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With Jews, you lose!

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He will deny with all his might that this is him.

PhunWithLogic (Jesse Eizrek) is an internet nobody who made his living on here trolling people with the name Steven, playing armchair psychologist, and having mental breakdowns due to extreme paranoia brought about via involvements with children.

YouTube Channels

Jesse started off on YouTube attempting to be Anonymous. But since he will go on webcam with anybody willing to talk to him it makes it very easy for people to release his identification. But since he spends his time digging into people's personal life on the internet it gives people more of a reason to get back at him with some much needed vengeance. His original YouTube channel "FunWithLogic" was the only time anybody would ever acknowledge him. But this was because he spent every waking moment harassing Someguy827 for attention. When he was posting serious response videos he got no traffic due to no one giving a shit as he was regurgitating every anti-Someguy827 video ever made so he dropped that gimmick. Instead of approaching him seriously he knew that incessantly irritating him and his friends would get him attention. Since that worked he milked that view opportunity. Once he started heading into the personal life of Someguy827 he realized he got himself too deep into the drama, so he removed his channel as soon as he could. This was the last time he ever got a great deal of attention over the internet. His demise was met with celebration (as to be expected).

Someguy827's first YouTube video on FunWithLogic.

OfficialGATG's parody video against FunWithLogic.

Him getting called out by one of his many targets.

Starting A New Channel

Following that trainwreck he attempted to make amends with Someguy827, since Stevie is naive and will forgive anyone they soon became internet butt-buddies. Feeling very sorry for the disgrace he had made himself he tried to vindicate himself with the people he had pissed off so he did everything in their power to appease them. This was when he reopened a YouTube channel "PhunWithLogic". On this channel he started to make endless videos attacking Devilsfoodcake69 (aka Marbles). This was around the time OfficialGATG was getting criticized by Devilsfoodcake69 so he saw it as a good way to get his name cleared up. To do this he made excessive videos against Marbles to get his name out there. Subsequently nobody gives a shit. But what made it worse was that this time he was getting less traffic than beforehand. Since he was getting no where trolling Marbles he moved his targets onto StPattyDayMassacre and Dick Coughlan. Since both of them show their weak spot in the public eye his trolling attempts with them was met with much success. He was almost feeling as if he had nothing against Marbles until The Mikester actively spoonfed him information that Marbles liked underage pussy and killed animals, making them think they both ran him off the internet. Due to the inflated ego he still continued to crusade himself as the one who took him off the internet all by himself. To follow this he continued to harass failed rapper Daniel Myers and Declan Evans. Since nobody gave a shit about either of them his trolling attempts on them landed on deaf ears.

Marbles addressing PhunWithLogic (2:41 - 4:27).

Marbles addressing PhunWithLogic again.

A video PhunWithLogic made on Marbles, mocking his deceased dog.

Deleting Fucking Everything

PhunWithLogic crying over Facebook.

If there's one thing you might have noticed about PhunWithLogic nobody gives a shit about anything he says. A contributing factor to this is due to his terrible elaboration skills. Normally when somebody makes a video response regarding drama they usually explain the situation in a way to where an outsider looking in could know what happened in the first place. Not with PhunWithLogic. Instead he chooses to make vague legal threats while rambling incoherently into his bong. Upon most of his friends realising that he wasn't of much value to keep around he was promptly booted from their circles. Leaving him quite the mess. After going on bot accounts, getting others to ask and making sad posts he ultimately fled the internet after doing a video crying incoherently into his bong. As you can see, simple words like "inactive" are difficult for this dipshit to spell.

Camera Shy

Who actually leaked his face.

After seeing that Marbles got ahold of his face and hearing Declan Evans being attributed to being responsible for it, he does what any other normal person does - He throws a baby tantrum and screams at the kid over Skype. Due to Eizrek's brain being fried from all that smoked hash oil he was proven wrong. It was someone else from New Zealand; His broken nose friend Conrad Thrope. He did have good reason for his temper tantrum, as he looks like George Costanza's retarded brother with the voice of Roz from Monster's Inc. Even admitting to one of his "buddies" that he was in fact just camera shy (which is why he shows his face to everyone on Skype instead of YouTube).

Unleashing his insecurities on some kid.

