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    Pikmin Link

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    File:Li kovacs.jpg


    Pikmin Link (Powerword: Li Kovacs) is a gender-confused transvestite best known for her hordes of Link cosplays and working as a booth clown for Nintendo. Located in Seattle, Washington, she is literally doing nothing else with her life except shooping photos of herself and eating out her tranny wife’s pussy.

    Originally from Hungary, she moved to the good ol' USA in hopes of becoming an actress and a model, but instead chose a career of dressing like a man for the rest of her pathetic life. She is 38 years of age and still pleases her fans by pretending to be a little boy.

    Early Life

    Ever since she was a small child, Pikmin Link would pose nude in front of the camera for her father. Like every low-class European bitch, that's the only thing she's good at.


    As a teenager in 1998, she discovered the art of cosplay, another way for her to whore herself in front of a camera. She decided to cosplay her favorite character, Link, from the Legend of Zelda series. That developed into an unhealthy obsession, and later she and her followers actually believed that she ACTUALLY IS LINK! Since then she has made almost all of his outfits, none of them very impressive.

    She developed a fanbase mostly comprised of teenagers, weeaboos, autists, and other faggots who worship her like some kind of a goddess.

    Her father remains her photographer, mostly so she has the opportunity to shoop her gross face and fool her retarded fans into believing that's what she actually looks like. Don't you dare say her photos are shooped, unless you want to hear her army of retards scream and deny it like little kids who just got told Santa isn't real.

    Personal Life

    Despite her many claims that she is in fact NOT a lesbian, Pikmin Link married another woman. She and her wife have a lot in common (both being gender-confused dykes who like to pretend they are men) and so they both got married in the middle of a forest, allowing their poor guests to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and chased by bears just so they could pretend to be in some stupid fantasy setting. Pikmin Link's idea of wedding attire was a nappy cosplay wig with bugs in it.

    Update: It looks as though Li actually cheated on her wife with some neckbeard working for Nintendo, and they divorced less than a month after getting married. What a skank.


    Pikmin Link is a pasty, flat-chested, man-faced dyke with a massive Jew nose. She knows this better than anyone, as you can tell by her amazing amounts of shoop on even her private Facebook photos. She likes to turn up the brightness and blur her photos so you can’t see how hideous her face really is.


    Money Struggles

    As is true for every college dropout who chooses to turn cosplay into a career, Li struggles financially, and begs her fans for donations to pay for her luxuries because she's a selfish bitch who thinks she's entitled to her underage fangirls' lunch money. Her most recent scheme was on GoFundMe, where she begged for money so she could bring her little pet accessory on a plane with her. The plane ticket cost $300, which is not a lot of money at all, but since Li is a poorfag she couldn't even scrape together such a small amount of cash. The best part? She didn't even include any perks for her patrons. So basically she believes she doesn't owe anyone anything in return for their hard-earned money, including the faggot who gave her $200.

    General Bitchiness

    Li likes to put on a smile and pretends to be nice to strangers, but behind the fake persona she's really a cunt. There have been several eyewitness accounts of her making fun of other cosplayers at cons, especially other competitors in masquerades, and she is known to talk shit about other Link cosplayers behind their backs because she thinks she's better than all of them. Which isn't actually true anymore, there are dozens of Link cosplayers in this day and age who put Li's pathetic ass to shame.

    When the SyFy reality show Heroes of Cosplay came out, Li cried like a spoiled toddler when she found out they didn't ask her to star in it. Little does she know that there isn't a market for women who look like aging Jewish men in reality TV, but she continued to bitch regardless. She made several posts on her Facebook page trash talking the show, acting like she was above it all, but IRL she was sulking herself to sleep.

    Remember that Magic Armor Link cosplay she made in 2010, the one that everyone fapped to and kissed her ass over? She didn't actually make it. Her father did. Li has always been a huge fucking liar and takes credit for her father's work. He slaves over her armor cosplays and her props, and she didn't even give him credit for the longest time. It was only after people called her out on it that she started saying her father "helped" her make them. It's only a matter of time before the old man dies and she has to find someone else to make her shit so she can steal the credit. She is just an uglier clone of Jessica Nigri, also known for stealing credit.


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