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    PonyIsland is a virtual pet site made for a spoiled whiny bitch Veez by her boyfriend ZarqX who thinks he is some kind of mad 1337 haxor but is really a lame nerd. Based on the toy for little girls and boys, My Little Pony, Pony Island borders copyright infringement at nearly every step. It's aimed at the same market as Neopets except less popular and more retarded. The fact that you have to pay to play, means many members get pissed off especially when the ADMIN and their MODS get banhammer happy which is all the time.

    The artist LunaCat is also known to be a retard who jizzes on her finished shitty artwork.

    Example of retarded art.

    What Can Get You Banned or Your Posts Deleted?


    PonyIsland is like two games for the price of one! On the one hand you have the lovely pastel rainbow shitting glory, and on the other the seedy world of The Adoptable market. Adoptables range from the lame to the uber lame and are made by retards and are mostly stolen art. The most famous adoptables are Lupines, which are coveted by all the furfags who just can't get enough of wolves. There are rumors that the creators of Lupines are richer than God, in both "Pg" and real usd, they are sold for large amounts of real cash, varying from 20 dollars to 200, proving that the fat fuck that take part really have no life.

    Example Of PonyIsland Players

    PonyIsland Forums

    These are full of lulz, albeit read only lulz if you aren't a member to partake in Rocking the Vote events, writing fan fiction or messing with people's brains on the forums. For a kid's pet sim site, PonyIsland really does have a dark side, for all its rules on adult content and its over exuberant profanity filter the Fan Fiction forum is a paradise for pony pedos and equine rape fests, also the drama...oh the hardcore drama:

    "My Love!" He called out and ran toward her. Ella stood up and embraced him."We have to get out of here. I just lost the guards long enough to come here. We can run away together, and live the best lives." Eelan explained the Ella. "I don't want to live as fugitives though. We'll have to live with guards chasing us throughout our lives." Ella Replied. Th sound of hooves rushing over their heads stopped both of them in their tracks. "We can deal about this later! We have to go, Now!" Eelan Said Grabbing a hold of Ella and rushing Out of the cell. They raced down the dark corridor, Their Hooves pounding on the rough cement. The other ponies in the cells, probably ones centenced to dye aswell, pleaded for Ella and Eelan to rescue them. They had no time however and rushed right passed. The gaurds footsteps got louder as the got closer. Eelan Took a sharp turn to left, to what looked like a dead end. "What are you doing Eelan! This is a dead end!" Ella yelled. Eealn Just ignored her and kept on running Right through the wall!


    — Luner Sky, on the fan fiction forum

    Oh no! I am pregnant! But Its not with Nightingale! It's with Twilight! I went and got a DNA test... Oh no! At least no one knows, I think. I'm not telling anyone but Twilight. I can't it's too risky. Oh gosh! What am I going to do? If I have the baby with Twilight I would still have to be mates with Nightingale... Unless I tell my parents, then they would let me be with the father Twilight? I am kind of freaking out... What should I do? Should I just go for it? And tell my parents? Or should I just keep it secret and leave the baby with Twilight? Oh no. Why does it have to be me?!


    — Gummybearmurderer, fan fiction forum

    Trolling For Lulz

    Example of a minor lulz moment

    Trolling is a bit harder to do than it used to be, since the cock suckers at PonyIsland stopped Trial users from posting on the forums. You are limited to naming Trial accounts with imaginatively crude names (because the profanity filter works on account and pony names as well as the forums) like ButtSecks and Secks Machine are ok, but Cunt Bucket and CockSucker aren't. You could always guess some kid's account password and post from there for epic lulz, if your ethics don't prevent you from doing so. You can also mess with the retards off site by choosing a group at random, the 'Clubs' forum is the best for this, and creating an offsite webspace, mocking them for epic lulz. You have to find a way of getting them to find you, so create some Trial accounts and name the starter ponies after your web domain. It's good to get another site to mention it so post on the Ponyland Catfights forum or find someone else to.

    Lupines: An Extensive Guide

    The Lupines,as their fans refer to them, are a shitty side-project to ponyisland itself. It is an adoptable run by one of the many fat, hairy and ban-happy mods. This particular ham-beast goes by the user name of Glorfindel who uses her side-bitch, Diction, to milk the community for every cent they are worth. The shit that goes on in the lupine, or 'Argeisli', community borderlines criminal activity and is a shit-ton more lulzy than all of the asperger's syndromes on the friends forum combined.

    Here's how it goes down.

    1. Diction makes shitty animated gifs known as Lupines.
    2. Glorfindel sells said shitty gifs for hundreds of dollars every month to the retarded fanbase.
    3. Glorfindel DOESNT pay lots of artists' to make MORE shitty gifs.
    4. Glorfindel sells the unpaid artists' work to the retarded fanbase.
    5. Glorfindel and Diction rub the piles of money all over their sweaty breasts, while you, the dedicated fan, get a beautiful piece of artwork that you paid fifty bucks for.

    A few fun facts.

    • If you can get past the base price, the gender fees, the coloring fees, the mutation mixing fees and of course the item fees, you can expect to be charged ‘pay pal fees’ for: “What pay-pal steals.” Which is yet another way that Glorfindel actually steals money from your stupid ass.
    • Lupines sell up to 50+ ‘Full customs’ a month. All ranging from 25$-250$ APIECE. They mostly use this money to buy hideous man dolls for Glorfindel to shove up Diction’s vagina.
    • If you follow the Lupines, you can expect to see over 9000 charity events pertaining to whichever of Glorfindel’s sausage-like limbs she decided to break this year.
    • And if she doesn’t manage to fall off a horse, one of her pets sure as fuck will.
    • Her cat Mozart, who was supposedly returned to the breeder last Thursday, is still expected to need at LEAST three ‘emergency’ visits to the vet, all of which will be costing you more money in lupine shit. But hell, if you want to just donate out of the goodness of your heart, they don’t mind just taking that money! More panties for their hideous man dolls.
    • Dictions artwork gets shittier every year. Possibly because she thinks that everything she PUKES out of her cavernous maw will suddenly be lapped up and ejaculated on by the thousands of starving fans who follow her at all hours. And she’s absolutely right.

    • The artists who work for Glorfindel are as fucking stupid as the deluded fan base. They willingly rake in the filthy money from the rabid fan base to try and qualm their queens ravenous hunger. They hope for nothing in return, save a jacking off later on when Glorfindel is fucking them in the ass with the big wad of money they earned for her.
    • Glorfindel's ball jointed dolls are as expensive as sin, and the collection keeps rising, but she still can't find the funds for those darned computer repairs that are keeping your artworks from getting done!! Don't forget the hundreds upon hundreds of private messages she is getting per day that are slowing her down so much!
    • A large amount of what is made also goes to her eye popping and fucktarted tattoos
    • Lupines are solely to exploit money out of the fucktarded ponyisland community. No amount of free events make up for how ridiculously they have overpriced a stupid piece of animated vomit.

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