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    Kyle Anderson supporting his local white supremacist movement.
    On the same fucking day, too.

    PencilLeadProductions is the amateur vlogger alias of a tubby 13-year-old boy from Las Vegas named Kyle Anderson. Kyle is known for making video blogs featuring his incredibly annoying, childish voice and his round, cherubic face that hilariously attempts to appear serious. Several vloggers support him, which is a direct cause of both pedophilia and pity. Kyle soon realized that everyone on Youtube was laughing at him, so he decided to jump on the bandwagon to The Promised Land. Scientists speculate that an abomination such as Kyle Anderson could only be the result of a freak nuclear incident or a severe vaginal infection.

    The Death Threats

    Kyle, being full of fat and teenage angst, saw a Star of David on an ED article which put him into a violent rage. He made a vlog, and promised to murder every member of Encylopedia Dramatica. After using his haxx0r skillz to dig up personal information, he sent the recording of his death threats, in the mail, to Alex Romantic Temple. Obviously, this kid isn't fucking around and definitely intends to kill us all.

    Recording of Kyle Anderson's death threats.

    Death threats from a kid.

    Kyle's Nazi Involvement

    Kyle Anderson has been confirmed to be a staunch Neo-Nazi and hates Jews with a passion because they control the media and won't let him be a part of it. In a recently deleted forum post with which he asked if he should quit, another user stated that he should remain to fight the good fight against ED, citing the fact that while her own grandfather had died in a concentration camp, it was because he had fallen off the guard tower and thus he was an hero. He's also a distant relative of another of Germany's favorite an heroes.

    Kyle's Need of Exercise

    Kyle is a textbook example of the growing childhood obesity problem in America, and his existence proves that something needs to be done to get these kids off the computer and back on the playground. Time and time again Kyle attempted to defend his exercise regimen, turns out playing baseball in bed and always being the catcher doesn't count as exercise.




    Kyle as broadcasted on lulzcast

    there is no such thing as satire in Australia....


    —Kyle regarding satire


    PLP self depiction
    • Kyle is e-pals with Daxflame and Faye006.
    • Kyle's grandpop worked for the Jew.
    • Kyle is homeschooled because he is attempting to ignore negative influences.
    • Kyle was expelled from public school for inserting several classroom objects into his rectum.
    • Due to elective cosmetic surgery, Kyle has a Jew in place of his reproductive organs.

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