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    Pear Chan

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    Beccabae, or as she is better known, "Pear Chan", arrived on the 4chan scene around December of 2008, when pictures of a young and perhaps hot Chan began to appear on the /b/ imageboard. These pictures, though taken with MySpace angles, captivated many of the websites newer users, but seasoned 4channers knew what was up. Something was amiss…


    As when any anonymous poster uploads images of a young girl to /b/, a huge outcry of “Moar!” went up. However, this time the subject of those pictures was holding a dark and deep secret. No, she wasn’t a trap or a post-op transsexual...no, this time the subject posted was a real, live girl with the most oddly shaped body resembling the “LOL WUT” graphic. The original black and white pictures posted of Pear Chan depicted a young girl, nose ring crooked, who had done a close up on her very pretty face. Anon was not fooled, however, as several cries of “Tits or GTFO” and “Post Ur Ass” were immediately posted by the lard loads.


    It is not known who posted the original images or who posted the ensuing onslaught of full body shots of Pear Chan; what is known is that whoever had the images did not hesitate in posting the rest of the images. Soon after the black and white close up of her face was uploaded, several more less flattering images began to appear. Most of these images were taken by Pear Chan herself in her bathroom and usually she is in some state of “hamming it up for the camera.” These photos were received with the usual gang of /b/tards screaming “HARPOONS” and (surprisingly) a lot of posts saying “I’D HIT IT” as well. Whatever the average /b/tard feels, for some unknown and truly insane reason, people want to actually see more of this quivering flesh.

    Pregnancy Speculation

    At first, it was discussed that she was just an overweight girl who liked to take self-pictures of her large and peculiar body style. This discussion went on for several days until a wise anon interjected with the hypothesis that she perhaps was pregnant or had recently been pregnant. Taking up this line of thinking, several more anons pointed out her stretch marks and the distended way her nipples were riding on her breasts. Some of the more retarded /b/tards just claimed she was a fatty and began to man the harpoons, not realizing that after having a kid, a chick’s body falls completely apart. Although being pregnant is no excuse for the logs of fat on her arms. Thus disproving this theory. 16 year old boys don't know what pregnancy can do to ALL parts of a female's body. Yes, they can get fat on their arms. It doesn't matter, she's still a fat whore.

    Pear Chan Strikes Back!

    Just because I'm a fat girl I take pride in myself and my vag.



    In an effort to clear the air, and her supposed good name, Pear Chan released a public statement that was meant to clarify her position on this article, her pregnancy, and how individuals treat people who are fat. She also explains how her pictures became publicly available on the internet.

    The MySpace post comes in rant form and pretty much confirms both GOTIS and Fat Girl Angle Shot assumptions that were made by anybody who originally viewed her pictures. The Fat Girl Angle Shots were especially confirmed just because of the sneaky way she has (and still does) post her own images on the internet. By focusing on only her face, she purposely misleads a viewer into thinking that her body would somehow match the general size of her head...but as we have all known for some time, this is far from the truth.

    During her post, she also speaks about her pregnancy...namely that this never occurred. This is fine, but since it has become lore and part of the legend of both Pear Chan and her dealings with Encyclopedia Dramatica, that section of this article shall not be edited or removed.

    Pear Chan then goes on to discuss how she has always been fat and has always loved food, which are, to the layman, quite obvious. The rest of her wishy-washy tirade devolves into the normal reaction most overweight people have when they are confronted with their unhealthy lifestyle: they claim that they are beautiful, confident, and somebody out there loves them, despite all of their flaws and inadequacies.

    Blah blah blah, if you have watched any episodes of Oprah when she was fatter than she is now, you know the whole script. For the interests of internet history, her post has been copied and pasted here:

    Saturday, September 05, 2009

    Pearchan-the True Tale of Trickery

    Seeing as I've been known as 'Pearchan' for quite sometime, I guess I should go over some common misconceptions.

    The story of me ending up on 4chan/the Internets goes like this:

    Around November of 08 I was told my pictures were posted on a site called Curvage from my myspace. At first I was apprehensive and pissed because I thought they had took 'nudes' I'd had on my photobucket and posted them. Turns out, it was just regular pictures of me (and my body) being complimented. After lurking the site awhile longer, I decided to join/participate. I started posting in a thread of my own, and started off taking regular body pics.

    Eventually I got bored with how my pictures were going, and decided to take a little risquer sets. After I had posted those, I had some personal issues and it ended in me taking them down.

    Apparently, someone had already saved them onto their computer and decided to post them on 4chan. I NEVER posted my own thread/whateverthefuck you call it on /b. I didn't find out about it until about a month after they'd been posting me. My first reaction was really annoyed, and mildly flattered. After awhile I just started not caring really. I hadn't heard much on it until I found out I had earned my own ED page.

    Most of the misconceptions I was speaking of earlier are deriving from that page.

    To start, I never claimed to be skinny or posted my pictures on /b claiming to be sexy. I still don't understand how I would even begin to be a 'SIF' when I have an album up dedicated to my body. Plenty of people have admitted to my face being pretty, and naturally skinnier in comparison to my body. Therefore, my face pictures wouldn't even qualify as being 'fat girl angle shots'.

    If I photograph my FACE, my face ISN'T fat, so I don't look fat. Crazy right?!

    Secondly, I never have/am pregnant. It's funny that I've earned the name Pearchan, but people are still perplexed by my body shape. My body derived from being fat as a kid, not a baby.

    Basically, I grew up fat. From 3rd grade I've weighed twice as much as I 'should'. I'm not going to lie, I love food. As of present, I don't eat nearly as much or as shitty as what most people assume.

