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    Party girl

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    File:Party girls.jpg
    The first image result for Party girl. Self-explanatory really...

    A party girl is a particular type of female, usually from the ages of 15-30, who spends their nights dancing on table tops and their mornings with their head in the toilet bowl.

    Typical Behaviors

    The party girl will spend all night drinking, dancing, experimenting with drugs, and generally trying to cast as much attention upon themselves as possible. In the mornings they are nowhere to be found, as they are hiding indoors sleeping off their hangovers and staying close to the toilet bowl. If a party girl happens to be forced awake at an ungodly hour such as 1 PM or earlier, they will undoubtedly be found with over-sized sunglasses on their face to hide the wear and tear of long nights, and carrying around a Red Bull. All party girls have some degree of STD, like AIDS or herpes.

    Their defense for their behaviors is often something like "I'm just a young girl having fun". This excuse is often used well into their twenties thirties.

    Popular habits among this breed of females include clubbing, attending keggers, flaunting and parading their bodies and sexuality around, and the consumption of booze and drugs

    Also the average party girl believes that her job is getting the man in bed, and she just has to lie there as he fucks her. The ultimate goal of this promiscuous behavior is to generate the "pregnancy scare" tactic, particularly if the male in question has nauseatingly wealthy parents or, as is sometimes the case, is wealthy himself (due to, for example, an ill-deserved inheritance).

    In this way, the party girl can railroad an unwary male via liberal white guilt into marriage and bankrolling her lavish, whoring lifestyle as she proceeds to drain his stamina, nerves and bank account(s), as she racks up debts on a platinum Visa card, as she helps herself to every luxury known to man while fucking the unlucky male mark's friends while he's out toiling at his dead end white collar job to provide for her insatiable greed.

    Known Habitats

    The habitats of the party girl are, for the most part, well known. The infamous stomping grounds of "spring break" areas, such as the beaches (moar like bitches, amirite?) of Florida and also the hedonistic ritual of Mardi Gras are rife with high concentrations of this particular species of hosebeast, flashing their tits and grinding in dark alleyways with unsuspecting and inebriated males whom they believe to be their key to a life of effortless luxury.

    Males who possess more than two neurons to smash together are encouraged to turn the tables on the predators in these instances, and resort to the tried and true tactic of "find 'em, fuck 'em and flee", leaving these despicable, gold digging hos drowning in a pool of their own tears (and your jizz), and with the ease of accessibility of cell cams today, are encouraged to take copious pix of the sordid deeds and post them far and wide across the Tubes in order to wreck the bitch's shit utterly and completely.

    as of may 2008 Partying will be illegal in Australia

    Well-Known Party Girls

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