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    What? This article needs moar internets.
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    The poor can be dangerous when cornered.
    Sarcasm!!! HOBOSEX!!! HOBOSEX!!! HOBOSEX!!!

    Individual poor allegedly have very little money, not even enough to afford an AOL account. Thus there are no poor on the internets, because although they have the same amount of disposable income as the internet poor, they wisely prefer to spend it on the mildly addictive necessities of life - such as alcohol and crack - rather than cripplingly addictive pastimes such as MMORPGs. Many of the poor act like a twisted evil twin of a camwhore, except instead of hiding their ugly on the internets with internet disease so sad bastards will send them money to see their boobs, the poor try to look as ugly as possible IRL so people will give them money to go away now plzkthx. Poor people are sometimes referred to as "povs", short for impoverished.

    Poor are not to be confused with hobos, which are honest, working people who travel across the nation attempting to liberate us from the U.S. government. For more information on hobos, consult The Areas of My Expertise, an almanac containing information on many things, including hobos and their names.

    Poor is also what the USA (and subsequently the rest of the world) is going to be when the recession turns into a depression. And that includes all kinds of poverty: material poverty, government-endorsed poverty, and putting faith above everything else.

    Not Poor

    Many black people are mistakenly identified as being poor. This is incorrect. They are merely lazy nigs. They have moar moniez than anyone. Tank you welfare!!!!!! Tank u for watermelonz!

    The Deserving Poor

    This is what poor people deserve in the USA.

    People who deserve to be poor include;

    People who not only deserve to be poor but should be deliberately drowned and then forced to live in a swamp include;

    Places the Poor Can be Found

    Occupations of the Poor

    A white man, enjoying his privilege.
    An example of a hobo begger trying to make you feel sorry for him.
    The poor need pants too.

    Though the common stereotype that "povs" do not work is generally correct, a percentage of them do indeed have jobs:

    What to do if you find a Poor

    1. Capture him and put him in a cage.
    2. Catch another poor.
    3. Offer them whiskey and meth to fight.
    4. Videotape fight.
    5.  ?????
    6. PROFIT!!!

    Don't have a camera? Here are a few easy ways to profit from the poor:

    Amazing, highly uplifting video about poverty

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