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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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    Prime example of her talent.

    Animation Mastery.

    When introduced to deviantART, some members are able to wade through mountains of talent to find even greater talent. Pixel-paws (aka Beni) does not possess said talent.

    Self proclaimed asspie artist and exotic animal creator, Beni is the epitome of originality and style. She's Scottish and proudly proclaims said fact next to buttfucking everywhere. Beni is convinced that she has a large and supportive fanbase when in fact, a majority of her watchers are just keeping tabs on her to ensure that she doesn't trace their art. She is oblivious to criticism and refuses to change her copycat ways, which is obviously illegal on deviantART. She grabs desperately onto the coattails of other sparkledog artists and tries to brown nose anyone better than her, which is to say everyone. Reasoning with her is futile, as she will nod her empty head in agreement and proceed to turn around and do the same stupid shit all over again. We're srs.

    I'm gonna stop trying to be original now


    Beni - on never being original to begin with

    i'm ashamed for her. if you're going to copy, you might as well do a good job.



    Artistic Mastery

    If you are bold enough to venture into her gallery, among many irregularities and eyesores you will notice her blatant asskissing to her friends and fans and artistic idols, aka those from whom she traces. she claims to aim for originality, when in fact she is just a typical hypocritical devianTARTlet who ganks off to a new animu artist when she stumbles across one.

    She also shamelessly rips off of friends of STARBITT and well established artists in the community in addition to concepts. If you see a decent artist submit anything resembling a tutorial or design, you only have to pull up a chair wait until Beni's next submission where her style will drastically veer in the direction of said artist. If called out, she will delete and deny she ever posted the sloppy substitute. Don't bother asking her to credit you, she will scream and roll around on the floor like a child and shriek relentlessly that your ideas do not belong to you.

    Her "art" is on the left, the originals are on the right of each individual file.

    File:Polydactyl front toes.jpg
    This poor animal is suffering from Beni Anatomy Syndrome.


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