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    Population of pol.jpg
    How to collectively piss off everyone in /pol/ at once.
    Guaranteed hugbox.
    Political evolution of a /pol/tard

    Just Remove all of the niggers jews Kebabs!


    —/pol/'s solution to everything.

    Once upon a time, there was a board on the gaping, Goatse'd asshole of the internet known as /n/. A very long time ago, it is believed that /n/ was the "news" board of 4chan, where anons could discuss world events and have civil debates about politics. Where Republicans and Democrats; conservatives and liberals; and even blacks and whites could have healthy, educated discussions about the problems our world faces today, as well as a variety of possible solutions to these problems. Each thread proved to be different, and for a while, /n/ seemed like the only board on 4chan where rational debate was not only encouraged, but could be found in abundance. While joot took down this board twice (both times for the same reason), eventually, /n/ returned better than ever in late 2011.

    Welcome to /pol/, or Politically Incorrect. And yes, /n/ came back even shittier B̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ horrifically more pathetic than it was before.

    Typical /pol/ Discussion

    Every /pol/ thread ever.
    Typical /pol/luter
    Before and After /pol/

    Occasionally, someone will post something on /pol/ about a relevant issue that actually affects the bright, scary world outside their basement. For about two or maybe three replies, the discussion will pertain to the topic at hand, until the thread undergoes a magical metamorphosis into yet another thread about joos.

    1. The praise of Doom Paul is sung from the rooftops in a mighty chorus, and all of /pol/ joins hands in a great two-hundred-reply-long session of HAPPENING.
    2. When someone with a different opinion appears it is immediately flamed and accused of being a member of the JIDF or SRS.
    3. For the /pol/tard userbase niggers and jews are bad news. If someone doesn't mention the jew his message isn't true. If it ain't white it ain't right.

    Being 4chan, the discussion on /pol/ is exactly what you'd expect from a 4chan board about American politics: Jews; niggers; liberals; and everyone that isn't 1488% white—and how they are everything wrong with the world and are worthy only of genocide. In order to form this inbred bastard child of /n/ the userbase had to add Stormfront, remove any semblance of facts and statistics and replace them with flamewars, HAPPENING, and implying implications.

    You would think that pseudo-intellectual debates about a loose understanding of libertarianism and communism in the way only neckbearded basement-dwellers can present it would be humorous. In fact, you'd think flamewars between wannabe neo-nazi boneheads and Aspie hipsters about the role of government in American society couldn't possibly be anything less than hysterical. Under normal circumstances, it probably would be. However, studies have shown that any exposure to /pol/, even in moderation, lowers the IQ by at least ten points for every second spent looking through a thread.

    How arguments are won on /pol/

    Disclaimer: If you are arguing with people on the internet, you might as well douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire, go run for office if you want to make a difference in real life rather than sitting all day on the computer jerking off to white men being cuckolded by large black dicks ramming tight white pussies.

    Got butt hurt because someone insulted Trump, feel like you are losing your mind then use this, the Shill Trumpcard (pardon the pun, couldn't help it) to invalidate your opponents argument and keep the battle of MAGA alive while Trump is being blown by your mom upstairs.

    Also certain butt hurt /pol/tards will write in sage as a signal for others to end the thread or shariablue, meaning you are being paid off by David Brock and George Soros to make money shitposting on 4chan.

    Doom Paul

    This is what Randroid /pol/sters actually believe.

    Doom Paul or Apocalyptic Paul is a meme that features Ron Paul, it originated on 4chan's /new/ board in 2009. The meme pokes fun at Ron Paul supporters who claimed "it's over" and "all was lost" when their candidate failed to secure his party's nomination during the 2008 Republican primaries. These and similar phrases are associated with image macros of the libertarian. Doom Paul is the only meme that originated from /new/, which moot later closed due to concerns of racism. The meme regained its popularity when /new/ was succeeded by /pol/. During the 2012 presidential elections, "it's happening" was a catchphrase used to poke fun at the imminent apocalypse predicted by Ron Paul supporters if he wasn't elected as President. Threads specifically dedicated to Doom Paul tend to last well into the next day, often being catalysts for a shitton of OC; or a bunch of shit OC alternatively.

