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Plague Inc is a Strategy and Simulation game created by one-man developer Ndemic Creations where players evolve pathogens in an effort to destroy the human race with a deadly plague where you can kill off Americunts, Niggers, Jews and every other human on the planet. The game uses an epidemic model with a complex and realistic set of variables to simulate the spread and severity of the plague.


1. Pick a name for your disease (Buttsecks, AIDS and Niggerkiller are all acceptable).
2. Infect a person with your disease (PROTIP: Start in Saudi Arabia, since it has the air travel network and your disease doesn't need to worry about evolving drug resistance right off the bat).
3. Watch your disease spread from country to country.
4. Get butthurt over not being able to infect Greenland and Madagascar.
5. Get even moar butthurt when the humans develop a cure.
6. Lose game.
7. An hero.
8. ????
9. Profit?



Standard Plagues

  • Bacteria - Your common enemy if you have obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Virus - Darwinist's best friend, as it mutates faster than your mom sucks dick. Mutating too fast will fuck you over, as you'll evolve total organ failure before ever getting to Greenland.
  • Fungus - Trouble with infecting a country? Just use spore burst and hope it lands on the country you wish to infect.
  • Parasite - You don't get DNA for infecting people, so it'll take you forever to get enough to kill everyone.
  • Prion - The lazy ass complex disease that can't catch up with its evolutions.
  • Nano Virus - Microscopic technology created by humans who want to get a real life holocaust on.
  • Bio Weapon - This disease kills its victims faster than it infects others.

Special Plagues

  • Neurax Worm - Basically a worm trying to take over the world and command people to do as you please.
  • Necroa Virus - Zombie virus turning people into dumbfuck braindead zombies trying to overcome down syndrome to kill off everyone in the entire world.
  • Simian Flu - An advertisement to a movie called Planet of the Apes that no one gives a fuck about because it is a movie about a nigger monkey spreading a disease that turns other people into nigger monkeys. And nobody in the world likes niggers.
  • Vampire Disease - Although it isn't out yet, a new vampire disease will soon be available. I dunno how it's going to work, but $5 says it's going to be pretty similar to the zombie virus.


Are you tired of Jews beating you at the game, no worries, you can use cheats and wipe these Jews out of this world like a boss. The Con is that the Jews won't let you unlock new plagues. They all cost $9.99 so these poor bastards unable to afford them will have to beat every plague in Brutal in order to unlock even one of them in order to use them.

  • Immune Strain - This is for anyone who is sick an tired of Jews developing a cure to eliminate your plague, yes the cure may develop but it never finishes meaning there would be no cure and thus you can win against these Evil Jews because of that.
  • Hidden Strain - This is for anyone who is sick and tired of government along with the people from 4chan closing their borders, With this Cheat, People would notice absolutely nothing about your plague.
  • Unlimited Strain - This is for those who are struggling to get DNA points to evolve their plague in desperate attempt to kill off the Jews and the Niggers, With this Cheat, you get Unlimited DNA Points (It's Actually 3000 DNA Point, Fucking Liars), Now go evolve your plague into a monster and show the world who is really boss.
  • Turbo Strain - Instead of infecting only one in a starting country, You can infect an entire country, You'll be sadistically laughing once you sit back after evolving your plague by watching these poor and helpless Jews and Niggers suffer their demise.
  • Shuffle Strain - This is a cheat where it is a gamble, It could end up having unfitting results because you did not get the evolution's you wish to get.
  • Lucky Dip Strain - Gives you 5 Random Evolution's, It gives you a boost on evolving your plague however you cannot unevolve them, This causes a problem for those trying to get their plague unnoticed but if you enable Immune Strain or Hidden Strain, It will not be that much of a problem.
  • Double Dip Strain- You can now infect two places at the start instead of one, like that really makes a difference.

You can take the world by storm and enable all of them at once. Now you can go on a Major Jew/Nigger Killing Spree.


Scenarios are game modes added to the Mutation 1.7 Update. It lets the player start with partially evolved, new strains of real life diseases, or play in alternate versions of the world.

