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    150px Welcome to the Chanology Portal

    Featured Article - Scientology

    Scientology is a science fiction mindbelch cobbled together from delusional psychosis and rubbish by insane mouth-breather L. Ron Hubbard, who delved the darkest depths of reality and discovered that Darth Vader is in league with the Klingons and Aleister Crowley. As the arcane secrets Mr. Hubbard unearthed shake great pillars of humanity, Scientology has been organised as a graduated religion whereby, in exchange for money (which is worthless, anyway), initiates are incrementally exposed to ever more powerful spells and magical items. Though it has has never happened, it is widely believed that a Level Eighty Scientologist could unthink the universe.

    ((We're not a cult! y r u so meen?))


    Hey! Welcome to the Chanology portal. This is a treehouse area of ED where Xenufags can play in the sand to their hearts' content without incurring the nerd rage of others.

    CHANOLOGY IS STILL IN FULL EFFECT. Let's finish off this cult! If not for all the mean stuff they do to retards, let's do it for Scientology's extreme case of unwarranted self-importance!

    If we can destroy Scientology, WE CAN DESTROY ANYTHING! Good times!


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