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    Pauline Hanson

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    File:Pauline is a whore.jpg
    Pauline wants yur cawk.

    Pauline Hanson is the Australian version of Mike Huckabee with a little twist of Paris Hilton's desire for moar attention. With her blatant racism and tiny IQ she soon became the butt of every joke made in the country, while almost taking it over. She was eventually jailed for no reason, later being released with much butthurt and whining from her supporters claiming OMG DISCRIMINATION! not realising the great poetic justice of her situation.

    She is well known for spawning the shit meme Please Explain, a phrase she used on 60 minutes when asked if she was at all Xenophobic. Big words is hard!

    In March 2009, Pauline's commando ex-fuck buddy posted lulzy photos of the dumb whore with tits out begging for it.


    Pauline dragged herself to fame in 1997 as leader of the One Nation Party, which she co-founded with fuck buddy David Oldfield. One Nation's political agenda was quite simple, "if you’re not white, fuck off". It is especially lulzy that years after the failure of her political career, she was found to have Arab ancestors, and despite being a racist cunt who hates everyone except herself (like most right wing fucks), she sold her famous fish and chip shop to her arch enemy, the Asians.

    Pauline is quite famous for a few reasons. She is the reincarnation of Hitler, and when she vomited her maiden speech in parliament, it would have been coma-inducing lulz if only she wasn’t being serious. She warned that Australia was "in danger of being swamped by Asians", and they "have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate", which is true. She also bitched that "Aboriginals enjoy privileges over other Australians". This is also true because white people can't get high from sniffing petrol and can’t gang rape 10 year old girls and get away with it.

    As people began to realize how much of a racist dumb shit she was, she received death threats. This surprised her (not anyone else however), so under instruction of her senior advisor/fuck buddy Oldfield, she made a "death video" to be released in case some Arab suicide bombed her ass. The 12-minute tape started off with the following message:

    Fellow Australians, if you are seeing me now, it means I have been murdered. Do not let my passing distract you for even a moment


    It didn't. But she then urged:

    For the sake of our children and our children's children, you must FRIGHT ON! Do not let my passing distract you for one moment. We must go forward together as Australians. Our country is at STEAKHOUSE!



    "I are dead"

    "All you have to do is get out there and fly the flag, and that's exactly what we're doing." - Pauline on hollow acts of "patriotism", the commercialization of Australia Day, and supporting the Chinese economy. Her supporters actually wanted to change this horrid shit song to the Australian national anthem. They also got some tappable abbo to sing it. Pauline, you're trying too hard.

    Epic fail , I mean Jail, I mean Gaol

    In 2003 when most of her supporters discovered that she was a used up cum rag, people left her political party, she was now as popular/unpopular as Britney Spears on a Friday night after visiting the local football team. A jury convicted Hanson of electoral fraud. Probably just for the lulz. Apparently getting electoral funding when you're not a registered political group is illegal. So, eventually it was found that Pauline had stolen half a million dollars, and she was bashed with the IRL ban hammer, Jail. Hanson's initial reaction to the verdict was - "Rubbish, I'm not guilty. It's a joke." Lulz

    However, like all famous people and being deemed far too ugly for the rampaging bull dykes in a female prison, the racist slag got off her convictions, mainly because she sucked a lot of political cock and pulled some favors. However some good news is she was forced to pay back half a million dollars effectively bankrupting the whore. In keeping with being an IRL troll she made an appeal/begged the few supporters she had left to give her money to help her through her hard times, however this basically butt fucked her in to non existence because at the time she was living in a $700,000 mansion just outside of Rosewood. The people who she was scamming money from were pensioners and farmers ………lolz . Hanson, however, claimed she considered selling her home probably to Asians. Now that poor Pauline was out on her arse she needed money and being far too ugly for prostitution she did what she knew best, and funneled her attention whore antics in some constructive ways.

    So being a attention whore without peers and a right wing fuck , she after her epic failure decided to return to politics and become a TV star proving that you don’t need to be retarded to prove that some people never learn. This posed a unique problem for Hanson as she was seizure inducing ugly. Her face without makeup or some other filter would result in a many dead babies and hospital admissions. To combat this problem the TV networks used excessive makeup, reportedly she needed a blowtorch to remove the lead based paint makeup.

    Attention whore antics

    Dancing with the stars

    Yeah the bitch was on Dancing with the stars, she made it to the finals losing to Leyton Hewitt's whore, the reason why the wranga lasted so long was the train wreck theory, it was so fucked up you couldn't take your eyes off it.

    Donut King

    Proving that the more you get paid the stupider you are, some idiot advertising executive thought it would be a good idea for the epic fail to promote the food chain. Needless to say ..... fail.

    A list of people who Pig-Dog hates

    Pauline Pantsdown

    Pauline Pantsdown is HUEG EPIC lulz prophet of the late 90's, this bitch/dude brought down the evil Xenu wannabe bitch that is Mrs. Hanson. Pantsdown is a tranny who is vastly more attractive than her original muse. Pantsdown released 2 songs that took samples of Hanson's voice from interviews and news clips and arranged them together in away that butthurt Hanson so badly that the only way to recover was to ass rape Pantsdown with the Australian legal system, and as with all things that involve Hanson ... Fail.


    I don't like it


    — the nazi whore

    Please explain


    — the nazi whore, when confronted with the word 'xenophobic' on TV

    My shopping trolley murdered


    —Pauline Pantsdown

    She shouldn't arouse me, but she does


    —All Ausfailian males

    A Life in Pictures


    The Chaser troll Pauline through song.

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