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    A pansexual is simply an individual who is attracted to any human regardless of their gender and sexual identity, such as a dickgirl, a transvestite or even worse. A typical pansexual's Internet activities include browsing /d/ and lurking for panties on eBay. IRL a pansexual acts like an absolute slut and will fuck anything whenever he/she/it gets the chance. Pansexuals are simply bisexuals but with enforced crossdressing and tranny fetishes.

    The Average Pansexual

    Pansexuality occurs in people who, instead of becoming asexual through not getting any sexings, simply lowered their standards to the point where they would date anything at all and because of this all pansexuals are desperate queers. The average pansexual listens to Lady GaGa, reads Twilight and does all sorts of other Satanic activities also. Some pansexuals attempt to persuade NORPs into becoming faggots, covering up their actions with reasons such as "I'm trying to rescue them from heterosexuality!!1".

    A pansexual's sight is based on movement, so if one comes into sight, cease what you're doing and lie still immediately. Move one inch and it will be up your ass like there is no tomorrow.


    I’m genderqueer. My gender is not neutral. It takes sides.


    —All genderqueers are bi-polar.

    Some pansexuals are genderqueers. This means they simply cannot decide what gender they wish to be, usually ending up them looking like some sort of he-she, making them a genderqueer. For this, girls just need to cut their hair and look and/or act like Billy Mays, but guys just need to grow their hair and act like a pussy. All in all, they just mistake their genitalia for something else.

    One prime example of a genderqueer is ChrisVincentx3, a camwhore YouTuber who completely lost his masculinity and turned into a complete and utter faggot. In his videos, he is shown only to hang with girls because he's too much of an embarrassment around male friends and/or family.

    The one on the left is a guy, seriously.


    MOAR of ED's favorite panny.
    Chris and his ugly lesbian friend react to chris' exposed tranny fetish
    What Chris THINKS pansexual means. Clearly he is bisexual.
    When Chris is not sucking dick

    or eating pusy

    he can be found dancing in your backyard.

    Pansexuality vs. Bisexuality

    Unlike bisexuals, pansexuals find it much harder to come out of the closet. The following is what happens if a pansexual feels the desire to share their fantasies with the world:

    1. The pansexual will at first be made fun of with original kitchen jokes.
    2. The pansexual will then be asked what the hell pansexuality is, and they will then have to explain to them what it is.
    3. The pansexual will then have to come up with a good reason for liking dickgirls and such, alongside a lot of stuttering and long pauses.
    4. The pansexual will then be laughed at, left alone and singled out by everyone they know.

    Bisexuals only come in at #4, so they find it significantly easier to come out, however, and even some smarter pansexuals will dodge the above situation just by stating they are bisexual. Anyone that actually does all of this is a complete dumbfuck.

    Pansexuality in Furries

    I think you're just mad because they have their own wikipedia page.


    —Furries know Wikipedia is serious business.

    Some furries are pansexual simply because they are sick fucks. A lot of furry herm porn is in existence, after all, most of it comes from Darknek0gami and other artists, all the more and more (un)fappable. A lot of furries have even hermaphrodite fursonas because some are apparently herms irl.

    There's even places on Second Life and FurryMUCK for this shit, such as Hermaphrodite Haven, which even includes places for crossdressers too. In these areas, furfags are encouraged to yiff to death to avoid any bannings.


    Someone who tried to be pansexual but failed. Nobody cares about them.

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