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This is what RaspberryRush was fapping to.

Being banned by a mod using a shitty pink netbook adds extra salt to the wound. OH THE HUMANITY.
Penni is the one on the far right
When not causing drama online, Penni is inflicting psychologically damaging costumes on animals.

Penni-piper was given ED sysop status in late 2008. Prior to this, she was mostly well known for being the user neurotic enough to spend time sifting through the trenches of Wanted Pages and removing all the bullshit red links which didn't need to exist. To put it simply, Penni has probably removed more crappy red links than you've added blue links.

Penni is a typical example of an IRC whore, and can usually be found lurking, sex chatting or crying in forty different rooms on five different servers. Heck, the IRC Series Template would probably be slapped at the bottom of this page if Penni's IRC faggotry wouldn't bleed over the template's borders. She's very protective of her faggotry, which means that if you bring your bullshit to Penni's sight, you will die.

It has been rumoured on occasion that Penni-piper and Raspberry Rush get hot and heavy in PM chats, a speculation which only gets hotter when coupled with the rumour that RR is also a chick.

Out of all the people she despises the most on IRC, Matty and Renzo are hated the most because they are huge faggots. Their destiny on #encyclopediadramatica (the kiddie pool) is to either get banned or annoy the living hell out of her.

If any templates or the main page are ever borked, chances are Penni can fix it. Be wary when contacting Penni whilst she is pissing blood however; she will rip your ass in two. Her banhammer is well-oiled with the tears of n00bs, and you would be well-advised to duck.

Fapalicious bitchiness

File:Ban hammer.jpg
Penni wielding the banhammer

When not pissing blood, Penni-piper's bitchiness causes male ediots to have massive hard-ons. Here is but a small sample of her boner-inspiring bitchiness:

Will you stop changing talk pages while i am trying to have a conversation, i am pissed as it is that this shitty topic is spamming up recent changes and you and your revisions are not at all being helpful. I am normally a bitch and today i have not had much sleep so don't push me.


Hope you are just fucking with me and you are planning on stopping. This conversation will not continue. -penni


FUCK. god fucking dammit can you read?


I hope you talk about how you are going to stop spamming up recent changes. thats not a suggestion btw.


sign your fucking posts and dont revert my edits d00d. I am about 5 seconds away from deleting that pile of shit article as it is. so dont push me.


Is english not your first language? I will, for the sake of my sanity, assume that it is not. Then I can excuse your blatant disregard for the warning on top of the man page. But this is your one and only warning from me. Have a pleasant day and happy editing.


Did i give you the idea that I was starting an open forum here for you to voice your opinion because I sure as hell did not mean to, being as i gave you a directive and did not ask a question. If you would like to start a page about that band and add that information go ahead. But,in the meantime please read the top of my talkpage.(it is 2:00pm pst right now btw)


00:31, 13 January 2009 Penni-piper ræped Mudbird (Talk/Contribs) with an expiry time of 1 day (account creation disabled) ‎ (i told you not to shit up the alabama page again. In the next 24 hours whenever you feel sad go look at it again I made it better that should make you happy :o))


What a woman! Rushberry is one lucky guy gal.

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