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    Pokedream, is a site where you can find stuff about (what else?) Pokémons. We strongly recommend this site, because it's colourful. This article will focus on the chatroom, and a lot is stolen from groupboard.

    The site is primarily composed of weeaboos who, enjoy, what else.. faggots. But most people only go there for one reason, and that is the groupboard. Filled with totally intelligent people who love to talk and drink tea together to discuss their similar interests. Such as their imagionary friends and their favorite male porn stars.

    A+ artwork here only

    This is not the site's real quote:

    Pokemon Dream, where pokemon are alive.


    Awesome Catch Phrase!

    About This Page

    On Pokedream, this page is a laugh and makes no sense what so ever. NO ONE who is considered a Pokedream member uses the "chatroom." Go to Pokedream Forums to REALLY understand what the site is all about. By far it is the best forum on the internet.


    • The quiet, pseudo-intellectual weeaboo: Their only words generally are pieces of Japanese "wise" sentences just to show how FUCKING COOL they are, most of the times the faggots just get astonished at their knowledge but in reality they are just obese people, that can't manage to learn a language.
    • The MySpace girl: Coming from the lands of MySpace, these faggots just spam their MySpace around, try to make up some problem just to get attention and finally leave when ignored. They are fucking annoying when they get the attention, approach with care.
    • The pseudo-intellectual: It will tell you about their views on abortion, religion, music, politics, art, etc. They don't stfu and spark dumbass conversations with everyone on the board. They're usually Jew and NEED TO TELL YOU WHY. They aren't satisfied until they've made it clear that they're superior. Usually a patron of Hot Topic.
    • The "Lone Wolf": Much like the socially inept male, but with a hint of Inter-fag. Dates online, is a professional role-player and a Narutard. Confront him about it and you'll get ignored. It needs to let you know that you've been ignored. "OH LOOK, AN IGNORE BUTAN!", after ignoring you it proceeds to talk about you to feel he has superiority above you since you can't actually answer him. With a simple F5 you can happily talk with the victim('s) again.
    • Niggers: The gangsta's of the place, they always try to show off their skillz with the graffiti, and start arguing because they didn't like the kind of fried chicken you just bought. Start answering back and they'll most likely become an internet tough guy, threatening to kill you in the most retarded way a black person can think. (yes, they do think.)
    • The Anons: An inactive lurker who didn't/doesn't bother to put in a name, a faggot who wants to be mysterious, or sometimes is just too fucking scared to put in a name and hides behind the Anonymous identity. They generally try to sound smart, argue with the other furfags that dwell there and leave the board when they are raped by the real Anon.

    If you are lucky, they will come back, but with a new name. (Usually Anon)

    Minor ED edit war of 2009

    The genius users of Pokemon Dream decided that this page needed to be 'fixed'. Two people, known as Zag and Ark decided to take the page into their own hands.

    Zag: Other then it being ridiculously offensive, why DO they change it?
    Mixcoatl: Change what?
    Ark: this flipping page keeps changing more times then i drink tea!
    Mixcoatl: The Pokedream page?
    Zag: Ya
    Mixcoatl: Oh.
    Mixcoatl: It wasn't offensive.
    Zag: dude
    Mixcoatl: It was filled with your own personal opinion and retarded ideas.
    Zag: it totally is xD
    Ark: y'know i have a feeling i know could be doing tis
    Mixcoatl: As well as trying to make the place look cool by making it look worse then it actually is.
    Mixcoatl: Uh.
    Mixcoatl: Ark.
    Mixcoatl: When you make links, it has to be a page that exists.
    Mixcoatl: Just a tip.

    Another wonderful quote from our local geniuses!

    Ark: ok let me put it this way. The person who edits the said that me and zag cannot do up wiki pages to save our lives yet he copyed and pasted some thing of Mixcoatl giving a tip.. blah i'm not stupid!
    Ark: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Pokedream
    Ark: they deleted it like five times now and now i've been peinalized 
    Zag: Where on the page does it say that?
    Ark: scroll down
    Zag: Who's the asshole whose doing this!?
    Ark: haha oh i'm getting this noob banned


    They are currently fighting with eachother. Ark, and Zag are targeting Mixcoatl, who, in response left a message on the board with a giant log with them "flaming" him. Every time an anon logs in, they immediately think it's Mixcoatl and start swarming. E-famous EvolvedAnt, with the drawing skills of a monkey on LSD, had this to say:

    Ark: EA what do you know about the site ED?
    EvolvedAnt: It's a site that contradicts itself by making fun of the very same kinds of people who actively edit and update the site.
    EvolvedAnt: Basically, they make fun of teens who do stupid things, yet, editing and contributing to that site is in and of itself a stupid thing. So in effect, the more they joke about other people, the more they are joking about themselves.
    EvolvedAnt: As a group of random anonymous contributers they feel better than everyone else by making fun of the individual. But they themselves are made up of individuals of whom, by themself, showcase all the very same things they make fun of.
    EvolvedAnt: I find the site adorable in a way, becuase it's so cute to see how ignorant they really are, how hard they try to 'look cooler than everyone else' and yet, fail so horribly.


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