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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit his or her talk page.

    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit his or her talk page.

    PoetGuy pretended to be a cute sandwich muncher...
    ....in fact, PoetGuy is a middle-aged, quite senior Whitehall number-cruncher...
    ...who has a secret life as a salami tucker.
    This behavior always starts young, maybe his boarding school days were spent like this Aardvark fucker?

    PoetGuy is an epic trap who was known as a shitload of identities on various websites, usually using pictures of real women or transvestites who usually had no idea he was doing this. Most famous of the accounts are Poetlister, Runcorn, Taxwoman, Cato and Guy.

    It was a big drama when Runcorn (a male identity) and most of the other accounts (including Poetlister) got banned in his initial incursions into the Wikipedia because Runcorn had become a Wikipedia administrator and most of the editing had involved fights over lists of Jews.

    PoetGuy did a fast reboot and eventually was infiltrating Wikipedia, Wikipedia Review, Wipipedia, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wikinfo, and Encyclopedia Dramatica at the same time, all during as many working hours as it took, as well as from home, and gaining administrator access on all of the wikis except Encyclopedia Dramatica, and at least two or his four or five (or more) Wikipedia Review accounts also gained moderator powers.

    Detailed History and Reasons

    People kept fapping on fantasies of sex with the woman he used for the pic of Poetlister and the chutney fucking BDSM fetishist he used for the pic of Taxwoman. He was first busted for using other people's pictures in around 2006 when the boyfriend of the chutney fucker that PoetGuy was using for the Taxwoman photo complained. Help desk respondents mocked him, suggesting that his girlfriend was contributing to Wikipedia without telling him, and ignored his request.

    Later, all his socks were banned but because Wikipedia keeps its checkusers quiet, he kept using his socks to claim they were real-life friends. On Wikipedia Review, he was using Poetlister and Guy as moderators, as well as Taxwoman, Yehudi and probably others so that he didn't lack sock accounts to agree with himself. Poetlister and Guy usually said the same things and it was also obvious the whole "crowd" was the same person because nobody else cared about the ban.

    Guy claimed to be Poetlister's uncle or brother (family tree doesn't fork), site owner Somey believed it, and the rest went along with the tale telling. People didn't believe it but all the sex-starved WR fanboys cried, "Free Poetlister. She's innocent!" Eventually, she (well he) got unbanned and set up a whole new bunch of accounts everywhere, gaining admin access again with a few.

    Episode on ED

    PoetGuy even came onto ED and Blu Aardvark (an ED sysop and ex-mod of Wikipedia Review) went and spotted them all editing from the same IP address, but PoetGuy claimed to be using Tor and so people believed he was a bunch of women as usual (now Taxwoman, RachelBrown, and Poetlister vandalising ED). He caused some drama because some people still believed his many sock puppet accounts to be real people. The article The beautiful people records this incursion.

    Boyfriend of the transvestite reappears

    Finally, the boyfriend of Taxwoman emerged again. Guy was presenting Taxwoman as a dominatrix; many guys such as Blissyu2 drooled over Taxwoman. (Blissyu2 would later claim he knew Taxwoman was a guy all along and he found this out the hard way. Other people also would fap only harder knowing that it was a trap.) The boyfriend bawwwwed and bawwwwed and embellished everything. The boyfriend then sent nudes to prove he was telling the truth. Wikipedian's cabal then lost all interest in the matter and retreated to fap.

    How PoetGuy got the pictures

    The thing is PoetGuy got all those pictures because he's a customer at a shop that helps dress up gay men as women for reasons too unspeakable to mention and also for more mundane reasons like being a male prostitute.

    PoetGuy's bubble starts bursting

    So the boyfriend tracked PoetGuy down and called him at work. Instead of playing dumb PoetGuy said "Yes, that's me. I'll take all the Taxwoman pictures down." Then, to further ensure that he was outed, he took all of the pictures down.

    A shitstorm soon broke loose and all of the fool guys knew they'd been trapped. To quote PoetGuy, "When you fap to a trap, you can never go back."

    PoetGuy went into delete fucking everything mode. His last account on the Wikipedia (until whatever new ones he is running now) was Quillercouch.

    File:Poetlister secret forum.png
    Yes, Virginian, they are having a secret forum

    We had toiled for months to get Petlister [sic], Taxwoman and the rest unblocked ... if it hadn't been for that thrice cursed idiot Brandt we'd have done it.


    —PoetGuy defending his puppet, Wikipedia Review (shot is under here)

    The whole point of that secret forum was for Poetlister to chat among friends on matters like her wedding.


    —PoetGuy making the big noises about gaily wedding., Wikipedia Review (shot is under here)

    ... just don't hug me too passionately when my fiancé's watching.


    —PoetGuy as Poetlister, Wikipedia Review (shot is on the right)

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Poetguy in costume.png
    All woman, PoetGuy giving the PMS

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Poetguy in costume2.png
    PoetGuy is giving more PMS


    Don't worry; TOW admins have ensured that he can't edit again ...

    The aftermath pretty much was this: And nothing of value was lost.

    The drama did reach the newspapers. During an interview, a reporter asked PoetGuy why he did everything he did. PoetGuy looked into the camera, and simply said "I did it for the lulz."