    4chan /pol/ Website Review
    Big Man Tyrone speaks in his native tounge - Niggerish
    What happens when a black man gets redpilled by /pol/
    /pol/ Anonymous Wed Jan 29 2014 19:45:06 No.25950975
    >tfw trying to convince your parents to cash out their 401K before it gets confiscated

    Surefire Ways to Troll /pol/

    The appropriate dismissal of /pol/tards from anywhere else
    Stormweenie in his natural habitat.
    /pol/ visits the outside world.

    /pol/ is up there with /v/ and /q/ when it comes to ease-of-trolling. As any opinions that don't subscribe to geriatric conservatism are assumed to be the works of SRS shills, it's important that reddit-like comics are placed in any thread.

    • Mention ANYTHING positive or negative about Obama. Anything at all. Instant flamewar.
    • Bash Donald Trump for being a creationist or an isolationist. Actually, bash Donald Trump about anything.
    • Point out that Ayn Rand died while living off of social security and medicare..
    • Make any thread about religion. Especially if you say anything good about Islam.
    • Be a Sand Nigger. That's it. Literally. Then record the many instances where /pol/acks scream "TERRORIST" "BURKA" "SHARIA" "IMMIGRATION" "ANGELA MERKEL" "RAPE" "SWEDEN" "CHARLIE HEBDO" and/or "REMOVE KEBAB"
    • State that libertarians aren't conservatives because they don't care about social issues. Then call everyone who disagrees with you a communist.
    • State that race is not a social construct. Watch all the multiculturalists resort to DAS RACIS!!! Multiculturalists have successfully been driven out of /pol/.
    • Make a thread bashing Communism and watch the commies semantically use the state as a cop out.
    • Mention the broken promises of Obama.
    • Say that there is no invisible hand of the market. Stormfronters tend to go for the bait rather quickly.
    • State that white people are the cause of all the problems in the world. Then state that all white people are racist. Bonus points if you argue that Socrates was aboriginal.
    • Say that Argentines are white.
    • Say that Argentines aren't white.
    • Say anything good about Black People.
    • Inform them that Ukrainians are in fact NOT white. (In which case they will call you a Jewish anti-white D&C baiter and proceed to post cherrypicked images of blonde Russian adult models in the thread)
    • Remind them Dorner was black.
    • Pretend to be a feminist. Just mention ANYTHING good about Feminism.
    • Call them shitlords or weenies.
    • Ask why it's a big deal if the NSA spies on us
    • Call Donald Trump Jewish.
    • Post porn. (NIGGER BONUS: If you are black and dating a white girl, post a picture of her sucking your dick.) Then count the number of times someone u ses the word "degeneracy".
    • State that anyone who is part of the MRA needs to grow a pair.
    • State that being white isn't much use when you are a neckbeard.
    • Post pictures of aborted fetuses with the text THIS IS NOT A HUMAN BEING
    • Tell them that Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin.
    • Post pro gun-control topics with the word weenie to refer to anyone against gun control.
    • Ask them why they hate racemixing, yet also claim white people are superior because they're a mix of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.
    • State the current year.
    • Remind them that Brexit was a failure because Nigel Farage was nothing but a troll who quit politics immediately after the referendum, meaning that Brits now have to deal with rising prices from EU imports AND the collapse of the Pound and the prospect of Scotland rebellion. And to add insult to injury, London still has a Muslim mayor.
    • Post anything positive about Trump and watch as over 9000 pissed /pol/acks call you a Cuckservative.


    Actually, nobody knows. Following the second death of /new/, moot gave the reason for its deletion as the board having devolved into /stormfront/ again, and having said that if this happened after it was remade, it was going to be deleted. Despite it simply being a case of moot actually being a man of his word for once in his faggoty life, moot gave into pressure, and not only remade /new/, but basically encouraged the third coming of /stormfront/ simply by naming the board "politically incorrect," proving once and for all that moot himself was the cancer that killed /pol/.

    As the new /pol/ is also a sex dungeon full of butthurt no life white trash who believe that having blue eyes and an inferiority complex somehow makes you superior posting threads bashing everyone that is not a white christian with strong traditional values and a hatred of niggers, jews and anything else in between because ZIONIST MEDIA JIDF LOL!!!!11. Frequenters of /pol/ call themselves /pol/acks even though everyone else calls them /pol/tards due to the stereotype that the average /pol/ poster has the IQ of a down's syndrome rock. It is indeed obscure why mootykins decided to bring the board back, however it is safe to assume that it is simply a containment board to keep the fucktarded neckbeards that frequent /pol/ out of the rest of 4chan, as the site is befouled enough by people with similar quirks.

