouseOfSlander) is a batshit insane artist who draws like a 4-year-old via MS Paint, whose gallery is littered with nothing but Johnny Test hate art and some other fucking slanderous pics, which he draws and posts out of his own tirade. He is also heavily obsessed with Talking Tom & Friends, Mario, Sonic, The Simpsons, Garfield, South Park, Happy Tree Friends, Disney, Cartoon Network, and many crossovers. His biggest hatred goes toward Johnny Test (a cartoon he hates so fucking much), which he wastes his time and talent drawing pics of.

    And worse, he will block people who have different opinions than he does, or if they try to calm him down, or point out flaws with his shitty artwork. Don't be surprised if his block list reaches the maximum limit of 500 users. He claims that trolls are not allowed on his page, yet most of his friends are trolls with the same opinions he has, and many of his friends do Johnny Test hate art.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png HouseOfFrancis


    Lig28 (Real Name: William) is a batshit anthro artist who faps to the diaper fetish and litters his gallery with nothing but drawings of characters in diapers, and even worse pissing and shitting in them, which he wastes his talent drawing pics of. His close friends are babyfurs and diaperfurs and other diaper lovers who will do favors for him just draw all the attention to himself.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Lig28


    Jahubbard is a batshit diaperfur who wastes his talent drawing Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon pissing and shitting in diapers. He also watches other diaperfurs in the community. He believes that disposable diapers are more convenient than cloth diapers, but will lash out when told the truth that disposable diapers despite their absorbency contain harmful chemicals compared to cloth diapers. He has also stolen some copyrighted images and added diapers on the characters from the copyrighted images. He will also BAWWWWLOCK someone with different views or reveals the truth that disposables contain harmful chemicals compared to cloth diapers.

    OMG!! Look at this diaperfag!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png jahubbard


    BabyChrisFox (a.k.a. BabyMilesTailsPrower) is a batshit insane babyfur and diaperfur obsessed with drawing babyish pics including his character Chris the Fox in diapers and other infantile stuff which he faps to.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png BabyChrisFox


    ShineofRain is another untalented MSPaint inflation artist who traces from other people and is obsessed with nurses, inflation, and farting too. He's been wasting his life away at DeviantART improving nothing. How many years? Almost 10 fucking years. Ivo Robotnik: SnooPING AS usual I see! 07:23, 13 November 2014 (EST)

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png ShineofRain


    Supercarlosvillar (Real name Carlos Manuel Villar) is an art thief who steals copyrighted images of his favorite cartoon characters (including Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and Cartoon Network ones) and will put them in different-colored backdrops and/or make shitty collages with those copyrighted images. Worse, he will BAWWWWLOCK anyone who tells him that he's breaking the rules that copyrighted images aren't allowed without legal permission from the original copyright holders and will flag their warnings as spam.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Supercarlosvillar


    Joshuax152 is an insane, yet rabid fan of the Gen 5 Pokemon, Snivy. Has a super edgy OC that is named after him. What brought some light on this guy is that he is super hard on having Snivy and other shitty characters in Super Super Smash Brother. He's been on about this since Super Smash 3DS/Wii U came out. Will BAWWWWLOCK if you have an opinion. Is best friends with Sonofss2. Has a huge fetish for inflation. Most of his deviations are just shitty screen caps from PC games, His Wet Dreams for Super Smash brothers and a shitty bio for his OC. His resent journals are rage filled for Super Smash Brothers or Pokken. Did you know he also got angry and blames Nintendo for not including any Gen 5 in Super Smash Bros or the up coming Pokken game?


    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Joshuax152


    Autistic cartoon loving manchild who obsessively photoshops the head of cartoon women (including some underage ones like Meg, the Pokemon girls, and The Sailor Scouts) onto different "sexy" bodies and makes shitty unfunny "comics" using clipart of said characters. He has violated so many copyright and child protection guidelines and blocks anyone who tells him his "artwork" violates copyrights and is awful-looking. Proving that DA moderators are lazy idiots.


    This section is for groups which should get a mention - for the members, or just drama they make.


    I-Call-Bull A group to show off trolling's finest achievements via screencaps. Known for attracting white knights by the dozen to defend people such as this and Blueshinewolf just to name two, and for cyberbullies to have their e-cocks stroked in return for the great justice they serve. Also recently has had some drama with an influx of incest related stamps, with such fucknuttery as comparing it to rape. [19]

    Any 'depression' or mental illness groups

    [20] Things like this, a general article on them. They're usually full of whiny fucktards with no life whatsoever - the whole reason I found that was through this faggot. Just, all of them are fucking amazingly stupid.

    [21] Yeah just some idiot and his undieing love for Felicia from Darkstalkers that should got trolled like hell.

    Articles that should be Re-Done/Need Help

    Lord-Of-Death-Reiai - Needs moar coverage and needs to be expanded.