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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    File:Pamperchu 0.jpg
    Does this remind you of anyone?

    At first glance, Pamperchu looks like a relatively normal man on the Internet with a slightly unhealthy obsession with Pokémon and who tinkers around with electronics. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this is not the case. Pamperchu possesses the same fucked up lifestyle and fetishes that many others on the Internet suffer from. He's also a babyfur who collects new and used diapers to wear.


    Pamperchu's website and YouTube account suggest that he's been around since at least 2008. Although, he has likely been around longer judging by his dedication to the furry fandom. During these early years, he was actually going to quit being active online. Going into Further Confusion in 2008, his interests have remained consistent ever since. In 2009, his antics and videos of him in a fursuit caught up with him, he was featured on G4's Attack of the Show. For most people, having their fetish featured on live television would likely cause them to become recluse, remove whatever they had posted, or at the very least become defensive of a video that openly mocked them. Instead, Pamperchu decided to post a mirror of the video on his user page and openly admitted that was him in the video.

    A complete neurotypical.

    It is also important to note that Pamperchu considers himself completely sane. He has argued against other people who think he is retarded or people who think he's diagnosed with some other disability. One of the many reasons why people have a hard time believing his claims is because in the same video in which he insists that he is not retarded; he can be seen in a fursuit drinking milk out of a baby bottle.


    What the fuck is this shit?
    File:Pamperchu - Hobbies.jpg
    Favorite hobby: Squishing used diapers.

    I like to steal diapers and microwave them.


    —@Pamperchu, twitter page[1].

    Pamperchu, like many other furries, took an interest in the babyfur community. While drawing anthropomorphic baby animals is normally enough for some people, Pamperchu has taken it upon himself to wear diapers wherever he goes and even help give out suggestions on where to buy them. While it can be assumed that he has purchased diapers from Walmart or wherever else, he has stated that his main source is from other peoples trash. He doesn't clean these diapers or see anything wrong with wearing dirty ones in the first place either, other then shoving them in the same microwave oven he uses to heat food in. He's been to several furry cons as well, where he has creeped even other furfags out by wearing his Pokémon overalls while staring at artists panels during cons.

    Another disgusting habit of his involves eating expired food. Pamperchu seems to be convinced that food being bottled or canned means that it can never expire, and will often post videos of himself eating food from the 70's or 80's, referring to the food as "vintage". This, combined with his hobby of microwaving diapers in an old microwave, could be possible causes of his cancer, as eating foul food has been linked to cancer.

    "if someone wants to wear a nice squishy old diaper let them"

    Pamperchu is also into quite a few fandoms that is notorious for being aspie havens. Pokémon being the most obvious one with Pamperchu's many Pokémon patches on his shit-stained overalls and his own Sonichu-like OC: a pikachu in a diaper. He's also a proud brony, judging by his Twitter icon and his desire to see Hasbro make MLP diapers for manchildren such as himself.

    His website

    If you thought that him microwaving soiled diapers was bad, just wait until you see his website. Besides using it as a vanity site where he posts his pictures, videos, and drawings, he also sells the diapers on his site for $6 to $60. Now some are probably wondering who would buy diapers from someone who admitted that they collect used diapers. Sadly, babyfurs and adult babies are not known to employ logic and will willingly give Pamperchu their money in exchange for the diapers.

    Oh Daddy

    Pamperchu and lover.jpg

    Believe it or not, Pamperchu has a daddy. It probably should come as no surprise that the person willing to change Pamperchu's shitty diapers is none other than an overweight asian who looks old enough to be Pamperchu's grandfather. "Daddy" can be seen in a couple of videos behind the camera watching Pamperchu pose in a bunny costume and act like a child.

    <video type="vimeo" id="17458609" width="500" height="450" desc="Pamperchu laying in a dirty diaper rubbing plushies against his microdick" frame="true" position="center"/>

    Pamperchu has cancer, and hopefully AIDS

    Last Thursday Pamperchu made a video announcing that he had indeed contracted cancer from his acts of degeneracy... haha yeah right no-one can get cancer just from eating shit... Well, today is education tiem. If pamperchu was your typical asspie furfag degenerate, this wouldn't have happened. But unfortunately for pamperchu, microwaving dirty diapers and jacking off in them is a great way to get STDs, especially from AIDS-infected cripples. Pamperchu doesn't have any old cancer... he has hodgkin's lymphoma, which is basically God's way of telling you you're fucked. One of the most common ways to get it is by getting infected with God's holy cure for faggotry which is, you guessed it, being HIV-positive. Does he have AIDS? Hopefully. Does he have disgusting bluewaffle-tier microdick infections? Absolutely. His PET scan clearly at least shows the largest part of his genitalia is his swollen nutsack. Of course, being a permavirgin, you don't need to worry about AIDS-induced cancer, but let's face it... THANK GOD at least you aren't pamperchu.


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