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    Kelli Melissa Washburn Davis (whose name is fittingly as large as she is) is a furry artist and is no longer a admin to furaffinity due to her having a life - Read "Fa Resignation". She seemed to dislike the schools where she grew up so she moved from Colorado to North Carolina at sometime before she graduated high school. The 'Great American Mutt' (self-proclaimed) then attended UNC Pembroke, but decided to leave in favor of taking classes at the Raleigh School of Communication Arts. Sadly, Pinkuh ran out of money and had to drop out, she said. But the truth is, she got fired of that school after not even spending two weeks in this art school, for stalking FurAffinity and her deviantart all the time instead of listening to the lessons, criticizing the teacher about typography, graphic chart and page setup, which are, I quote; "Not being my point of interest and useless in Art!" Source : Erwan Genarro, a graphic artist from Durham who knew Kelli IRL, it was a while ago yet all her classroom remember Kelly Davis being the same IRL. Currenly she resides on FurAffinity as a terrible admin who abuses her powers. As it is the very last piece of credibility she will ever have in life.


    Pinkuh's main emphasis is on Halo fanart. She uploads her art on pretty much every site she can find, including deviantART, SheezyArt, FurAffinity, the VCL, y!Gallery, HBO, TLK Fan-Art Archive, presumably MySpace, and both of her personal sites.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Pinkunt's true form. David Icke was right about the Piggy Shifters.

    As previously mentioned, Pinkuh has somewhat of an ego. Aside from uploading her art, she typically plays WoW, posts on every Halo site, promotes herself as a gamer, draws an ugly webcomic, and is an admin dictator on FurAffinity. Being an FA admin has only further increased this person's level of unwarranted self importance. Her fellow admins all are pussies and fear her, letting her do whatever she likes with no consequences.


    Pinkuh was married to Aros in 2005, at the Mephit FurMeet. How romantic.


    First rumors started on #Furaffinity, the official IRC channel in may 2009 when Kelly stated she was pregnant, and asked ADVICES on an irc channel full of pedophiles, zoophiles. She even had suggestions about educating her child like any furry should, in the respect of the fandom's philosophy.

    No more news and a big silence for a while about her pregnancy. However, a new journal entry on her furaffinity stated she's at it again http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1590206/ centered

    Let's hope this time she won't fuck it and do the necessary to avoid the social services knocking at her door. What a great family isn't it?

    FA Admin

    Ever since she was made an FA admin by Fagoneer, she has been nothing but trouble for the staff. There was always some sort of drama following this fucktard around from stupid bannings, PMS bitch fits, and all kinds of other shit that no one can keep track of.


    Being an admin means you have to enforce the laws of the website for everyone including yourself. What does this mean to Pinkunt? That being an admin, she is exempt from following any rules. And how does she show it? By uploading a picture of a dildo she thinks an Elite dick from Halo would look like. She is not only a hypocrite; but, also a massive fantard for anything Halo. The Acceptable Upload Policy of FA clearly states:

    Prohibited - ...images containing items of sexual nature (adult toys, sexually modified fursuits/plush animals, etc.)


    —FA AUP

    And how does Pinkunt respond?



    —Pinkuh, Proving that she is not capable of being an admin.

    Quick Update Shortly after this section was written, she removed her dildo submission. Nice try Pinkuh, but you cannot hide from Anonymous. Screenshots have been taken of your faggotry.

    The Dirt

    Over on an obscure and relatively unknown furry board Vivisector, there was a thread that popped up from an ex-admin that gave a detailed insight on all the admins FA previously had and/or still has. The thread was entitled FA Retrospectacle and basically shows how incompetent all the admins really are. Here we find a few interesting facts on Queen Bitch.

    Pinkuh - Longest serving admin. Bragged on the FurAffinity staff IRC channel about how she was a petty and vindictive bitch. Perma-banned TheGreatHamster basically because Pinkuh didn't like some of her submissions: No rules had been broken. She compounded this by not saving any evidence and doing the permaban improperly (there was supposed to be a vote) and not even bothering to tell TheGreatHamster that they had been banned! Another admin had to clear up Pinkuh's mess when she refused. She once mistakenly banned someone because someone else was using their art to spam the site with, and assumed the originall artist must be behind it without even bothering to check. She did the absolute minimum amount of work and often not even that, but absolutely refused to give up her admin position and clung onto it for dear life. She gave it up once, temporarily, after getting some job, but kept admin position on forums/IRC then demanded to be made an admin again so she could vote against an ex-admin giving some help over Christmas, because she personally disliked them. Preyfar tore her a new one over that and indicated well his contempt for her, but in the end she was allowed to return because he was completely spineless. She was ugly where it counted: On the inside.