    Other things:

    You don't need to feel sorry for me. I'm not 'sad' or 'insecure' from this happening. It's actually had the opposite affect on me. I've gained more confidence and love my body/myself even more from the experience.

    I'm not easy. Just because I'm a fat girl I take pride in myself and my vag. The only person I plan on putting out to is my boyfriend.

    I'm not going to intentionally gain weight. I think it's just as disgusting when a guy is selfish enough to say a girl isn't FAT ENOUGH for him, as to when one isn't skinny enough. I'm not going to purposelly put my health in danger. It may be somebody elses cup of tea, but not mine.

    Why I'm confident?

    I look at myself as my bestfriend and biggest support system. I know that I will always have myself, so I see no reason to hurt myself. Loving myself comes just as naturally as breathing. I don't care if you think I'm beautiful or not, because I have my own back up. I think I'd be beautiful at any weight. Not just myself, either. I honestly think that if more people (of all shapes and sizes) learned to accept themselves that the world would be a much happier place. It's not hard once you forgot all of the shit that society and assholes have told you. Sometimes, you need to shut yourself up the most. Instead of putting yourself down, pick yourself up. Nobody likes a Debby Downer.

    Kay, I'm done.


    File:Pear Chan 111.jpg
    For the right amount of cash, you too can advertise your band on her back.

    Now that Pear Chan is 18, she felt the need to go out and mark up her body with a billboard sized tattoo. That billboard, done in cursive lettering, gives an excerpt of the song "Nice and Blue (pt. Two)" by the emo band mewithoutYou and is in effect an advertisement for the band. Here are the lyrics she has tattooed on her back in large bold lettering:

    "and all or what little joy in the world seemed suddenly simple and endlessly mine"

    Other Phenomena

    Since 99% of Pear Chan's pictures that appear on the internet are dominated by her face, it has been suggested that she utilizes Fat Girl Angle Shots in her camwhoring. Pear Chan herself denies these allegations by stating that she "just happens to take pictures that involve her face...and never mind her body, because she is beautiful anyways..." Whatever the real case may be, here are a few videos that discuss this sort of behavior:


    Gallery of Pear Chan About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Doing Porn Now

    Being the failure that she is, she was unable to get a job and now has to strip naked on webcam while strangers jack it to her chubby curves and probably sucked off her boss to get the job in the first place.

    Hilariously, she couldn't even get her own site and had to join the roster of a fatty porn site. Even more hilariously, she is so fat that there is no angle from which you can actually see her pussy. From the front it's obscured by a curtain of fat and from every other angle the blubber of her thighs blocks it out... thankfully.

    Lastly, you can find full nudes of her on the preview page so if you're the kind of sick fuck who's into that there is no reason to buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

    Here is a gallery:

    Gallery of Naked Pear Chan About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Fan Art

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Fatty Pumper Quotes

    Pregnant on Prom Night is no way to go thru life.

    Although she has a cute face...she is gargantuan. As such, /b/tards are under the impression she is attainable for them. Here is just a small snippet of white knight faggotry they have produced.

    I don't know why, but I think she's so fucking cute. Her pictures make me feel wet and creepy.


    —He also likes to go out hoggin.

    No idea why, but she is magic.


    —Wait until you see the stretch marks.

    No fat girl is beautiful the way she is. Don't give them false hope, faggot!


    —The opinions of fat, Frito-eating /b/tards are always welcome.

    Pear chan is strangely the hottest fat chick I have ev-PPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW POP GOES PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!



    i dont care how big she is. id dip my dick in lard.


    —The more you drink, the better she looks.

    Most amazing. I need that PJ's of hers.


    —I have heard of furries, but now people seem to have a Dr. Seuss fetish.

    In 2010 Pear Chan became Beccabae and started her own paysite at Big Cuties (www.bigcuties.com). As far as BBW-forums tell, she must be successful with that project that contains (no nude) picture sets and videoclips. Most other models on Big Cuties became famous within the so-called "Fat-Admirer-Scene" because they have gained weight during their active time as a BC-model. Becca has recently shot a videoclip in which she shows off her weight gain. In another picture-set you can see her measuring herself. Before she offered pictures that show her eating and trying on too tight clothes. She is now 100 % in the BBW business with the content she offers while her fans hope that she will gain more weight. As this happened even before she started being a BBW-model we can expect that she will fulfill what her fans love to see during the next months. Her body and especially her new stretchmarks prove that. Being admired by numerous BBW-fans worldwide may help her getting rid of all-day problems caused by her new weight and negative comments by those who loved the "old Pear Chan". Whatever your opinion may be, in the world of BBWs she is for sure one of the most beautiful. Let´s see if she will remain happy in this scene.

    Apparently the BBW-lovers are not content to see the rolls and rolls of lard, or the fat girls gorging themselves with food... they want to see fat girls failing simple tasks and being humiliated. As her site includes the erotic video Becca vs the Stairs in which "You get to see how I look as I happily jiggle down them and also how I look trying to climb my way back up. How many times do you think I can go up and down before finally having to just sit down and take a breather? :p If you want to see a fatty in motion..as well as me getting out of breath and talking about how much I hate exercise..this video is for you! " Actually this video is for all of mankind, and will also be used to assist the coroner when he rules she died of acute fatness.

    If your video collection is missing clips of:

    • a morbidly obese woman trying on clothes in dressing rooms and failing to find anything to fit her
    • trying desperately and pathetically to do a single sit-up
    • doing the fat female erotic equivalent of the Truffle Shuffle and referring to her stomach as "her"
    • smothering her hipsterfag boyfriend in all revolting manners

    Beccabae has made those available for purchase.

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