    On Wikipedia Review, they knew PoetGuy did it because it had something to do with all his edit warring with SlimVirgin over lists of Jews because most of them are all related to some Jewish conspiracy.

    Who is PoetGuy? No, Not the Name

    PoetGuy is a 52-year-old large, hairy man who is heavily into crossdressing, bondage, gay bareback riding combined with dry humping groups of hairy men, and a whole host of other weird sexual peccadillos--a refined gentleman such is this is sure to find another job.

    The Wikipedia article he made has it that he is a big player in a major synagogue and in his local Jewish pressure group (Community Council).

    On Wikipedia Review, his Guy persona was the enforcer who would quickly throw any Palestinian who had suffered mistreatment on TOW into a hidden forum, from which the Palestinian would never again emerge as an active user.

    Total Score:

    • Two moderator's accounts on Wikipedia Review
    • An administrator's account on Wikipedia Review
    • At least 4 other Wikipedia Review accounts
    • Compromised Blu Aardvark's Wikipedia Review account.
    • Compromised Dawson's Review account.
    • Earlier Administrator's account on Wikipedia (2007)
    • Administrator on WikiSource
    • Administrator and Bureaucrat on Wikiquote.
    • Another administrator on Wikiquote
    • A third administrator and CheckUser on WikiQuote, this includes access to the global CheckUser mailing list for all of Wikimedia.
    • The lesbian cybersex incident with SlimVirgin
    • Inspiring thousands of shocked and tearful posts on Wikipedia Review.
    • Letting thousands of Poetlister and Taxwoman groupies (even on ED) know he turned them gay

    Comments that are now funny

    This is the Review avatar of Jorge, the gullible idiot who fell for the PoetHorde. After realizing he had been masturbating to a gay, fat, hairy man for three years, he committed seppuku and disappeared forever from the Internet.

    It says here that you blocked Newport because of what Poetlister wrote on Wikipedia Review. You're aware that User:Newport and User:Poetlister are different people, right?[1]


    Blissyu2 02:31, 25 August 2007 (CDT), just before accepting ED evidence

    I apologize to Poetlister and all the other parties unfairly besmirched in this incident. There's nothing I can do at this point to materially alter the outcome or remediate it now, but at least the truth is out.


    Kelly Martin, fucking it up.

    There is no doubt they were all separate users. There was no big mystery about why they all shared ips at various points- Londoneye was the cousin of and Newport was the flatmate of Rachel and Poetlister and Taxwoman are Rachel's friends. They just used the fact that all sometime's edited from Rachel's flat and used that as an excuse to ban them.

    Guy is a friend of Rachel Brown's father - I think you do not understand that Rachel actually had a breakdown because of what went on on Wikipedia- Newport is Rachel's flatmate Lisa who agreed to look after and contribute to the articles that Rachel had created after she left.



    The evidence of Poetlister's innocence, taken as a whole, is rock-solid. I've come full circle. I began this discussion a month ago thinking Poetlister was 100% guilty. Now I know she's 100% innocent. The claim that Runcorn's alleged sockpuppets never, or almost never, interleaved edits with one another is demonstrably false. The claim that Runcorn's sockpuppets never, or almost never, voted against one another is demonstrably false. I have demonstrated these points to Poetlister in private correspondence.



    O Rly? [2],[3],


    A few weeks after it was posted, Blissyu2 noticed that the Google docs statements had been corrected to accuse Blissyu2 of being behind the whole thing [4] (and he may well have been part of it). So Blissyu2 tried to falsify it by trying to contact the people responsible [5] and writing corrections [6], but Alison was there to stop him all over the place [7] and went on a campaign insisting that, by daring to ask someone to correct something that they said which blamed the entire incident on Blissyu2, Blissyu2 was guilty of horrible crimes against a real identity (in spite of stating very glibly that "any similarities with any persons living or dead are entirely coincidental").

    So on 23rd September 2008, Blissyu2 wrote his own Google document [8] to state his own falsifications. Determined to protect the woman whose picture PoetGuy had used for his Poetlister identity, Alison decided to push blissyu2's naming of that person into TL;DR territory, hoping that nobody would notice the name [9]. Thanks largely to Blissy's casually feigning overreaction and trollification, the entire site briefingly became Lulz Central!!

    More recently, Blissyu2 himself has been deleting (on Wikipedia) or becoming inactive in various accounts.

    Poetlister returns to cover more up!

    It looks as if Poetlister is not dead! Having gone through a myriad of accounts on Encyc, Poetlister morphed into Mancunian so as to write policies for Encyc. Included amongst these, Mancunian wrote a page called Encyc:BLP, way back in Feb 09. Nobody used it at all until Poetlister changed his name to Contributor. In spite of the first edit with contributor being 5 May 09, just 5 days later he was offered admin status. His first act as administrator was to totally fuck up the Encyc article on the Poetlister scandal, using the Encyc:BLP policy page that he wrote himself. Not too long later, he was threatening to ban Blissyu2 over it.

    But this is normal Encyc stuff, and Encyc is nothing but TOW rebels bitch-fighting over shit nobody cares about.

    External Links

    • Linda Mack/SlimVirgin's account on the subject, where she skillfully tries to debunk the "rumour" about her identity, and trashes Kelly Martin, Blissyu2 (same kind of sock identity creep and colleague of PoetGuy), Cla68, Charles Matthews and FloNight along the way.
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