    And thats not all, turns out she is a whiny bitch who throws tantrums like a little kid.

    I also forgot to mention, that Pinkuh would threaten to resign and throw tantrums when things didn't go her way and also threatened to do something against the FA United convention, which set Preyfar all in a tizzy. Damaratus's opinion of her was that "she runs off her emotions". Preyfar & Damaratus acknowledged that she wasn't fit to be an admin and she was supposed to have been assigned to admining the #Furaffinity IRC channel only, because she could not be trusted with anything else. They never actually managed to do this and only recently she posted a journal insulting the people behind sexyfur IIRC and encouraging them to pirate their art. She is still an admin.


    Great job Dragoneer. You really know how to pick your admins and control them like the head admin you are.

    Support of Cub Porn

    How cute! a 13yo Patachu has drawn fanart for me!

    Back in 2006 when all of FA was in an uproar over whether cub porn should be banned, the admins debated amongst themselves whether it should be banned or allowed. After the users showed they wanted the shit banned, the admins still had to decide, which made the whole point of the debate moot.

    Dragoneer had decided to ban cub rape:

    <~Dragoneer> So, yeah... I think we have no choice but to say "Cub shit... banned".

    But Pinkuh didn't like that decision and decided to open her fat mouth and argue against it.

    <@Pinkuh> I will not support a rule that limits the users right to expression... this is What Y-gallery did and I am violently oppesed to it
    <@Pinkuh> This ruling will just lead to further limits on expression
    <@Pinkuh> Like I told cerise earlyer... I don't draw it, I don't like it, and I tend to not view it unless I have to, however I am NOT going to limit our users freedom of expression
    <@Pinkuh> We arn't Bush

    So then Dragonner being the pushover he is, ended up turning completely around after Pinkuh continued complaining and fighting "for artist expression" ( note : HER artist expression, as she's the first person to ban anything she estimates against the rules, or violates a copyright, like pokemon or digimon, often; she has no excuses and acts as her own.)

    <~Dragoneer> We have enough proof via legal documentation to proof that it is A) not pedo and B) not illegal.

    Pinkuh then makes the following comment somewhere in the argument:

    <@Pinkuh> Half of the users won't hate us... They will forget this BS happened in about 6 weeks and go about their daily porn

    Oh how wrong she was.

    The Banfag

    In this section, you will read about how much drama and lulz this dike caused throughout the course of being an awesome admin on the one and only Furaffinity website.

    Banning of Bernal

    At some point, Pinkuh felt she was such a professional porn artist that she wanted to make more money off her art besides her overpriced commissions. She sent some of her drawings to a furry porn paysite, SexyFur. Bernal, the owner of the site, rejected her drawings and said they were not up to quality standards for his website. Pinkuh became butthurt and used her all powerful admin powers to ban him from FA. She then went on to make a journal (now bawwleeted) telling her watchers that Bernal was a crook and she encouraged everyone to pirate the art from his website.

    At first, Dragoneer sided with Pinkuh, but eventually Bernal's account was unbanned. Strangely, Dragoneer didn't find this sort of behavior strong enough grounds to dismiss Pinkuh as an admin/mod. Just another instance of Dragoneer being a pussy-whipped faggot.

    IRC Banning Drama

    Most recently, drama and lulz took place in the FA IRC channel #furaffinity. Due to a lightning strike at FA's servers, FA was brought down temporarily. Because furfags can't live without their dogfucking porn and cub rape, they all hopped onto the IRC channel to see what was up. Pinkuh, having no life and nothing better to do than to stay home and pig out on ice cream like the fatass she is, was one of the admins in charge of the channel. Some sort of argument or some shit was occuring where one person jokingly claimed he hacked FA and brought it down. Pinkuh, having no sense of humor, decided to ban that person. The furfags, confused by her bullshit, questioned her as to why that person was banned. Punkuh's answer? Never spoke one word and banned whoever was asking.

    That is not all; however, she then muted the entire channel and went on a banhammer rampage. Once the mute was lifted, the furries started to bitch and were then swiftly B& as well, but channel bannings weren't enough for her, she then began issuing k-linings for those who opposed her authority.

