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    PoeticIrony was an extremely man-the-harpoons fat girl who enjoyed whoring it up on DeviantArt like the other 10 million teenage girls who wrote a cumload of gothy-fail-poems and took pictures of herself in angles to gain social status on the Internets. She had a love for dogs, which was later revealed to be very, very deep love for dogs.

    This epic pool of lulz got even deeper when it was discovered that she had lied about her age, and is in fact Jailbait - meaning that all of her intimate dogmongling are actually CP. Her home phone number and one of her parents names can be found here. We as the human race must remind her everyday of her deeds, so please, call her for the lulz on the hour-every hour-until the end of time.

    from left to right: Kim Nail, Kelly Isenhower, Kourtne)

    Anon GET?

    Anonymous somehow found pictures of PoeticIrony on a bestiality forum of her giving her dog a blow job, rim job, and maybe some untamed gorilla love. Anonymous proceeded to save the links to the forum and album(removed) for intense masturbation sessions in the coming future (pun). After Anonymous had traced the sauce to her DeviantArt profile, they did the natural thing by making a prank DA account (banned) with the incriminating photos and told Anonymous all about it. Anonymous furiously masturbated to the pics Anonymous uploaded in the epic thread, and then proceeded to raid and conquer her Deviantart profile.


    Famous eLawyer SADDAM DA BOMB, pleads dogfuckers case

    Dogfucking and lulz ensued. Anonymous slammed into PoeticIrony (God that name makes lulz) with wave upon wave. Accounts were created solely to remind her of her dog fuckery, and to ask if the dog rocket was nacho cheese flavor.

    PoeticIrony claimed innocence, as the picture heading this article clearly shows, but in a freak moment of epic lulz, her flabby, overweight friend had her cellphone number written on her arm in rib-ticklingly large and easily-readable handwriting - turning the Dogmongler's attempt at defending herself into a horrible backfire that gave away yet more personal info.

    Originally thought to be removed, it turns out she just moved the image into her scraps(removed). Much lulz in comments.

    PoeticIrony's posted on her dA journal that the dog-sexing was fictional, and dismissed the photographic proof as "shooped." A deluge of posts from users reminding her of the DAIDS (Dog AIDS) she caught, ALL_CAPS posts of anti-bestiality commentary, and copypasta flooded her web page of Intertubes. She is currently in the futile process of trying to hide everything, but screen caps are on the way.

    MEMORABLE QUOTE: (Typed right after a rather... disgusting, photo) "i got on top and snapped this pic,he wouldnt mount,so yeah"

    You can't blame the dog for not wanting her. Seriously- just look at her!

    Journal of Lulz

    Close up of FUCK OFF ASSHOLES.jpg

    Upon realizing what deep and utter shit she was in, Dogmongler did what any tartlet would do: DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING in an attempt to burn the evidence. Too bad ED was there to capture the lulz. One amusing thing to point out: 95% of the people who posted in this journal are now perma-banned.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image


    Also, if you can get to her past journals, she likes to talk about boys--how on multiple occasions they felt her up, and how she was supposedly pregnant with some guy's kid. Just think about it. If you were a sane guy would you have sex with her? No, I didn't think so.

    The Aftermath

    More like the dog COULDN'T say no

    The Raid invaded everything it could in its pursuit of Dogmongler. Anonymous found where she lived, what school she attended, and got phone numbers for a lot of people close to her. Not only did Anonymous call her friends to tell them about their good friend's dogmongoling, they also faxed copies of the CP/BT to her schools principal. No word yet on if they have received it yet, probability high though. Also, Dogmongler, Dogmongler's mother, and Dogmongler friends have been forced to delete their MySpace accounts due to the hordes of Anonymous. With any luck PoeticIrony will become an hero.

    What of the fucking dog?

    Her parents took it away and made the dog live with its rich auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Or maybe she really lied to the web and ate the dog instead to dispose of the evidence. It does look like Dogmongler comes from a long line of EATBEASTS.

    Anonymous has posted screencaps of a canine rescue posting on 4chan with claims that it's from the Dogmongler's parents.[sauce plz!?!1!] May be fake.


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