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    A fine example of the pantyshot from "Pantyshot: the Anime" aka Najica.
    Who knew fat goth girls wore granny panties?

    In common parlance, a photographic angle in movies, animations, or stills that allows the viewer a tantalizing glimpse of a woman's panty clad nether regions. Most frequently employed by the Japanese as panty covered coochie is slightly more erotic than pixelated muff. Aka: Haruhi

    In Anime

    When an anime series desperately needs to acquire or keep a fan base, it will often turn to the only thing it can do without crossing the hentai line: showing upskirt shots of prepubescent schoolgirls.

    The pantyshot is usually seen when some chick kicks a guy, then you see her panties. The next thing you know, your "friend" and or "lusers" will start furiously masturbating.

    Some call it "fan service", but we call it "desperate".

    Too much gay doll pantyshots in Zatch Bell.

    In Videogames

    As always, the Japanese are bleeding-edge when it comes to fucked up entertainment and pioneers in the pantyshot video game market.

    Line-Kill Spirits is a fighting game featuring Japanese schoolgirls that requires you to pause mid-battle and take a panty shot of your opponent to stop her from regenerating after damage.

    Dead or Alive Ultimate Another Japanese game (c'mon, like you were surprised) that centers around...wait for it...scantily clad women beating the hell out of each other in next to nothing and loaded with gratuitous pantyshots. This is marginally less disturbing than Line-Kill Spirits as the characters appear to have passed puberty.

    In Attentionwhoredom

    On the internets, fat chicks vie for the attention they will forever be denied IRL as a result of outweighing smaller automotive imports. While the most common weapon in their seduction arsenal is the fat girl angle above-the-nipple cleavage shot, the pantyshot still makes an occasional appearance.

    Gallery of pantyshots

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