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    Pedophilia apologia

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    File:Todd Nickerson Steampunk.jpg
    This is a perfectly sane self portrait to place upon the movement.
    "If people see a woman shilling for this, they can't call us rapey sickfucks!"

    Social justice is, without qualification, a long and winding road. It has produced countless special snowflakes, scam artists, and simply broken people. Over the years, it has produced such luminaries as Big Red, Die Cis Scum, Clementine Ford, and Anita Sarkeesian. It's far fetched, intellectually gymnastic lexicon has entered modern parlance as satirical turns of phrase, such as "check your privilege" and "muh soggy knees." It has gone so far as to infiltrate old media, such as with Fembusters. Our colleges and universities have become decidedly expensive Marxist day care, and landwhales have turned from being justifiably ashamed to live as motionless blobs to vain, entitled children. All of this is as nothing compared to what is to come. It is as if SJWs and feminists chose to turn the world upon its head before loosing their most dangerous notion yet upon us all. The emerging narrative of social justice is, if you want to fuck children, then that's perfectly ok. No, really, let me get you a beer so you can tell us all about it, you courageous hero.

    Social justice jumps the shark

    That's right, apparently, pedophilia is now perfectly natural and not at all something to be ashamed of. Before we continue, let us examine the proper response of someone receiving this news.

    Prima: So you see, good man, pedophiles are just like you and me... except they want to rape children, of course.
    Secunda: I don't care if they're just like me and me, they're a menace! Why don't spree killers ever target truly deserving people, like these?

    As ever, SJWs want common sense to be strictly verboten on pain of forfeiture of one's livelihood, and this includes removing children from the presence of a pedophile merely because he has an overwhelming desire to sodomize them. SJWs want pedophiles in your day care, because there's nothing wrong with that. They want child molesters teaching in schools, because there's nothing wrong with that. They want the sickness that is pedophilia to be tolerated and celebrated because... you get the idea.

    Templars of the Pedopope

    • Todd Nickerson - Twitter-favicon.png toddnickerson1 - Describes himself with the outrageous euphemism "minor attracted person." Open and prolific advocate of pedophile rights and is defended by Salon.com.
    • Alison Rapp - Advocate for the more "child friendly" consent laws of Japan, notorious land of sickfuckery.
    • Sarah Butts - Tranny that attempted to take down 8chan and others with accusations of pedophilia, but was soon exposed as a child molester who diddles his niece and got his own personal army of pedo apologists defending him.
    • Chris Cuomo - Srsly said on air that 12-year-old girls should be taught tolerance by seeing a male cross-dressing transvestite naked in a female locker room.
    • Antifa and NAMBLA - Unlikely bedfellows that support pedophilia, as their BAMN sect supports pedophilia.


    One way to normalize pedophilia is to point out that certain parts of the group contradict the notion that pedophiles are totally morally reprehensible. This includes pointing out that not all pedophiles are child molesters and that their sexual inclinations are not their fault (caused by biology like, for example, a tumor).

    While not all pedophiles are child molesters, some are in between:

    Just do what I do

    Go to the park and wait for a girl to be alone then go up and hug her. The younger she is the better

    Dont ask. Just walk up and hug them. Depending on their reaction usually the younger ones like hugs and you can slyly get a quick ass grab or pat their pussy mound really quickly over their clothes

    Then go in the restroom and beat off and get rid of all that build up. It is just a hug. Dont act weird if you get caught and nothing will happen. At most people will think you are crazy but they wont do anything

    Ive been doing this for a few days every couple months to release my tension. Ideally Id take one in the restrooms with me and rape her until I was satisfied

    But this isnt the perfect world so you gotta make due with what you have. Just a hug and a bit of physical touch here and there with a young one relaxes me and keeps me from going over board and doing something stupid"


    —Pedo method from 8chan /hebe/

    A 40-year-old man right-handed man developed a huge interest in pornography, mainly in child porn; he was later found guilty of child molestation. He went to the hospital complaining of his headache; he had a brain tumor removed and it was determined the tumor was causing his sick fuckry.[1]

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