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    Pikaman (also known as Longchu, Manchu, Ganonchu, or Pikadorf) is a character in Super Smash Bros Brawl that resulted when Pikachu was given Ganondorf's moveset. He is also the final evolutionary form of Pikachu. With a length to rival that of longcat, Pikaman is an abomination of nature and strikes terror in the hearts of all. Additionally, he is not the only one of his kind. While certainly the most notable, Pikaman is just one in a line of many monstrosities created from swapping movesets in the game.

    The Rise of Pikaman

    Created in the basement of one particularly homosexual gamer, Pikaman is the result one gets when dividing by zero. The gamer in question was a member of the "Brawl Central" forums, a breeding ground for tourneyfags. The crafty nerd figured out how to h4x the game and change the settings around. One of the fun things he could do was change the movesets of the characters, thus altering their appearances. When the gamer played as Pikachu using Ganondorf's moveset, he unknowingly gave birth to the disturbing creature we now call Pikaman.

    It has recently been discovered that the basement dweller behind these characters is actually a fatass deviantART fag named MeleeKirby. To anyone who has seen his artwork, it is unsurprising to discover that MeleeKirby is behind these disturbing creations, as he has a knack for making disgustingly malformed Nintendo characters. For more on this obese Nintendo fanboy, see his article here on Encylopædia Dramatica.

    Pikaman was first spotted on JewTube during a video documenting the aforementioned moveset-swapping. The video starts out harmless enough, with the creator playing as Mario with Luigi's moves. The combinations then start to get moar bizarre, culminating with the arrival of Pikaman. The viewer is knocked firmly on his ass when the elongated Pokemon shows up on the screen, coupled with a set of equally awkward moves.

    The video was one in a set of 3, all of which contained images of various terrifying creatures not suitable for young viewers. Below is the video of Pikaman's first appearance:

    The plural of Pikaman is, of course, Pikamen. Here's another video of four of them fighting. It cuts off at the end, because the match is so far beyond human understanding that the gamer's Wii kills itself out of sheer confusion:

    Pikaman and the Tubes

    Pikaman has gained notoriety on the many tubes of the internets, particularly on 4chan's /v/, where he has become a meme. The /v/irgins are fascinated by the amazing creature, and they are the ones who coined the name "Pikaman". They frequently discuss this strange mutant, as well as make fanart of him, some of which can be viewed below.

    Pikachu Axing For It

    Pikaman Gets His Own Game

    Pikaman finally gets his own game called Pocket Monsters GO! GO! The Pikachu Adventure, or simply known to most as The Pikachu Nightmare. This game consists of you playing as Pikaman in the Smurfs. You become Gargamel's assistant to help him put the smurfs into a coma and then rape them in their dreams. This is a fucking real game, it even says "Licensed by Nintendo" on the menu screen, so feel free to kick anyone in the balls who says it are fake game.

    Pikaman on YouTube


    Pikaman Influence On The Net About missing Pics
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    Swapping movesets is serious business.

    As previously stated, Pikaman is not the only twisted invention of moveswapping. Many others also exist; some good, some gay. Here are a few of the moar notable ones:

    • Olimario - The result of playing as Mario with Olimar's moveset. It's basically Mario as a midget.
    • Mr. Game & Bot - Nigger using R.O.B.'s moves. This one has some pretty interesting moves, but nearly breaks the game in doing them.
    • Screech - Peach with Sonic's moveset. She looks relatively normal, except that she has long, flailing arms and fingers. She's pretty damn scary, too. When running, the line "Run E.T., run!" really comes to mind.
    • Sox (more like Sux amirite?) - It's Sonic combined with Fox. Sox is probably the most hated pseudo-character made by noone other than a furry-loving sick fuck. Hell, even James Rolfe doesn't fap to this shit.
    • Meta Link - Also known as "Crab Link" or "Crink," this one is Toon Link using Meta Knight's moveset. As you might have guessed, he looks like a crab. He is particularly fucking weird, and is considered second only to Pikaman in terms of popularity.

    Gallery of Challengers

    Not Pikman, but trying. About missing Pics
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