You get a nice look at a strand of hair in this video, hence why he obscured the video. Near the 1:20 mark.

Jesse The Cuckhold

Desperately checking to see if his whore messaged back yet

Last Thursday it was revealed to his social-anxiety safe buddies over skype his girlfriend had been fucking everyone in Denver as he would sit and wait for her to visit him, only to find when she did arrive her stink-hole had taken a viscous dick-beating from the local gang of niggers he tries to avoid on his way to collect his disability payments. As with every problem he encounters, he made sure to tell everyone who would listen, somehow finding comfort in letting the world knows his floss-like Jew penis isn't cutting it. At over 50 years old and with a severe case of micropenis, it's no wonder he still isn't married and will likely being dying alone.

Mr.Eizrek's theme tune (Note: This troll account rustles his jimmies to the bone)

Whining about E-rumors when most his age have grandchildren already

More incoherent, nasally screaming

After long hard nights spent in his underwear next to a tub of ice cream - and crying outside of Pam's apartment with her new boyfriend. He seems to have finally gotten over her. His attempt at moving on is taking photos with his mother a Prostitute that he picked up from the middle of the road to take a selfie with; all costing him 1,000 Shekels. After that attempt showed to be cost effective, he took it to twitter to harass random females into taking him on as their new Cuck apprentice. Sadly, none have seemed to take the jew-bait.

Amusingly this video isn't far from reality when Jesse thought it would be a good idea to show his fat Indian friend, Saket the answers to his school test. Due to Jesse's immense lack of foresight, the dumbass left in his real name; which Saket shortly shared to his enemies.

I will sue you for writing this ED Page

Unsurprisingly, the obese jew man has begun threatening legal action like the next coming of Jack Thompson for involving him in his own hobbies. It is advised if you are brought to court take care to not meet him IRL, because he will totally beat you up with his tiny girl hands and sausage fingers.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Moar TL;DR vague legal threats and rage-quitting

Fun fact: In the time he took to write this, his girlfriend has rode at least 100 more dirty penises.

Butthurt Pussy/Marbles Came Back :'(

To put a real halt to this 50 year old man's over expanding ego, Marbles came back to the internet (you know, the same person he claimed he ran off for being a pedophile). To the surprise of nobody apart from the obese man himself that Marbles was not afraid of the fat cuckhold from Denver (in his own words). Although it was made clear Marbles saw him as a bumbling schizophrenic he attempted to befriend the same man who - a year ago - he was mocking for having a deceased dog, and any rumour that stuck. These attempts failed and he instead went back on making empty threats.

A video that's mostly addressed to Miker, but Eizrek gets his odd mentions.

Marbles making a mockery on the cuckhold's reputation.

Le Butthurt Persists

Le master troll is at it again ;)

Recently PhunWithLogic forgave Miker after claiming he's a sociopath, bad man, scumbag jerk ect. then giving this person who has every reason to distrust and dislike him more information on him then expect it not to get out there. This has came with the following claims, such as: Showing his face to him on webcam, showing him photos of his new girlfriend, asking Miker to make an ED on someone he doesn't like, he's an ED admin and admitting that he was the one flagging down videos of Marbles. All of this he shifted the blame onto someone else. Eventually they fell out when the obese Jew rage quitted on him.

Butthurt Gallery About missing Pics
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Instablock after sending!

In the Jesse Eizrek heated spirit he had been perusing edits made on his article, took issue with the fact he was being painted as someone trying to take down ED; despite saying he was taking people to court over his ED page. It doesn't take a genius to know, someone who spends little time outside who notices minor updates on his article isn't the same person who'd get off his lazy ass to file a lawsuit on you.


After vague legal threats failed, after threatening to take down ED failed, Jesse has now taken to begging the ED admins to take his article down. This has came with him accusing Emery Bowman of making the article on him ... after accusing several other children of making it as well. Giant cries that are completely proofless and pointless. Much to Jesse's ineptitude, ED articles are intended to piss off the person it is directed to so this article remains as an outstanding job. Rly though we could have wrote you were a fag in rainbow writing and it would still have the same effect. Asking the admins if you can lock out the creator and other contributors so you can vanity write your article is nice too, but it's also a good way to not get taken seriously. What ever happened to you being good with children?


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