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    Patreon is an online begging/money laundering website where unnoticed sellout artists and furfags go to rob money from their affectionate fantards. Unlike PayPal or any other form of donations website, Patrons are expected to pay for the product before it is even made so that fat fucks can put even less effort into making it. What makes this the king of Jew schemes is that all donations take the form of monthly payments, making it the perfect supplement to food stamps.

    The site has also been a big attraction to fat freckled faced Sonicfags, feminist con artists, porn artists, and sick fucks who also love to suck cock for $$$. It's also a good place to play keep-away with lolcows by promising to give them money and then backing out at the last moment.

    Ethical Practices

    People already using their logo for preggo porn

    Patreon charges people 15% of the money that is donated to them for acting like a glorified delivery service. They literally do nothing besides make bank transfers while raking in more of a cut than a Hollywood agent. And when they aren't robbing people blind, they're working hand-in-hand with known con artists to help them try and do the same. In particular serial rapists Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn, alongside meth addict Randi Harper have allegedly convinced Patreon to make up contrived excuses to ban people they dislike... or so Wu claims. However, this is the same Brianna Wu who once posted "proof" of filing a restraining order against a person that doesn't exist, so she probably did virtually nothing and is now trying to take credit.

    Either way, while sites like ED and 8chan got banned (neither of us lost any money over it), the ToS is selectively enforced, so that people like over 9000 incest porn cartoonists and Shanley Kane get to keep their accounts despite Patreon admitting that they are in clear violation. Some might come to the mistaken conclusion that Patreon has been taken over by SJW's, but in reality, Patreon refused to ban The Sarkeesian Effect and would probably let Boko Haram use their services as long as no one complains, rather than willingly forgo any of their precious shekels. That's because Patreon is run by something worse than SJWs, greedy Jews.

    "So, how do I use Patreon?"

    Despite admitting that Shanley Kane violates their rules, the account has not been banned (go report her more

    Simple, you just make an account promising to create content if people financially support you and then create it. However, that won't actually get you any money. The right way to earn money on Patreon is to do the exact opposite. IE: create some kind of content until you gather up enough gullible fans and then promptly stop doing anything once you get enough supporters to have your rent regularly paid.

    Or you could just make porn.

    You see, actual good artists don't make any money on Patreon. But if you are willing to draw 8 year old cartoon characters from children's TV shows being fucked in the ass by their dad, you'll be swimming in it. You don't even have to be good! As long as you draw something there will be enough autistic manchildren that will pay you as long as they get to jerk off to some MS Paint drawn tits. Or just draw it furry. Since furries have yet to discover the wonders of going outside, enough of them are glued to their computer screen, thinking about which kind of dog they would most like to fuck, that they can easily pay your wage.

    The third way to make money on Patreon is professional victimhood.

    Simply send a death threat to yourself on twitter and then screencap it (remember to log back in to your real account and wait a few seconds so it doesn't look too obvious like it did when Anita did it) and watch the money roll in. That is, unless you're a white male. But it's sure to work if you're black Asian Hispanic Jewish crippled dying a woman.

    Because SJWs don't actually care about minorities, this scam only works for women and the only people who donate to them are white knights. However, if you're not a woman and still want to profit off of this, simply do what Laurelai did and say you're a tranny. You don't actually have to get diagnosed or have surgery or anything, just grow out your hair a little and make no attempt of looking any less like a man whatsoever. If anyone complains you can accuse them of denying your identity and say you're the kind of tranny who's a different gender inside but doesn't need to act on it outwardly (that's a real fake thing on Tumblr right now), then respond to all future allegations of fraud with claims of harassment. That way you might still not get any money from SJWs, but you'll be able to make a good profit off of the same white knights that would support women, but happen to also like dick girls.

    How to Troll Patreon

    Simply either donate to people you want to troll with money you don't have so that every month they are disappointed when no money gets through from your rejected credit card, or promise to donate an absurd amount of money to someone you don't like, only to withdraw your support a day before the money is to be charged. Much like what was done to Brianna Wu when someone pledged $10,000 to his Patreon and then cancelled his account shortly before the money was about to come through.

    What happened in a nutshell

    This has the added bonus of pissing off the trolls who hate this person by making them think a lolcow that they hate is about to get a lot of money, allowing you to participate in the time-honored tradition of trolls trolling trolls.

    KickStarter/IndieGoGo Variation

    KickStarter and IndieGoGo are even more susceptible to this sort of troll.

