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It's Pedobear, the Pedestrian Bear! See him walk! Running bear!
He marches, determined! Where is he going? To YOUR home! NOW!

Why be the last of the cool kids on your block to own this classic piece of internet history? Get yourself right on over to Desutoys shop and grab up one of these exquisite and EXCLUSIVE 12" plush Pedobear Dolls! They ship in 24 to 48 Hours and are only $19.99! At that price, you can afford two! But don't just listen to us, here are some testimonials:

I have one and they are totally cute and high quality bears. I kept mine wrapped in its original packaging for collector value, not kidding.


Fatpig swears they are cute and adorable!

He actually originated from Japan, where he was called Kuma, literally "Bear." And that means he is insanely hugable!


—Another satisfied owner.

This is one fine plush, well for me at least.


—Somebody at Harlaown.

i have been waiting for evers for this!


—Plush Pedobear's shoutbox

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