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    Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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    Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is an anime/South Park clone produced by Gainax and /a/'s latest fetish. It has a gun-wielding super-bitch, an adorable, sugar-loving, goth-lolita, two lesbian devil-sisters, a nigga (a first for anime), as well as a shitload of other things. By glancing at a single thread on /a/, you can gather that other than moe shit, no other anime has divided the weeaboo community quite like PSG has. Needless to say, to explain it in one introductory paragraph is pretty much impossible.


    Two angels are kicked out of Heaven and must collect Heaven Coins; they are obtained by turning their underwear into weapons and defeating Ghosts.

    PSG is pretty different from any other anime out there. For one, the art style has more of a "Western" feel to it, there's a lot A TON of English (especially curse words like FACK THIS GUY, FACK THAT, WHAT THE FACK? FACK, FACK, FACK!), unrefined humor, actual sex (not just boring fanservice), outrageous fight scenes, jokes about both anime and western cartoons, as well as a ridiculous plot. Therefore, it's no wonder that there are only three opinions anyone can have on it:

    There seems to be no middle ground on PSG. Any PSG thread on /a/ is bound to be loaded with battles between U MAD macros and One Piece copypastas. There always seems to be something to bitch about when this show is mentioned. Maybe its because it gets too much attention and just needs a little trolling every now and then, who knows. Another huge argument that seems to come up is that because PSG has such a Western style to it, whether or not it should really be considered "anime". Others try to discuss the "flaws" of this show, hoping to convince someone dumber than themselves, and of course, completely missing the point of the show in the first place. Either that, or just trolling.

    Criticism from within the anime community

    Panty and Stocking was widely critized by animu loving Wapanese for use of a "Western" animation style, an episode that implied Japan was a shitty place to live, and, most controversially of all, that women over 12 could be sexually attractive.


    Anarchy Panty.jpg
    Scanty on the left, Kneesocks on the right. Kneesocks is more popular because fags LOVE girls with glasses.


    Rock the house.
    As close to moe you will get. For now....

    The Great Gainax Trolling of Christmas

    At the eve of Christmas, many anons were ready to enjoy a joyful and happy Christmas with their friends, girlfriends and family, when Gainax opened their goody bags and dropped a shit bomb on top of /a/ - they released the final episode of the animu. Minutes after the release /a/ was swarmed with butthurt, rage, hate and tiers resulting in dozens of threads popping and hundred of rage filled posts to appear, caused by the excellent trolling of Gainax. Many people expected to be trolled by Gainax, but not on this level. At the end of the animu there was the mighty "To be Continued", but it's a fact that Gainax is only trolling us into thinking that there will be season 2. GG Gainax gg indeed!

    Quotes :



    — anon

    Umm, Excuse me sir, but but...




    Episode 13: How Gainax trolled Christmas









    You wouldn't believe how hard I yelled "WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT"

    Fucking seriously it's nie that we're getting a sequel but THAT FUCKING ENDING









    2015 Second Season Announcement

    Season 2 Art

    Gainax announced that a second season of Panty and Stocking was in production and would be shown in Fall 2015, but that the show would be co-produced with Hasbro and the protagonists would be transmuted into ponies to attract the furry dollar.

    The OST Troll and the Grand Tale of Animeeeentos

    The last few posts of the shitstorm.

    With the season wrapping up fanboys were looking forward to two things. A grand ending and the release of the first Panty & Stocking OST. However on December 2nd 2010, the OST appeared to be within reach for the /a/nons. Little did they know they were responding to the biggest, and most obvious troll /a/ has ever seen. The OP figured he could start a popular thread after a long series of fails by demanding 200 posts. He claimed that "Amazon Shipped Early", and if the wee anons would succumb to his demands he would post a download for the PSG OST. However to such a large group of Autism all anyone read was "PSG OST IS HERE 27 DAYS EARLY!" Miraculously the OP got his 200 posts and decided to take his trolling to a new level of faggotry. What did he do? Ask for more posts of course! He then said he will release the download password after 300 posts. Again Autism won and OP got them. OP decided then to go into Super Saiyan 3 Troll and demanded 400 posts after he got 300 so fast. Low and behold /a/ still put past themselves the possibility that this could be a troll. OP finally released the password to the file to end all files. However once again, he only pretended to release the password. Shit got tiring until OP finally said the password was "you're welcome now say thank you" though a bogus password anon quickly decoded the password to be "you're welcome now say thank". The downloads ran wild computer screens covered in jizz at 1%. Could this download hold the answer to all of /a/'s problems? The short answer, No. The long answer OP devastated anon's anus so much he got them all to download a folder containing a random assortment of animu music, and viruses. Everyone knew this would happen and brushed it off as if it never happened. /a/non knew he would have to wait until Dec. 29th... Or did he?

    Fast forward to December 27th 2010. The Americunts were just finishing up their dinner ready to go back to /a/. Over in Japan however one man was about to change the world before breakfast time. This man's name was Animeeeentos. Animeeeentos for whatever reason was in possession of the OST and began uploading a few tracks before he would face the trials of a Balanced Breakfast. Before he could even start cooking his rice his channel exploded when the world found he is the sole person to have uploaded the full songs to Youtube. He received a vast number of views and comments in a very short time, and tried as hard as he could to upload the songs the /a/nons wanted. He was able to upload four songs before his breakfast was finally ready. Animeeeentos was never heard from again. Some say he choked on some rice grains, others believe the Copyright Police raided his home, it is even said Imaishi himself came to his house and tied him down in a chair forcing him to watch every Gainax End ever for the rest of eternity. All we know for sure is he gave us all a great Aural Orgasm until we could each get our own copies of the PSG OST.

    Trolling opportunities

    • Tell fans that a second season is in production.
    • Get any animu fan who doesn't like PASWG to tell you what is favourite show is, then ask if he is a pedophile. This will work at least 90% of the time, because virtually every other popular animu every made has at least one loli character. Obviously, this is best done in front of his mother. (His girlfriend might be even better, but where are you going to find an animu fan with one of those?)
    • Lend your box set of PASWG DVDs to your local fundamentalist Christian church for the Sunday school class to watch, telling them it's about two "holy delicate virgin" angels who help God by fighting ghosts. (However, do NOT do to this to Muslims however unless you want to be an hero.)
    • "Fly Away" is the name of the song used for the Anarchy sister's transformation sequence. It is also Japanese slang for jizz spurting from a penis. Be sure to make use of this if any real Japanese visit your local animu society.
    • Learn from the masters. Gainax didn't just troll with the ending, every other scene contains a troll of some kind. Better than that, Gainax remembers that every argument has two sides - and that a real troll will troll both. So for example PASWG is loaded with fanservice to troll the fan service haters, but these scenes often have a creepy, pathetic audience substitute watching. Or the Anarchy sisters will remark how easily hott chicks can manipulate men using their tits and ass. (Truth.) Be like Gainax: when you troll, troll everyone.


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    RRRRRUUUURRR34 About missing Pics
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    First episode, since describing this is quite impossible.

    To show your mum

    Can you count the references?

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