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Pakis engaging in their national pasttime.
Pakistan's Constitution showing how awesome they are.
How Jesus Welcomes Muslims To Hell

Pakis, (short for Pakistanis and pronounced In-vay-ders) are a tribe of sub-human invaders living in England - notably Londonistan and Bradfordistan (and Sheffield, you can't move in the city centre for them). Being Muslim, they like to insult white/black person people, and eat curry. They walked from Pakistan to England in search of buttsecks after getting raped by commies. In 1969 there were 20 pakis in the whole of England, but due to their interbreeding, their population now outnumbers the natives. They wonder why we burn their country, so the men go out with black teatowels wrapped round their heads and dynamite strapped to their shooz. But they get what they deserve when they expect horny ninja virgins waiting for them, but they find that Jesus is waiting for them with a big piece of pork. When a group of Paki's congregate in a yellow school bus they are called 'beef patty'.

Typical Paki Crimes

  • They stink worse than a sperm covered corpse.
  • Goat theft (they don't have cars).
  • Bombing innocents in order to receive over a 72 virgins in paradise.
  • Selling expired food in corner shops.
  • Marrying their cousins.
  • Training their goats to give them buttsecks.
  • Honour killing their whorish daughters.
  • Racism.
  • Eye-fucking women.
  • marrying their cousins
  • Selling weapons to their even more sandnigger brothers (Afgans)
  • raping anything that looks vaguely human
  • Fantasizing that one day they would sleep with a blonde.
  • Selling out of date food in newsagents.
  • Honour killings
  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape
  • Selling 500 year old carpets that they use to commute (as well as goats).
  • Tricking you into buying beads.
  • Befriending British school-girls.
  • Fraud... and lots of it.


Paki Mentality

Identifying inferiors
The Queen ready to shoot up some mosques
A Paki blending into his weaboo surroundings.

Pakis believe dressing their hairy women up like a gruesome amalgamation of darkie nuns and ghosts from Pac-Man will please a big Paki living in a cloud. He is usually called Allah or Aneeda Bath.

Can you spot the difference?

Internationally Known

Pakis congregate in East London, (better known as Londonistan), as is evident by the stench of curry that infests Hackney. The authorities plan keep the pakis away from the Olympic stadium in 2012 by setting up curry traps (cages with dishes of curry). You can spot a Paki by looking for brown skinned Chavs. The only thing that separates the Paki from the Chav is that the Paki appears to be well-behaved when amongst their elders (bka. aunties and uncles).

Warning: Some "/b/ritish" pakis may be disguised as nigras.

In Norway, they are known as "Pakkiser".

In Russia, they are known as "пак"

Pakis think they own the world, and everywhere else that they take their curry infested food.

Pakis and Indians are known to hate each other, despite the fact that 50 years ago, they were the same country. However it is a purely symbiotic relation that prevents Indians from nuking all Pakis to their stinky little paradise: Indians need Pakis to work as waiters and commode moppers in their own little stinky curry restaurants.

In America, most Pakis have currently relocated to new accommodations in Guantanamo Bay. However a few are allowed to live on the mainland -- mainly to drive taxis, and mop toilets in curry restaurants.

In Australia, Pakis can only be seen playing cricket, or getting gang raeped or gang raeping Whites and Lebs and on the streets of Sydney. The names of the players in the Paki Cricket team go as following: Akip, Mateeth, In Ajar, Besaid, Mahbed.

Where Pakis Come From

Flag of Pakistan

They are then promised at least 100 virgins in the afterlife if they kill an American (only 24 virgins for killing a Russian/European, 12 virgins for killing an Arab, and one elderly Jew for killing an Indian. Conversely, killing one elderly Jew is said to bring Over 9000 Virgins, but such a claim is yet to be supported as Jews are immortal and own the world.) No accounts are made of whether the virgins are male or female. The virgins, however, are of no use as all Pakis are born without dicks.

Pakistan, officially the "Islamic Sphinctrepublic of Pakistan" (Urdu: اسلامی جمہوریۂ پاکستان‎), is a small hugbox located in South Asia. In the average Paki's geographical understanding of the world, Pakistan is situated in the center of the world, sandwiched on one hand by the pagan land of Satan and the Holy Land. Somewhere far away from this unlikely sandwich is the pagan land of the Great Satan where bad Pakis drive taxis and mop toilets. Even further away lies the Happy Land where all good Pakis must eventually go. Pakistan is very likely the worst country in history and the indisputable capital of inter-species rape.

Famous (Midget) Pakistanis

Some people believe that this guy is an Arab, but he is actually a Pakistani. Although he is tiny, the women in the video are afraid of him, because as a male he is dominant and can easily force them to make him a sandwich or rape them.

What Pakis are regularly seen doing:

Drama in PakiLand (internetz style LOLOLOL)

Many thousands of Internet years ago (which is about 5 or 6 IRL years), Pakistan-Chat's Admin Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto (who was in clear violation of Internet Rule No girls on the internet) got in a flame war when Bhutto didn't like the layout, font or color-scheme of the forum but Musharraf refused to change it. Bhutto then got butthurt and left the site and instead began posting on other sites. After a shitload of time she returned, and was trolled by a martyr for the lulz. He was banned IRL, but luckily managed to take over 9000 of her fanboys with him. Since then, Bhutto has made fukken loads of sock accounts to feign "mass support" along with e-lawyers against the administrator. In retaliation, Musharraf had dispatched his moderator (police} to put give her supporters post-per-day limitations by putting them under house arrest. Bhutto plans to combat this by organizing a protest rally a mass spamming of the forum Islamabad. She's dead now, blown up by her friends, the pakis, who felt she "Needed a break".

How to troll Pakistan

  • Threaten to burn the Qu'ran.
  • Imply that India is better than them in any way.
  • Tell them Urdu is nothing but Hindi written in a script copied from Persian which in turn is ripped off from Arabic.
  • Remind them they descended from Hindus before being forced by Central Asian and Arab shitlamists few centuries ago.
  • Tell them that actual Central Asians were no longer muslim by 1900 and most of them moved to the indian side during the 1947 partion
  • Tell them Arabs don't consider them as Pure Muslims.
  • Remind them they were pwnd by India and Bangladeshis in just 13 days in 1971.
  • Tell that Jinnah was a Hindu.
  • Tell them that the general majority of paki's were just low caste hindus who converted to Islam to escape persecution from other high ranking and the actual sandnigger descendants moved to india by 1947
  • Get "elected" US President and call them "Pakis" on international TV
  • Remind them that 70% of their population is composed of inbred retards.
  • Tell them that Pakistan would have been better off if they never seceded from India
  • Insult their cricket team
  • Go to a crowded street in Pakistan and scream FUCK ALLAH (Warning: wear a gas mask if you do so)

Paki Culture

Paki's enjoy a rich culture of curried foods and wiping asses with bare hands after taking shits. Pakistan ranks number 1 in beastality searches worldwide. As most pakistani females are in burqa men resort to faggotry or rape.

Paki Dance

The most well known Pakistani dance form is called mujra. It is a form of erotic dance where fat paki women dance for an audience.This is proof as to why no one goes for pakis. Not even Chismah.

Paki Music

In Pakistan,raping little boys is customary

Notable Pakis

Pervez Musharraf, the current President of Pakistan, is pictured here, showing how to bring a dog to ejaculation.

In conclusion

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