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    File:Feels good man.jpg
    The Birth of a Meme
    The original comic strip in its full form.

    Pepe (also known as Pepe the Frog) is a retarded cartoon frog that has plagued the chan imageboards (and later the world) with its furfaggotry for as long as anyone can remember because of the autistic basement dwellers who won't stop shitposting it, and in 2016 it was officially recognized as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League after it was used as the unofficial mascot for the electoral run of God-Emperor Trump. Basically, it involves a comic strip containing an anthropomorphic frog and dog, and some other creature (according to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthis comic, the creature's name is "landwolf" which makes him a fucking wolf. How, not sure. Here's the artist's ArchiveToday-favicon.pngshitty explanation).

    Evolution of Pepe

    X pepe, a. k. a. that shitty spinoff of a 10-year-old meme nobody wanted, is a forced meme used by only the lowest-tier of meme-spouting morons whose sole humorous input to any given conversation is repeating a post they thought was funny on 4chan. Pepes are evidence of the constant degradation of any conversation when the 12-year-old boys begin to input, pepes are responses to other memes comparing unoriginal, unfunny content to other, less original, less funny content in a cyclic manner until the conversation in question simply becomes who can re-post the most topical reaction face. A pepe often comes in the form of "X rare pepe is only seen every Y posts" and references to how dank the meme in question is.

    Feels Good Man

    The frog, named Pepe, goes in to the bathroom, pulls down his shorts the full way takes a piss into the toilet bowl. However since he was retarded enough to leave the door unlocked, the dog is shocked to see some naked frog-ass. Later that day, another furry creature asks Pepe the frog whether he pisses with his shorts the full way down, to which he replies "feels good man".

    Several interesting observations may be made regarding this particular comic. By noting the position of the door relative to the frog in panels 1-3 and the frog's position in panel 5, one may conclude that this asshole frog is now pissing on the wall. Also of note, this door is of a volatile nature, as the doorknob switches sides at some point between panels 3 and 4. Or, in an even stranger turn of events, this bathroom has two doors. While this in itself is lulz, "feels good man" has moar potential, and can be thought of as a similar expression of pleasure as exclaiming "shit was so cash".

    The comic strip itself, which the 'feels good man' meme originated from, is named "Boys Club" by Matt Furie (More like Matt Furry, amirite?). His comics are now particularly popular on teh chans for this reason, especially 420chan.

    A little known fact is that this "meme" was popularized by Gaia Online at Halloween 2009 when one of their shitty manga comics featured it. You could call this a forced meme, considering it's Gaia Online. Anyway, continuing with the actual strip...


    Feels Good Man About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Feels Bad Man

    Feels bad man (also known as Sad Frog, Feels Bad Frog, You will never... or, by his real name, Pepe) is the lugubrious yin to Feels good man's exuberant yang.

    Unlike his chirpier, more upbeat cousin, Feels bad man is filled with regret and misery, lamenting how his life has turned out, all of the opportunities he has missed, all the bad decisions he has made, all loves lost and unrequited and filled with a sense of longing for experiences from happier times that he will never know again. In many ways, he is the batrachian equivalent of the typical ronery basement-dwelling loser which might explain why anons the length and breadth of teh Interwebs, perhaps identifying one of their own, have been so quick to clasp this melancholy amphibian to their sweaty, stinking bosom.

    Feels Bad Man About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Feels bad man originally started life as one of many variations on the popular meme Feels good man from the furfaggot webcomic Boy's Club. However, slowly, under the influence of many a sad and bitter neckbeard, Feels bad man changed and evolved into something more than its predecessor, popping up in threads on 4chan to deliver bad news or depressing realizations to those within, and along with Wojak, they became the avatars of /r9k/.

    Around late 2014, Sadfrog pictures started popping up outside of 4chan on cancerous websites like Tumblr and Reddit, causing the basement-dwellers at /r9k/ to rage that their precious meme was taken over by FUCKING NORMIES. In order to show their discomfort by casuals' appropriation of Pepe, that at first they started to shout towards them with the most autistic screeching they could create with their voices.

    When that failed their last resort was an even more stupid idea.

    Rare Pepe

    Info non-talk.png Click Here For More!

    The adoption of pepe by non-users of imageboards led to 4chan users to create new OC of the frog, calling them "Rare Pepes", in an attempt to reclaim the frog as theirs. This backfired, and now Pepe is used by every 16 year old girl on Tumblr and niggers on Twitter posting "when u hit the blunt and she keep suckin". So basically like how calling people normies is a normie thing to do now.

    Smug Pepe

    During the overflow of rare pepes, Pepe abandoned his sad behavior and adopted a darker persona. This time as a psychotic asshole with an smirk of satisfaction and fond of playing with his urine and feces. This Smug frog rather than feel empathy towards his companion Wojak, Pepe mocks and derides with cruelty the sad bald man with evil plots (sometimes called Poo Poo Pee Pee) that always end with Wojak crying in anger and impotence after being smeared with the excrement of the uppity frog.

    Feels Smug Man About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Association with the "Alt-Right" and eventual haunting of Hillary Clinton

    File:Appropriation of Pepe.png
    Just like Alberto Korda lost the chance of profiting with his Che Guevara photo, Matt Furie lost Pepe to the Internet Hate Machine

    Over the course of 2016, "Pepe" become progressively more strongly associated with the political movement known as the Alt-Right. Members of the alt-right will frequently produce memes where Republican candidate Donald Trump is portrayed as the titular frog; despite this being so overtly a prime example of semi-political, garden variety shitposting to anybody who has spent enough time online to know that the internet isn't a region of space roughly the size of Ireland, several ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghigh ArchiveToday-favicon.pngprofile ArchiveToday-favicon.pngnews ArchiveToday-favicon.pngoutlets have started to publicly associate Pepe with the White Nationalist movement. Later libtards then tried out-meme Pepe by using Kermit and the hashtag Template:Hashtag only to have ImWithKer backfire spectacularly.

    In a particularly unfortunate speech, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton decided to make a reference to the Alt-Right in a speech; this proved to have a somewhat amusing consequence, as a member of the audience decided to burden himself with the task of ensuring that nothing about the 2016 presidential election should be taken seriously by heckling with the name of the aforementioned frog. In true millennial style, it appears that the heckler was also chronicling has actions by the medium of ArchiveToday-favicon.pngshitposting whilst the speech was in progress.

    Recently, Pepe received the highest honor anything associated with the White Nationalists can get, blacklisted as a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League. Also his creator, Matt Furie (who's a huge libtard) and publisher Fantagraphics issued this statement.

    The Attempted Murder of Pepe the Frog

    Moar info: Meme Magic.
    Pepe is Dead
    The comic frames depicting Pepe's funeral
    Matt Furie (Pepe's -creator-) BTFO.jpg
    B-But Muh Artwork!
    ∕co∕ reacts to Pepe's death.png
    /co/ explains very well why Matt's attempt to murder Pepe is futile.
    He lives

    Previous Image  |  Next Image

    In 2017, after losing again against the shitposters, Matt attempted to kill his beloved character for good. Unfortunately for him, Pepe was dead long ago, ever since /pol/ transformed Him into their god Kek. He is just feigning outrage because he can't make money of it and because he is so butthurt about Hillary's stunning loss. It was and is Epic Fail Guy all over again. Also the Alt-Right tried to help their brethren in France by loaning them Pepe to help elect Marine Le Pen, she lost, because the French eat dead frogs!

    See also

    Pepe - will write memes for food.png

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