    What you do is: Find a project that you want to fuck up, pledge almost the entire amount needed to fund it, and withdraw your pledge a day before completion. This works best with projects that have only started, and is particularly lulzy because it may convince potential donors that the project has already been funded and there is no need to contribute. This way, when you finally revert your pledge, the entire thing will be too late to save and will crash along with the creator's hopes and dreams.

    People who use Patreon

    File:Screenshots 20150201 124738.png
    Example: PieGuyRulz, a manchild who begs his friends for money without uploading videos using artwork made by someone else.

    Patreon Accounts Worth Supporting

    1. 8chan Nope. Got banned, and when Patreon asked hotwheelz to come back he told them to fuck off because now he gets his money from 2ch.
    2. Encyclopedia Dramatica NOPE. Spent about a year openly antagonizing them before creating our own donation server that works exactly like Patreon a week prior to getting banned over the "Niggers" article. Everyone moved, we didn't lose any money and now we don't even have to give those Jews 15%.
    3. Red Letter Media?, LOL, NO.
    4.  ?????

    Model Patreon Citizens

    Patreon is not for pornography, but some of the world’s most beautiful and historically significant art often depicts nudity and sexual expression. Because of that, we allow nudity and suggestive imagery, as long as it is marked NSFW. Think of the policy as allowing “R Rated” movies... but not porn. In keeping with our strong commitment to safety, we have zero tolerance for content that sexualizes children in any way.


    Patreon Community Guidelines

    While we understand your commitment to free speech, we will not allow 8chan to continue using Patreon, as several boards facilitate the distribution of harmful content and activity, such as illustrated child exploitation imagery. Other violations include facilitating the promotion and/or encouragement to commit self harm, and facilitating the promotion and/or encouragement of pedophilia practices. While we are aware that illustrated child exploitation imagery is not illegal in the United States, we take a strict stance, regardless of the law, on the usage of Patreon to fund or facilitate its distribution.


    Patreon's cancellation letter to 8chan

    You hereby represent and warrant to Patreon.com that Your Information...will not infringe any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right or rights of publicity or privacy...will not be defamatory, libelous, unlawfully threatening, or unlawfully harassing...will not be obscene or contain child pornography or be harmful to minors...


    Patreon Terms of Use

    After creating a Patreon page, any Creator caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm such as fraud, or encouraging others to do the aforementioned harmful activities may be banned from using Patreon.


    Patreon Community Guidelines

    Yeah, sure you are.
    For $10 you can get the debug passwords, which are currently "iknowwhereyouliveanon" (gallery), "youthinkidontknow.X" (money), "butireallydo.X" (guild points), and "addenergy.X" (energy), where X is a number over 9000. The most current backer version is at the bottom of this page.
    It's been cancelled after their art director took 190 grand of the projects money to start his own project and abandon Breeding Season entirely also relinquishing use of his artwork due to the legal rights afforded to him under his contract which let him retain rights to his artwork. ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

    • SwimsuitSuccubus, $1,493.35$1,644 per week ($5,973.40$6,576 per month). A swimsuit model who has decent boobs but will never do nudes (allegedly).
    • Star Fox the Animated Series, $1,584 per month. Not made by Nintendo. Totally legal guiz, it's a "noncommercial parody fan project". Because being paid a livable wage to make this autistic mess makes it noncommercial, or a parody. Was C&D'd by Nintendo years ago, long before the maker decided to make money off of it.
    • HungrySuccubus, $1077.01 per month. Furry vore fetish artist. Account subtitle: "There can never be enough porn in the world, amirite?"
    • SadisticIrony, $1,064.01 per game update. Makes RPG Maker hentai games. Out of four games, four are described using the word "rape". Three are described as having "some loli", the other "general offensiveness".
    • leave2gether, $829 per month. Shitty Flash game with furries molesting women in an office setting while spewing Engrish at each other. Despite stiffly tweened models and a codebase ripped from some medieval fantasy game, and nine months passing from its inception to version 0.06 (the latest version's sole difference being "eye emotions"), it has raised enough money to cover rent and living expenses in most areas. For a pledge of $10 you can get the gallery password. It's "Gallery".

    Quality Patreon Content

    While honorable organizations like ED and 8chan.net are banned per request of overweight feminists, here is some of the stuff that does meet Patreon's meticulous standards, including but not limited to CP, bestiality, incest and rape. Someone has taken the liberty of transforming some of these examples into advertisements for the site, which you can feel free to spread around.

    Patreon user posters About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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