    A summary of what occurced was posted on the LiveJournal group File:Lj-favicon.png furrydrama_2 and can be seen here; however, you have to be member to view it. So here is a screenshot of it.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    1000px-Furry-Drama PinkuhIRCRampage.jpg
    Pinkuh Strikes Again

    Unfair Banning of Clayton


    A furry by the name Clayton was tracking information about sick fuck basement-dwellers of FurAffinity and exposing their furfaggotry that reached critical levels of over 9,000 to the general furry population to take action against them. Threatened by this, they banded together to stop him, with the dictator's unlimited power and pressures to rid the menace that Clayton posed to the sick fucks of FurAffinity (That consists of pedophiles and zoophiles). Pinkunt brought up a pedophile charge to force ban the charismatic furry, who inspired to get rid of sick fuckery in the fandom all together (a noble, but most likely impossible quest). But let me tell ya folks, this charge wasn't even a charge to be banned from FurAffinity, why? Because, at the time Clayton was sixteen and his partner was, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen, a MINOR just like him.

    The year after, Clayton made a comment about this same partner(Ex) of his, saying "he was sexy and shit." Some faggot then reported him to the fascist dictators. While the calumny and blasphemies were being shouted out, Clayton stated, "YEP, IM A BIG BAD PEDO." Since people on FurAffinity lack a funny bone and internet is serious business, without knowing that Clayton did it for the lulz, Pinkuh to her judgement quickly banned him. Later that day, due to public outcry on FA, Clayton's banning sentence was reduced to a two week ban.

    Pinkuh Asks Furaffinity For $1500

    Instead of being useful, in January 2010 Pinkuh posted a journal asking for donations of $1500 to get a new computer. She then received a barrage of comments calling her a stupid bitch because she can get a good computer for around $700. Hours later, she blocked everyone who called her stupid. Pinkuh, being predictable, posted a journal saying that she didn't need the money after all and that she all of a sudden got a raise that would cover the costs of the computer (No one was able to call her a fuckface because they were all blawwwcked).

    Baww I needz moneh!
    Blawked for pointing out the truth.

    Petition to Remove Pinkuh

    In the latest and greatest series of lulz that Pinkuh has been the source of providing, this next one seems to take the cake and rape it. In a desperate attempt to finally free the furry nation from the tyranny of the hambeasts monthly rage, a petition to have her removed from FA has surfaced. What do electronic signatures by a bunch of fur fags equal out to... a whole lot of nothing that's what! But what started out as simple lulz has begun to steamroll into a hamfisted throwdown of epic fur flying proportions. And what does Dragoneer have to say about all this... not much, other than the same mountain of spineless dribble that always seems to appear when Pinkuh's stink raises enough attention.

    Because I had a former FA admin removed for doing the same thing to other people before I even got involved on FA. So yeah. My past half hour, instead of doing anything productive, has been having people call me a hypocrite and a hack and bashing the fuck out of me and Pinkuh.



    Recently a fake letter was found floating about from lulz.net with the evil Stinkuh's signature affixed to it. In this letter she was calling out a moronic FA user for being a retard bashing cub nazi who doesn't understand her mental issues. You might be asking yourselves, what image did the hambeast remove that would cause such an uproar thus making the masses churn like a sea of 400lb fangurls trying to get a slice of cake. Just take a look to the right and it's dy-no-mite! This fake actually happened a couple of hours about a discussion on the FurAffinity's IRC channel about why Pinkuh should leave the staff, for the good of everybody. After banning everybody who disagrees with her again, a thread containing that fake screencapture appeared on /furi/ and for the first time, you see Dragoneer posting, defending pinkuh against the evil troll who tried to throw dirt on his beloved Piunkuh, pointing at the proof it was faked : the timestamp. On a community like FurAffinity everybody would had fallen for it and shout out that Pinkuh's the victim of a band of trolls, except the liars in the story are no more, no less Pinkuh and Dragoneer, trying to manipulate an anti-furry chanboard. Later, the petition has been initiated anyways. Rare are the persons who ate it all, as a troll, once unmasked would had deleted that thread as soon as possible. Dragoneer, who was likely the author of this post did not.

    Also to all of the posters saying "Pinkuh is a fat bitch with an ego" Im sorry but last time i went to a furry convention/we had a photo meme i didn't exactly see rows upon rows of polite glamorous skinny people.


    — Dior

    They are beginning to turn on themselves. Cannibals the lot of them.


    Kelli can be found on several place on the internet especially if it relates to Halo.


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