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    For the love of God, do not look directly into its eyes.

    peacockfeather, aka Rachel Tallnam, is a psychotic cosplayer that suffers from physical disabilities and probably some mental ones as well. She is known to dress up as an overwhelming amount of anime and vidja game characters, mainly in costumes bought online. The costumes she has made herself are appallingly bad and the photos she posts do not make them look any better. She tends to find cosplayers that she likes (most recently, a girl named Kara) and stalks them by posting stolen pictures in her deviantArt gallery, copy/pasting their journals into hers, and creepily hugging them/taking pics of them at cons without permission. She posted some horrifying nudes at one point that were supposedly taken by her father. That's really just the tip of the iceberg...

    The Beginning

    When the photos of Rachel first began to surface online, nobody was sure what to think of it. She was posted on 4Chan's /cgl/ board quite frequently, but most people assumed she was mentally handicapped and tried not to make fun of her. Over time, more and more photos began to be posted. Each one was more horrific than the last and finally, the nudes came out. Whether someone was exploiting her and taking the photos or she was just using a self-timer on the camera, nobody knew. Topics about her went ignored and it wasn't until just recently that acquaintances of Rachel's began to speak out. It's a known fact that /cgl/ usually doesn't particularly care about any run-of-the-mill bad cosplayers, but in Rachel's case, on top of having a face that screams "herp derp" she also happens to have an abhorrent personality. It soon became obvious that Rachel was involved in all sorts of art theft and stalking on Deviantart. Once discovering this, anon's true investigation began. Despite a large number of whiteknights swarming the initial threads, it was soon confirmed that Rachel is, indeed a true lolcow.


    When she's not making cosplay, Rachel spends her time posting art and participating in cosplay gatherings. Except none of the art is hers and she's become so terrifyingly creepy that conventions and gatherings no longer allow her to attend. Rachel's stalking approaches levels almost as extreme as Chris Chan's, which is unremarkable, seeing how they seem to share many qualities, including, but not limited to horrible nudes. She hunts down cosplayers and locks them in her embrace, as if her arms were jaws of life, and photographic evidence clearly shows that no one is pleased by her "glomping". She seems to arbitrarily chose cosplayers who she likes or envies and proceeds to attempt to copy their lives. This entails everything from posting their art as hers, to posting pictures of them while claiming said pics to be of her, to copying entire sections of their journals and posting them in hers, pretending to be them. Even after being banned from an event, she swore she would still find Kara and take pictures of her whether she liked it or not. Still, despite claims that she is totally unaware, Rachel has shown that she knows that what she's doing is wrong, by apologizing and hiding comments on her DA. Even though countless stolen pictures that have been taken down by moderators, she has not been banned from Deviant art.

    As of August 25th, her first account has finally been banned. Guess deviantArt got tired of all the whining and decided to get off of their lazy asses and solve the problem


    if I see will taking a picture of you at con ok its for kara. can I takiing your boyfirend with you . who it goo to stop me taking a picture of you at con not my mom . look poelpe I still like kara I will not LEAVE KARA ALONE!Sorry . I'll shop me taking a picture of kara at con so what one picture of Kara oh god Rachel took a pic oof Kara !!!!!!!!!!

    Krystal do you was me at PCC ? do you try do ti there before Saboten-con."? "



    "Hi my firend. I am go to sue you ."





    Rachels' cosplay is mediocre at best. She owns dozens of costumes and posts pictures of new ones constantly. Rachel's inability to grasp simple things like how not to be a fucking creepy stalker prevents her from understanding most anime and games, so she instead makes or buys costumes that her favorite cosplayers have done, only adding to her creepiness. Being the good man that he is, her father takes pictures of every single one of her cosplays. It is still unconfirmed whether or not he is responsible for her nudes as well. He is; however, responsible for the continual stream of horrible cosplay photos that she uploads from her many cosplay.com and deviantart accounts. Neither of them seem to realize when it's time to stop. Unfortunately, people on her Tumblr have gotten it into her head that she is a sexy famous cosplayer and therefore she alternates between posting nude art and worrying that posting them will get in the way of her cosplay art.

    Gallery of Nightmares About missing Pics
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