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    typical piczo emo feel good bullshit.
    File:A Lesson In Piczo 1.JPG
    How, when, and what to "tYpE" on Piczo.
    File:Rainbow Brite Glitter.gif
    Typical Piczo media.

    Piczo is yet another nauseating online blogging tools where 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls can share the details of their pathetic lives.....only with PICTURES! This revolutionary new technology looks similar to MySpace, but seems to have combined it with the nostalgic charm of those horrendous GeoCities pages that were all the rage 100 internets ago. Piczo is heavily image based; with each profile having a bare minimum of 6 oversized overlapping images, with horribly formatted coloured text. The sheer amount of images, popups and attention whoring is so epic that it can even crash the Blue Gene/L supercomputer. A recent study confirmed that not a single soul over 17 is on piczo.

    Some features include:

    • Default permanent CAPSLOCK feature which can only be turned off by a secret 128-bit encryption password
    • Hotkeys for instant text such as: "XOX LOVE U XOX", "xx Bestfrnds 4eva xx", "spk 2 ya soon xXxXx" and "The O.C"
    • moving rainbow images
    • Random gif planter
    • Sk8er templates
    • Pink sparkle type
    • Random ghosts that obscure the already overlapped images
    • Shitty emo music videos that play automatically
    • New plagiarism engine that steals random fact pages and throws them on your profile to mask your grade 5 intelligence.
    • 320x200 images of models putting on green lipstick with a lollipop in their mouth.

    Internet experts predict that piczo will be the next source of internet drama for the next 25 years.

    Health Warnings

    • Piczo has 150 times the teenage stupidity per pixel than any other site currently on the web.
    • Extended viewing will lower your IQ by 100 points, and give you the sudden urge to hate Bush, buy a skateboard & shop at Hot Topic.
    • Chronic viewing will turn you into a pedophile.
    • Users are assaulted by constant popups and banners for CoverGirl.
    • Piczos browser crashing ability can cause AC power failure in your PC and cause fires.
    • DANGER viewing piczo's pages are known to cause epileptic fits.


    The best way to attack a Piczo page is to post illegal torrent links in every single comment box on the page, then report it to the admins. Usually this method will result in them being completely taken down or all comment boxes removed. Without a doubt though, it will get deleted like GeoCities. And nothing of value will be lost.

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    Welcome to the 9th level of hell :D.


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