  • Teleportation - Aperture Science decides to put up portals so all the niggers can run off to Greenland and Madagascar when your disease is detected. This actually backfires once you infect those countries, as overpopulation lets you spread the disease even quicker.
  • Black Death - A Plague Created by the evil Niggers in a desperate attempt to kill off humanity which is many of the reasons why they deserve to be enslaved, not to worry because with this plague, you could betray to evil niggers and give them the death and extinction they deserve, along with Jews and the rest of Humanity.
  • Artificial Organs - An invention created by the Jews in a desperate attempt to keep humanity in the brink of immortality, this is bullshit for any good racist gamers trying to wipe out the entire world including the evil Jews who made them in the first place.
  • Frozen Virus - A Virus frozen in Siberian permafrost for over 30,000 Years only later to be thawed and happens to infect this unlucky fucker who got this disease, known for trying to kill of human species including nigger monkeys in the Stone Age, now it's DNA is severely degraded.
  • Nipah Virus - This virus is a genetic crossover with other species that could enable a cross-species transmission which will result in contagion wiping out tons of entire species. Good for those trying to kill even more niggers such as actual monkeys and apes. Not to be confused with this catchy yet shitty meme from Higurashi: No Naku Koro Ni.
  • Unknown Origin - This scenario is where you do not get to chose a favorite country to infect and kill the entire world in. You must be lucky if you infect countries like China, India, any country full of niggers or the 4chan users from Greenland.
  • Created Equal - The Scenario is prejudicial because the evil Jews give the evil niggers the ability to respond, identify and communicate about natural disease outbreaks as if niggers are not fucking stupid enough (Fuck you Jews for educating them). This means you could have a hard time infecting these evil nigger monkeys you wish to kill.
  • Global Warming - Humanity, especially the evil Jews, did not care for this wonderfully pathetic planet, meaning that killing the evil niggers with your plague will be even more harder as your plague needs to gain DNA points to evolve and adapt to this hotter world which is 6 degrees Celsius above normal (Which niggers should die from heat strokes while others should die from natural disasters such as hurricanes)
  • Golden Age - This prejudicial scenario is where humanity gains economic growth to the point where the bottom of the pyramid such as niggers become rich, The worst part about it is health care is improved, The era of sadistically infecting and killing niggers is at it's end, It's more nightmarish that Jews become rich to the point it becomes extremely hard to kill them.
  • Ice Age - Perfect for those wanting to kill niggers since the hot climate becomes colder, Nightmarish for those trying to kill the entire humanity, especially Canadians, Russians and the hard to infect Greenland and any other northern countries. Happens because of Solar Variation.
  • Mirror Earth - This is where niggers undeservedly become rich and their countries become cold (Which makes it all not that bad since Cold Climate are perfect for niggers because they deserve to die), while rich countries like Canada, United States and European Countries become Hot and poor, And Urban Countries become Rural.
  • Pirate Plague - Maritime Piracy causes a decrease in Ocean Travel which also means Infecting Greenland makes infecting Madagascar in Pandemic 2 look extremely easy by comparison, In other words, Blame this cause on both the Niggers and the Jews.
  • Santa's Little Helper - Boring Evil Jews ban every fun thing including this game, makes everything bullshit promoting all the shit we hate and getting rid of the LULZ, luckily some fatass who lives at the north pole could change that.
  • Shut Down Everything - Stupid Pussy Jews are too afraid to be infected to airports and land borders shut down, meaning no vacations and no infecting tons of people, A players total nightmare.
  • Sovereign Default - in which a failure to extend the debt ceiling in the USA triggers a major financial rebalancing. Most countries benefit (Thank god not the countries that have Jews and Niggers) and other countries suffer.
  • Swine Flu - An H1N1 Flu Pandemic known for bringing tens of millions of people to their graves. Useful for killing unwanted niggers in the Americas.
  • Volcanic Ash - Ash caused from the Volcano interrupts flight travel delaying the flight schedule. Meaning this is a giant fuck you to Greenland for all the times this country is hard to infect, now people travel more on boats. Get ready to fucking die Greenland.
  • Who Cares - A played paradise where nobody gives a fuck about the spread of your disease, all people do is sit on their ass and watch TV not knowing you will kill them very shortly.
  • Xenophobia - Angry Towards Immigration, Globalization and Exploitation's cause a rapid increase on Hostility to foreigners. Meaning niggers are forever banned from the United States. Mexicans no longer illegally cross the border. and people in Syria and Iraq fall under the powers of ISIS, A True Paradise.

Unused Scenarios

  • HIV/AIDS - The disease that would of been in the game if stupid people weren't easily offendable from this stupid disease.


Each world is divided into several countries.

Countries to kill

Most of these countries here are third world countries.

Harder Countries

Average Countries, Thus Boring.

Countries with high amount of strength to fend of this deadly disease

Consists mostly first would countries.

  • Australia
  • Canada (Must have Cold Resistance to really infect this country, They stole Alaska from the United States as a way of saying fuck you Americunts!)
  • Central Europe
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greenland (The base of 50,000 4chan users, It's a really cold country meaning you must have Cold Resistance to really infect this country, It is also sparsely populated. This is the hardest country to infect.)
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

The Bullshit that's in the shitty game

These are some of the shit that holds you back from your enjoyment.

The Cure

The Cure is a humans weapon to fight of you disease created by Jews in a desperate attempt to wipe out your plague, You can try and prevent it by evolving it with Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle but there is no complete way to get rid of it Permanently (Damn Jews), If you see a cure bubble, pop it, do not let the Jews Win, Jews suck like niggers do, you do not want to let them win, they deserve to die.

The WHO Watchlist

A shitty watchlist created by the World Health Organization is an attempt to warn people to be aware of the disease, allowing Jews to win over your disease more easily, by speeding up cure research which is FUCKING STUPID! You thought is was created by a shitty English band.


You can get achievements for doing shit in the game, acting as bragging rights on leaderboards nobody follows. There's at least 100 of them, and they range in difficulty from "Congratulations, you can play the game right" to "how the fuck would anybody think of doing this?" The latter category makes getting all the achievements infuriating as fuck, as you try to kill everyone with the zombie virus without actually using zombies in a series of trial-and-error.

The News

The news contain most of pointless shit nobody gives a fuck about, You may have a little laugh at some fucking Justin Bieber Parody known as Justin Bibble getting trampled by it's psychopath fans, but that's it. No reference of the Second September 11, Attacks which would make the news a little more fucking interesting. In fact, Here is something we people at ED would add to this news.

Shitty rip offs

These are the shitty alternatives to the shitty 'original'.

What you should actually play

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