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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
This is what he actually believes.

Once upon a time on one fine day, there was an autistic manchild like any other coping with his disability by watching the children's program, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". His name is Pewdie-Pinkiepie. What sets this man (or child) apart from the others is his strong faith in God and his lust for another man. He claims he isn't like Chris-Chan, yet any reasonable person knows this is merely a lame attempt to keep trolls away from him on DeviantArt. Another far-fetched claim he makes is that he is no longer a clopper. However, his favorites gallery suggest otherwise. Threads on /mlp/ speculate that he is in fact a troll who mocks other autists on deviantArt. For obvious reasons, this idea is heavily disputed. As of February 4th, 2015, he has been quite inactive.

The Story Begins

His deviantArt account was raided shortly after /mlp/ discovered him. They harassed him with anti-Christian and anti-PewDiePie comments. Comparisons to Chris-Chan were followed by a second wave from /b/. He and his 2 fans were left severely butthurt after the raid. Unfavorable comments directed towards him were reported to the dA moderators as death threats.


During the raids, his autism was unleashed everything went to shit. A few were throw-away accounts and fell victim to the b& hammer. Most accounts were ended up being blocked from viewing his profile or commenting on his submissions. In an effort to defend himself against the raiders, he declared God was real and that he was nothing like Chris-chan. Nobody was fooled, not even when he threw Chris-chan under the bus and stated he was a horrible Brony. Once /mlp/ and /b/ noticed his increased hostility levels, they shifted gears by calling him a troll for being a Christian and his selection of favorites on dA. This proved quite effective which resulted in epic levels of sperging and "artwork" to vent his anger.

Claiming Victory Against 4chan

Once the dust settled, Pewdie-Pinkiepie declared he won the war against 4chan and will never win because they can't steal his password. For some reason only known to him, someone would give a damn about his password. Despite his victory, trolls continue to get him angry on a daily basis.

Pewdie-Equestria Onslaught

Everybody knows that once a faggot of this magnitude enters the Brony fandom (or any fandom for that matter), trolls are sure to come. In Pewdie-pinkiepie's case, it came in the form of a 21 manchild team of bronies labeling themselves a Pewdie-Equestria. They promptly started creating Mspaint art that one can only describe as "God Please Kill All Humans Bronies". The group has around a 5-6 week period of bombarding other websites with their shit-flavored art limited but not certainly not limited to Derpibooru, Equestria Daily, 4Chan, and even their own shit website. They successfully doxed and founded him out since then. HERE DAT GUYS A TROLL WE KNEW WAS A TROLL WAS FOUND OUT 2 BE A TROLL OMFG CALL DE POLICE.

Leaving DeviantArt

Of course, even in dire straits of his life, the little faggot is still playing MLP Flash games.

On the 7th of April 2014, it was announced that Pewdie-Pinkiepie was leaving DeviantArt because he felt "threatened" by the trolls. This was very shortly after he began running a "donation pool" to get more money which as of 10th April, 5 morons have spent their hard earned Jewgold on Pewdie-Pinkiepie. Unfortunately for our little autist, $36 won't even get you out of town. Armed with this information, whether or not Clarence will simply become one with himself or go into hiding for a while is up for debate, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that gives a shit, apart from those with a certain mental disorder.

Return to DeviantArt

On April 23rd, precisely 16 days after Clarence's ragequit, he decided to return to the joy of no-one except for himself and his dedicated fantards. At this point, one can seriously wonder when he's going to admit he's a shit troll, or whether or not someone in the world is genuinely this retarded. His activity has noticeably lessened though, as a plus to anybody with half a brain.


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