    Anonymous declares war on /pol/

    Anonymous moralfaggotry at its best




    /pol/ Harbor - AKA "The Great Exodus", "Rome is burning", "The A/pol/calypse", and "Et Tu, Moot?"

    Germans bomb pearl harbor.jpg
    Death of pol.jpg

    On the 7th of December, 2014, Ben "Zyklon-B" Garrison threatened Moot with a lawsuit unless he took down /pol/. Since "the CEO of Troll, Inc." who was now an official SJW, couldn't take the problematic /pol/ anymore, so he purged it. First by deleting the capcha and letting in waves of /b/tards, furries, autists, /a/ and /lgbt/. He then proceeded to replace words that users typed such as "/b/" and "nigger" with "tumblr" and "cracker" respectively. Marquees displaying [trigger warning] show up on all posts, wordfilters are abundant, and the board has the title "The 8 steps of cuckolding" with subtitle ">she does it for fun". /pol/acks from all over were chased out of their home, after unsuccessfully trying to take over /s4s/ (because you can totally take over a board dedicated to nothing but memespam and mindless shitposting) they had no option but to retreat to their backup hugbox run by that midget on a wheelchair.

    And nothing of value was lost.

    The ResistanceResistance

    Although while the rest of /pol/ burnt, one subgroup of /pol/ demonstrated that you can be just as autistic about nationalism as you can about sonic. This subgroup was the well hated general, brit/pol/, known commonly on /pol/ for just being a tripfag circlejerk. They continued to let their autistic nationalism guide them through the storm.

    The Battle of Britpol.png

    Without any sense of irony they adopted an IRA song as a chant.

    I was posting on a [email protected] thread where the SJW drums did beat, And the loving autist feet walked all over us; And every single night, when me OP would come home tight, He'd invite the posters outside with this chorus:

    Oh, come out you loyal consumers and trolls; Come out and fight me like a man; Show your waifu how you wasted your life down on [email protected]; Tell her how britp0l triggerede you run like hell away From the green and lovely threads in politically incorrect.

    Come, tell us how you spammed Them ol' libertarians two by two; Like the volkish, they had pictures and original content; How you bravely faced each one, With your stolen spambot, And you frightened them polack natives to their marrow.

    Oh, come out you loyal consumers and trolls; Come out and fight me like a man; Show your waifu how you wasted your life down on [email protected]; Tell her how britp0l triggerede you run like hell away From the green and lovely threads in politically incorrect.

    Come, let us hear you tell How you slandered great Nigel, When you thought him well and truly persecuted, Where are the sneers and jeers That you bravely let us hear, When our heroes of the 4th were executed.

    Oh, come out you loyal consumers and trolls; Come out and fight me like a man; Show your waifu how you wasted your life down on [email protected]; Tell her how britp0l triggerede you run like hell away From the green and lovely threads in politically incorrect.

    Ah, the time is coming fast And I think them days are near, When each s.hitposter shod in heel will run before us; And, if there be a need, Then our kids will say "Godspeed!", With a verse or two of singing this fine chorus.

    Oh, come out you loyal consumers and trolls; Come out and fight me like a man; Show your waifu how you wasted your life down on [email protected]; Tell her how britp0l triggerede you run like hell away From the green and lovely threads in politically incorrect.


    As of 11:45 CST, the whore that cackled about cuck as /pol/acks tried to browse their board has been taken down. Although there are still trigger warnings, shitposting, no CAPTCHA, and word changing, /pol/acks have claimed a decisive victory of resistance against moot and his army of feminist negroid jews.

    8chan /pol/ Hotpockets controversy

    The Board Owner 'of 8ch /pol/ is a Christcuck and the Board Volunteer Imkampfy/therealmoonman is a COINTELPRO agent who frequently spams images of Rachel Maddow which has caused much controversy on 8chan

    A leaked Photo of learningcode

    Syria General

    A sub-forum in the /pol/ community, Syria General, is made up of dedicated investigative autists who track down US-funded terrorists in Syria and work to get the terrorists put down. Their actions have attracted the attention of the news. Full of namefags and turkroaches.




    The /pol/itical Spectrum About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Before & After /pol/

    Before /pol/ ; After /pol/ About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    What to do when /pol/ leaves their Containment Board

    Sometimes a /pol/lack will venture out of his safe space as decreed by moot and he needs to be reminded to fuck right off back there.

    Fuck off retard About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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