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    Hacker Cat stealin ur passwerdz!
    Now, then, as I so meticulously pointed out, the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and God.


    Eugene "The Plague" Belford

    A Password is a magic key made of ASCII characters that opens parts of the internet. The uninformed have been lead to believe that it protects their personal information and identity. In actuality the password is the central object in the real live video game that is the internet. The object of the internet is for Players try to find as many people's passwords as possible. Finding passwords can be redeemed for lulz by sacking web sites, destroying My Space pages and ruining innocent peoples lives. When someone discovers, or hacks, another person's password it is invariably a direct path to lulz for everyone they know and a substantial amount of other people.

    Basic Information

    Prima changes his password from "12345" to "password" as recommended by Microsoft. Secunda later lols at him, as he hacks into Prima's account and steals his Internet Money

    At least 100 people have tried to stop password theft through methods such as using Md5 but this has failed resulting in many lulz.

    Microsoft recommends using "password" as your password.

    Please note that using 7 different passwords does NOT protect you from the wrath of anon.

    White and asian people steal passwords, while niggers prefer bikes.


    People think that using a passphrase instead of a password makes their accounts more secure.

    Microsoft recommends using "passphrase" as your passphrase.

    List of Passwords

    Not entirely dissimilar to Paris Hilton
    • JesusIsGod (only for use by Fundamentalist Christians)
    • 12345 (only for use by Mel Brooks and President Assad of Syria.)
    • password (only for use by Bill Gates)
    • Neopets (only for use in Neopets)
    • opensesame (only for use by Muslims)
    • 12345678 (only for use in World of Warcraft)
    • Screen name (only for use by Screen name)
    • passphrase
    • johnnydepp (only for use 16 year old girls)
    • abc123 (only for use at work where the tech bastards require alphanumeric passwords)
    • darkness (only for use by emo)
    • WWWWW (only for use by W)
    • fnord (only for use by Robert Anton Wilson)
    • Tinkerbell (only for use by Paris Hilton)
    • qwerty (an unguessable passphrase)
    • iammetal (only for use by fags who take it in the ass)
    • oprah (only for use by oprah's bitch)
    • isixtyninedickscauseilovejewishcock (used by more people than you'd expect, but when asked for their password by a co-worker or collegue they will rave and rant about how its private)
    • *4M5T3RD4%m - An example of a secure password
    • Any drug's molecular formula (Eg: C10H14BrNO2)